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  1. I like this format. Although round 3 is kind of......you know.
  2. Without a light in the tunnel so far on the ending of COVID-19, sport world has to compromise with a feasible plan if fans want to see some games to happen. Out of three stages, in my plan the only stage plays in a neutral location is the fight for 0.5 quota, the last chance to qualify. UEFA countries can break the tradition and live with it, I can't see a reason we couldn't follow. For fair play and integrity, 3 byes from both top and lower tier to compete in last stage is far more better than the so called best 2nd place of top tier group vs the lone winner of lower tier group.
  3. With 10 international match days, CONCACAF can use a hybrid format like this: First Stage: Top tier: 3 groups of 4 teams (home and away games) 3 group winners to be decided in 6 match days. They qualified for Qatar 2022. Lower tier: 1. Team #14-35 take home and away matches to decide 11 winners. (2 match days). Team FIFA ranked #13 gets a bye for 2nd round. 2. Team #13 joins with 11 first round winners to take home and away matches (6 winners, 2 match days) 3. Round 3 home and away matches to decide 3 winners (2 match days) Now the top tier and lower tier are both completed in 6 match days. Second Stage: 3 runner ups from top tier groups join with 3 winners from lower tier qualifiers for a mini tournament in a neutral country. 6 teams could be drawed in 2 of 3 team groups. After single round group matches (3 match days), the winners of two groups will take the final match (1 match day) to decide who represents CONCACAF for the intercontinental match.
  4. That's why I highly doubt about the best 2nd place team of three groups would facing winner of lower tier directly.
  5. Hopefully that 4 team mini tournament could be held in either Canada or USA. Even in Mexico would be better than pee bag nations.
  6. Because the integrity of original system is compromized by pandemic. Teams outside of HEX couldn't finish their effort on gaining points in March and June friendly games. Anyway, I don't think CONCACAF could make a feasible plan before FIFA schdules the new international match days or qualifier extension.
  7. USA and Mexico in same group? That will never happen.
  8. Call FIFA to extend qualifier to September 2022.
  9. I have edited the wonderful ideas from a couple of friends in this thread. Can we send a formal email as a group to CONCACAF suggesting the new format of FIFA 2022 Qualifier? Top Section: 3 groups of 4 based on FIFA rankings with team winning their group go to Qatar. 3 second place teams (2A, 2B and 2C ranked by points they have in group game) go to playoff stage. Bottom section: home and home knock out between 13-35 ranked nations to decide one team for playoff stage. Playoff stage: The best second place team (2A) playing the bottom section winner. Team 2B vs 2C. Winners play each other for the right to play in intercontinental playoff. Time to chip in.😄
  10. Thanks to two great CBs, not much attacks from the wing space Davies left to Frankfurt suceeded. But I think Phonzie wouldn't have pressed that high up if it's a tight game.
  11. Exactly the same format I was thinking.
  12. To be exact, the potential reform of the Hex format plus the playoff vs OFC would give me a dream 4 times bigger than I have had previously.
  13. One of the rare good news in these days. Ignited my weak hope again.....
  14. Historically, the draw happens about 1 year before the Finals. And play offs are scheduled 4-5 months after the draw. That means this draw won't happen until Dec, 2021. We may ask for an earlier draw by sending an email to Gianni Infantino on behalf of "The Voyageurs"?
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