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  1. Greetings from Vienna! It’s 3am here, and I’m streaming the game on my cellphone with a blue tooth earphone while everyone else is asleep in my hotel room. Let’s go Canada!
  2. Actually, China slides through to next stage by one win and one draw vs Thailand. The points,Goal difference , GF, GA were all identical between China and Thailand at end of final round. If China wasn’t leading on two games with Thailand, yellow/red card number would be used to decide both team fates. China was beaten by S Korea 1:0 before Singapore vs Thailand. Thailand only needs a 3 goal difference win to eliminate China. The goal keeper of Singapore stood on his head throughout the games. Hassan Sunny became extreme popular in China after Singapore held the final score at 1:3. He is running a small coconut cream meal restaurant in a food court near Singapore Changi Airport. Chinese soccer fans are calling him “benefactor “ and pouring to the food court to support Sunny’s business. Network anchors on TikTok are broadcasting on site at food court all day long. In one day, after the QR code of the restaurant revealed, Sunny’s bank card has been frozen by the bank due to surging amount of income transfers. This is just a small reflection of Chinese soccer fans who has been suffering from their national team’s underwhelming performance even longer than Canadian fans.
  3. i knowit's a moot point, but what would our team looks like if Jesse Marsch was the coach in 2022 WC?
  4. Not touching the scar, but 17 years ago same day, we lost to non FIFA member Guadeloupe 1-2. I still rememberthe my desperation at that moment. Can we say we have come a long way now?
  5. Build a system of pressing swarm “net” is only 50% of success to win a game, the higher demand is how to shift the “net” dynamically to rebuild the defence when opponent is good enough to get around with it, just like what Dutch did. I’m not tactic expert, but I guess it’s a tall order for individual defenders to implement the second 50%
  6. In the eyes of Jesse March, the first 6 months of his CanMNT skipper job can’t be more perfect regarding the match line ups to prepare for the 2026 WC. First 3 matches - Netherlands, France and Argentina These are for tasting/prep the strongest group opponent in 2026 WC like Germany, Senegal, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, Iran, Australia, Austria, Ukraine, South Korea Two matched next in Copa group - Peru and Chile These are equivalent opponents for the head on game in WC group game likely vs Hungary, Sweden, Poland Wales, Serbia and Nigeria as well as any second tier CONMEBAL teams. Last two friendlies (vs Mexico and USA) to wrap up the preparations for our “beatable” group opponents like Qatar, Cech, Egypt, Scotland, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Romania Use NL and Gold Cup for formation and roster tune up, arrange another set of friendlies after WC draw. There you go Jesse!
  7. It’s a miracle Ahmed’s left leg was not broken.
  8. None of crosses he made went to the target so far.
  9. Every goalie need to experience some sort of curve in his career big or small. That third goal was one of them. Long or short way ahead of him to mature, it takes time anyway.
  10. No, I simply prefer a specialist who knows how to organize defend and conduct lethal counter attack. One attribute: tactic expert.
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