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  1. My guts tell me there would be 3 stage tournament in bubbles if no vaccine available before next summer.
  2. How can Nations League Euro 20-21 proceeds as planned?
  3. Unfortunately, when neither SNP nor TSN or CBC showing the game through cable/satellite tv, that's not happening. BTW, When was the last time Canadian soccer news on headlines of major sport websites? 1986?
  4. I agree that Phonzie is one of the best LB in the world. BUT, I don't think he is THE best LB...yet. Latest Example: 12'30" in first half vs. Lyon, Cornet break through from left side, both Boateng and Davies are tracking back. Lyon's forward Ekambi is 10 feet closer than Davis to the goal while Boateng intercepted Cornet's cross. That could be an easy tap in. The winning goal from Haiti was came from a forward dash behind Davies, but this time the oponent is within his view right in front of him. Why he didn't tracking back at full speed to cut off the possible path of the cross? I don't know. But I would think he didn't realize the big risk at the time.
  5. Can I say 90% audience of sport radio follower are hardcore sport fans? If yes, UEFA must have been hesitating year by year just because they can't compete with 24hr pregame show for a hockey game in this country. For soccer, Canadians say: you guys are crazy.... For hockey, European say: you guys are crazy.... For footy fans in maple leaf country, that's a sad reality.
  6. Yes they have VAR for the game. That should be a yellow card IMO.
  7. http://mygoaltv.com/lille-vs-rennes-m35358
  8. A note for Milan Borjan: Hopefully you could learn something from Neuer's reaction after Alaba's OG yesterday. Smile, comfort, no blame. On the road to Qatar, we might have a second Godinho at some point, but please don't be a factor leading to his second fatal mistake. Thank you Milan.
  9. That 0.5 could be Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq, China or Syria.
  10. Reading through the article, I feels like finding a light in the end of our WCQ tunnel: "The key date in the current international calendar is to qualify teams for the World Cup by March 2022, in time for the final inter-confederation play-off between the AFC qualifier and, most likely, a Concacaf qualifier for the final 2022 qualification place. "
  11. Will there be a streaming for the draw on Aug 14th? Not a word on CONCACAF website nor App.
  12. I watched the same game 2 days ago. I have exactly the same shock as the roster reminded me how Phonzi have rocketed since then. Can't wait for the coming Saturday.
  13. Until today, I still can't understand who the hell proposed the previous format and how the hell it's been reviewed and approved. It's the most ridiculous and shamful WCQ I've ever seen in my 40 years of soccer experience. Even my elementary school leage won't let that sxxt format pass. Without the interruption of COVID, that format is deem to be a laughing stock of the soccer world. Mr Vic Montagliani should be called "president of 6 nations" for the rest of his life. I would say so even if Canada was within top six nations who get a bye for final round only decided by FIFA ranking. When we can't see a fair format to start with, how could we expect fair play in CONCACAF?
  14. This is a side prove that ranked 1-5 will be exempt from WCQ first round. Format will be out this week....?
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