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  1. My game day count down started today as we have our soldiers linned up! Will arrange ahead and go home early with PVR presetted on Telus channel 997 (just in case of a traffic jam)
  2. I am in tears. I have been waiting this to happen for soooooooo many years! !!!!
  3. How many points do they lose if they folded?
  4. Is Costa Rica vs Curacao today important to us?
  5. This is simply pissed me off: The last game of our group with be USA plays Cuba at home! That means they know how many goals they need to take the lead of a tie break if US and CANADA have identical points. I know the seeded team has to have some advantage. But this is insane. Why not let the top two teams clash for the last round? I still scrap my head: we have an Canadian CONCACAF chairman...... Then we have this historical xxxx WCQ format, then we have this xxxx Nations League schedule..... I would like Mr Warner back.
  6. Is it Canada PTS 1312 on FIFA ranking now?
  7. Another reason we need to make the HEX: We are a young team which is lacking the experience of nailing do or die game (example: Haiti game). To grab that 0.5 spot, we need to get through 4 rounds of grinding fights. It's really a tall order despite the round of intercontinental game. The luxury of being a part of HEX is that we could be still alive after a couple of hiccups.
  8. How much money the chairman of CONCACAF received from US?! This is totally a US benificial move since the Yanks are feeling not confidence making to HEX anymore through old system. BTW, has FIFA approved this ******* new format?
  9. This will totally piss off Caribbean minnows. I just can't imagine he would put his re-election on the line here. And I can't imagine he could have any benifit from doing this. A supper brain cramp bigger than Borjan's topple?
  10. I don't think this format is real. Apparently it is against the principle of fair play. FIFA ranking shouldn't be a decisive factor in WCQ. WE ARE NOT PLAYING MONOPOLY!!! If it's real, CSA should united with other 28 associations and file a formal protest to FIFA.
  11. This reminds me Sesselman who was the CB in women's team at 2015 WWC 1/8 final .
  12. What worries me is: When your team lead 2:0 in a knock out stage game, A stupid coach would park the bus, A smart coach would reinforce midfield and protect the flank being constant attacked. A top notch coach would alter for a better way to counter attack. Did Herdman belong to any of them? No
  13. Totally agree. We need to settle our rooster ( especially the back line), the earlier the better. Since Nations League (2019-2020, 2020-2021) would be the only real tests before next Gold Cup in 2021 which could be in the middle of HEX/OCT games. There shouldn't be any major experiments next year this time. After that, just get the chemistry to glue the group.
  14. Hopefully he could learn some more from Mexico about how to deal with a physical and direct team.
  15. Your last paragraph made me concern a lot about CMNT's future. Players can come and go, learn and making progress. And we could have second David or third David appear if we are lucky in coming years. BUT, Can this cocky English coach make improvement in those aspects? If not, it will be really pathetic till 2026.
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