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  1. That Haiti winning goal still make me feel beater today......
  2. The editor for that #72 video clip failed to present the whole process of Davies's dribbling from sideline all the way to six yard box (including run against Semedo TWICE ) before he finish the assist. I will give that editor 2 out of 10 by missing most part of Phozie's highlight moment.
  3. IF I were David now, I would concentrate to try doing all the others things right if not perfect except score. Let teammates and the coach see the difference between the time I was on and off the pitch. It's not easy to improve my situation in a team that has been long used to having two talented ball hoggers doing things at will. However, the difference will appear when a dark time comes to this team......eventually.
  4. Haven't David and his agent done any homework before signing on the dotted line? It's not that difficult to find out what kind of style this team plays after studying 10 game videos. Hmmm......A tragedy result of "money talks"?
  5. I have all the patience on waiting David to score. However, I am losing 5% of it each game watching the two ball hoggers burying chance after chance.
  6. Reserve the best for Europa? I don't get the strategy from Lille's coach this time at all... For me, I would concentrate on competing with PSG and Lyon head to head and secure a bye for next year's Champions League.
  7. I am watching this games all over again on TV5.
  8. Yes, it has been like that from day 1 in this team.
  9. I watched the game as a bystander for 89 mins......
  10. My guts tell me there would be 3 stage tournament in bubbles if no vaccine available before next summer.
  11. How can Nations League Euro 20-21 proceeds as planned?
  12. Unfortunately, when neither SNP nor TSN or CBC showing the game through cable/satellite tv, that's not happening. BTW, When was the last time Canadian soccer news on headlines of major sport websites? 1986?
  13. I agree that Phonzie is one of the best LB in the world. BUT, I don't think he is THE best LB...yet. Latest Example: 12'30" in first half vs. Lyon, Cornet break through from left side, both Boateng and Davies are tracking back. Lyon's forward Ekambi is 10 feet closer than Davis to the goal while Boateng intercepted Cornet's cross. That could be an easy tap in. The winning goal from Haiti was came from a forward dash behind Davies, but this time the oponent is within his view right in front of him. Why he didn't tracking back at full speed to cut off the possible path o
  14. Can I say 90% audience of sport radio follower are hardcore sport fans? If yes, UEFA must have been hesitating year by year just because they can't compete with 24hr pregame show for a hockey game in this country. For soccer, Canadians say: you guys are crazy.... For hockey, European say: you guys are crazy.... For footy fans in maple leaf country, that's a sad reality.
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