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  1. As the waterfront stadium proposal won't be aprroved any time soon, Whitecap has to stick with BC place, sadly.
  2. I haven't watched a lot of PSG matches, but I am so disgusted their nasty tackles on opponents' feet and ankles. PSG=Professional Stempede Gang?
  3. Our goal: to be the winner of the group. The rule: GD is the first tie breaker if two teams have same points. A professional sport team should do: whatever it's legal to get the job done with sportsmanship/manner. Our team did everything well with respect to our opponents. The sense of emergency, the way of celebration, the attitude to the game, I love them all. We need to build up some gutsy spirit for this June and September. Canada soccer made me cry too many times. I want to be part of a winning team. We gotta be tough this time.
  4. Another all day in red. Unfortunately I will be on the road for the first half. But I managed to VCR it. Won't miss a single minute when I am home.🤣
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