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    Maple Leaf Forever! - Canada - Cameroon: Like They Drew It Up

    Historically, the Cameroon women’s national team is bad at soccer. They have qualified for one Olympics and two World Cups despite only having to get out of Africa, which some of my readers could do if they found ten equivalent friends. In 2015 they won two games in the group stage, somehow, over Switzerland and worst-team-alive Ecuador, but those were their first and only points in major competition. That aside, on the rare occasion they play non-African competition they lose heavily including a 2018 6-0 friendly loss to France. Their FIFA ranking is 46th, which is well into the disgraces.

    Yet, in their opening game of the 2019 World Cup, Cameroon held Canada, who have an outside chance at winning this thing, to only a 1-0 win. Worse, that seemed fair: Chris Henderson had Canada leading the expected goals 1.31 to 0.68. This is impossible to look up but I doubt any team outside Africa has ever generated as few as 1.31 expected goals against the Cameroonians.

    Read more at Maple Leaf Forever!

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    • Sorry, I misspoke. I meant to say the top 10 teams for the entire league. I'm not sure if it would be better to choose the top 5 from each conference or the top 10 teams in points regardless of conference. That would be something for the CanPL executive to decide if they ever got to that point. At 20 teams in two conferences, that's a 28 game schedule if you play once against an opposing conference team and twice against in-conference teams. Once they confirm teams 21 and 22 for the following season, they could announce they'll be splitting off the top 8 clubs into an elite division while keeping 7 teams in each conference.  The lower group would continue playing with the regular season format, with the playoff winner getting promoted to the elite division. The elite division would play 4 games against every other elite team in a split season, with playoffs between the winners of the fall and spring seasons with the winner crowned at the end of the season. The bottom two teams would also play a sudden-death single-game match at the second-lowest placed team's stadium, with the loser being relegated back to one of the conferences. edit: Alternatively at the end of the season, they could have each season's champion and the next two teams with the highest overall points totals play a two stage final, while the remaining four elite teams play each other in a two stage relegation battle. That would pretty much guarantee that every match played in the elite division could have massive implications for the season.
    • I just don't understand what good would come out of saying something so f@#$%^& stupid. Was he trying to impress the reporter (I presume was latino). Even if he really feels that way, you don't have to report it to the world (our world). He definitely lost some brownie points with me.
    • Karl Toko Ekambi just completed his transfer to Lyon. Looks like Johnny won't be going to Lyon... at least not in January.  
    • I could live with that. The centennial flame is a nice homage to the Fury crest.
    • July 6, 2014 first year of League 1 Ontario game between TFC Academy and Woodbridge Strikers and a key photo in my report http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports14/14l1o044.htm Halftime subs Mo Babouli, Mark-Anthony Kaye and Chris Mannella coming into the game with PA guy Anthony Totella (now a motivational speaker for the CPL). Page down to the bottom for photos. Note the captain of TFCA was defender Mateo Restrepo now being talked about as a possible signing for a CPL team.  
    • Plus Dave Norman, Jr, who I really hope ends up sticking and playing with the senior team and not being loaned back to CPL or elsewhere.
    • Most of the better Winnipeg born players don’t want to play for the team bc of the way it’s run and the coaching. The players though are constantly fighting with each other and the coaches. Seems like a very toxic atmosphere.    I seen the kaw valley side play last year they were a good side. Most of the teams that come in at stacked with NCAA d 1 players
    • So the latest Molinaro article dismisses the notion of a draft: https://canpl.ca/article/cpl-takes-unique-approach-to-scouting-international-players I even tweeted for clarification at Molinaro and he was nice enough to DM me:   This is all very strange.
    • We get to debate until February 20th if it was an official friendly or not lol
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