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  • The 2015 Women’s World Cup had some teams that really didn’t belong. How well we remember results like Germany 10-0 Ivory Coast, or Switzerland 10-1 Ecuador, or Cameroon 6-0 Ecuador. Ecuador was really bad. But it’s 2019, women’s soccer has developed for four years, and Ecuador didn’t qualify. Instead we have Chile, and Jamaica, and Thailand and Cameroon are back!

    Fans in France will get to enjoy some hilarious blowouts, making all those Ligue 1 Féminin fans feel at home.

    Usefully previewing a whole 24-team women’s soccer tournament is impossible. How’s Thailand’s depth at fullback? Any writer not actually Thai will neither know nor care. In the men’s World Cup even bad teams have a few guys playing in the Eredivisie or something so you’ll know a guy who’s seen him on DAZN or at least have a good, instinctive feel for the level? The Women’s World Cup does not play that way.

    Read more at Maple Leaf Forever!

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    • Less than 3 weeks until the match and the excitement just continues to get to me
    • 30 mins for Scott today, as Rangers solidified their Championship with an undefeated season.  Now, let’s hope he shows up for Canada in a few weeks.
    • I should’ve been more clear, I meant is that a stat of 2020(or recent)? Or from later....I think it’s a lot harder for keepers now, oppose to back then. I think it’s a lot harder for keepers now, with the foot on the line rule that didn’t exist before.
    • The 75% was presented as a general stat, not specific to Cav.  So 75% of Pks are converted.  
    • Here’s a breakdown of highest to the lowest paid: 1. Pozuelo - 4.6M 2. Alitdore - 3.6M 3. Soteldo - ? 4. Bradley - 1.5M 5. Gonzalez - 1.05M 6. Mavinga - 887K 7. Osorio - 876K 8. Shellgado - 581K 9. Bono - 482K 10. Lawrence - ? 11. Auro - 388K 12. Gallardo - 331K 13. Westberg - 288K 14. DeLeon - 263K 15. Mullins - 248K 16. Laryea - 226K 17. Akinola - 157K 18. Morrow - 125K 19. Shaffelburg 116K 20. Okello - 111K 21. Marshall-Rutty - 106.8K 22. Nelson- 106.5K 23. Endoh - 105K 24. Fraser - 94K (on loan) 25. Dunn - 85K 26. Romeo - 84K (on loan) 27. Zavaleta - 84K  28. Priso - 70K 29. Perruzza- 67 30. Silva - 66K 31. Achara - 66k  32. Singh - 63k (I’m guessing he got entry an entry level deal ) *33. Dwyer - unknown (Cant assume for this one, he could be on trial money)
    • Salaries were released, and here are a few things I found: - Zavaleta took a massive pay cut (275k-85k) league veteran minimum. Kinda shows you no one wanted you as a free agent. - Morrow took a massive pay cut (400k - 125k) - Shellgado is on 581K....holy sheit. Good riddance (MAK for perspective is only on 247k) - DeLeon got a little increase (225-263) I’m going to assume that was the standard player increase.  - Bradley is on 1.5M (TAM - which we already knew)  - Gonzalez is 1.05 (TAM - which we already knew, but he needs to go. Way to much for Slomar. - Laryea is only on 226k (big increase from last years 80k, but he should be on way more) Auro is on 388k. - Jozy was on 2.1M last year that grew to 3.6M, love the guy but he’s burnt out. Doesn’t have it.  This year will be very telling, because I can see a lot of the fat being trimmed, especially when the squad is healthy. Alitdore, Slomar and DeLeon are all free agents next year. And likely won’t be resigned based on how this season is going.  
    • MLS Player Salaries http://mlsplayers.org/resources/salary-guide Read em rate em.
    • I noticed this week that the MLS website has 15 minute long extended match highlights. Is this new to this season? They are not edited together that well but as someone who gets to watch little or no live matches, it’s a great way to catch up. 
    • There were supposed to be showing L1 Ontario weren't they? I'd like to see more of the David deal and approach but with some of our top Canadian women and their clubs.  I would also watch more features/docs/interviews and welcome the return of a weekend one nation alongside one soccer today. They do a great job of all of that.
    • Bermuda also has the Gold Cup play in games a month later. They may be putting all their resources in to that instead now
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