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    Maple Leaf Forever! - Canadian 2019 Women’s World Cup Preview Part 1: The Rest of the Group

    The Women’s World Cup happens every four years, and soccer teams change a lot in that time. Comparing one World Cup team to the previous World Cup team is just the sort of lazy, valueless sportswriting that is typical of women’s soccer but informs nobody about anything.

    So comparing Canada’s group in 2015 to that in 2019 is obviously insane, but in fairness, the soccer gods really really want me to.

    In 2015 Canada, who were not really one of the best six teams in world women’s soccer, were seeded A1 for the World Cup draw because we were the host country. As a result we got a softball group of us, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and China; no minnows but three teams we should beat most of the time. We won one, drew two, didn’t concede, won the thing; not fun, but effective. In the round of 16 we beat Switzerland in a really good game, then lost in the quarter-final when our depleted defensive depth finally caught up to us and the odd break didn’t go our way.

    In 2019 Canada might be one of the best six teams in world women’s soccer and the FIFA gods smiled upon us, placing us in Pot 1 for the draw on merit1. As a result Canada was placed in a group with New Zealand, the Netherlands, and, um, Cameroon.

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    • https://northerntribune.ca/de-guzman-on-canadian-premier-league/   https://ottawacitizen.com/sports/soccer/is-ottawas-pro-soccer-future-with-the-canadian-premier-league I’ve seen reports on twitter from people who’ve made the claim he’s ripped the CPL, and maybe he has, but I’ve not seen them from a reputable source. 
    • From the El Salvador perspective: http://diario1.com/zona-deportiva/2020/01/la-selecta-se-juega-el-partido-mas-dificil-en-el-escritorio/
    • I recall an article from last year with direct quotes where he dismisses the Canpl and his plans to lead the Fury for the next 3 to 4 years to success in USL, there was no indication of any interest in the CanPL.
    • I saw somewhere that Hunt had previously stepped away from the Fury operation and then that the CanPL had contacted him to establish a CanPL team seems to indicate that Hunt disagreed with the approach taken by Fury (OSEG) management.   Edit: I see Hunt's involvement as very positive.
    • Anything I’ve heard has been him saying it wasn’t the right move for the Fury, and wishes the league all the best. The rumours of him trashing the league seem to have come from league mouthpieces who had an agenda. Are there any direct quotes from JDG?  I haven’t seen them. 
    • So I hear Ottawa might be getting a team for 2020? 
    • I talked to JdG a couple of times at Fury SSH events and when repeatedly pressed about how he feels about the CanPL, he always told us that he wishes them nothing but the best and hope it succeeds, but it just wasn't right for the Fury at that time. The way everything went down, I can't help but feel there were power struggles going on inside of OSEG that we were not privy to. The fact that this is Jeff Hunt's baby and not John Pugh and the only one that didn't seem broken up at the Fury Folding press conference was CEO Mark Goudie, I think this has all been a big kabuki production.
    • Sorry, I misspoke. I meant to say the top 10 teams for the entire league. I'm not sure if it would be better to choose the top 5 from each conference or the top 10 teams in points regardless of conference. That would be something for the CanPL executive to decide if they ever got to that point. At 20 teams in two conferences, that's a 28 game schedule if you play once against an opposing conference team and twice against in-conference teams. Once they confirm teams 21 and 22 for the following season, they could announce they'll be splitting off the top 8 clubs into an elite division while keeping 7 teams in each conference.  The lower group would continue playing with the regular season format, with the playoff winner getting promoted to the elite division. The elite division would play 4 games against every other elite team in a split season, with playoffs between the winners of the fall and spring seasons with the winner crowned at the end of the season. The bottom two teams would also play a sudden-death single-game match at the second-lowest placed team's stadium, with the loser being relegated back to one of the conferences. edit: Alternatively at the end of the season, they could have each season's champion and the next two teams with the highest overall points totals play a two stage final, while the remaining four elite teams play each other in a two stage relegation battle. That would pretty much guarantee that every match played in the elite division could have massive implications for the season.
    • I just don't understand what good would come out of saying something so f@#$%^& stupid. Was he trying to impress the reporter (I presume was latino). Even if he really feels that way, you don't have to report it to the world (our world). He definitely lost some brownie points with me.
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