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  1. My dream vision: In 2030, all of our starting 11 are from top 5 Euro league, CMNT is hiring a midlevel tactic professional head coach from Europe while Herdman is the General Manager incharge of everything except training/playing games.
  2. That's could be part of their culture I guess. Culture if an island nation.
  3. Agreed. A player can hold the ball and make threatening pass is highly needed in this CMNT.
  4. Haitian cameraman's contribution should be noted.
  5. I think thus pitch is very unfriendly to fast dribble players.
  6. Davies must be the one hates this turf most.
  7. The camera man forgot to pull the tarp at top right corner?
  8. Damn it! I missed the goal by hitting F5 button.
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