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    Octavio Zambrano to be named men's manager

    Duane Rollins

    Former LA Galaxy and MetroStars manager Octavio Zambrano will be named Canadian men's national team head coach on Friday.

    The news was first reported in the Italian source, GazzoMercato. Anthony Totera reported this morning that the new hire would be Ecuadorian.

    It's thought that Javier Livia will be Zambrano's chief assistant.  

    Zambrano has a .587 career MLS winning percentage as a manager, second to Bruce Arena all-time. He most recently managed El Nacional in Ecuador. 


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    • There is a good article on the NSXI Network  webpage  on the Canadian National Team titled   Scapin's Canadian National Team Starting XL  A decent read..
    • We can't get Reubens in Spain. I come back summers to Canada and think Reubens, Clubhouse, Eggs Benedict, and rhubarb.  It's really nasty of Gent to push the negotiation like this. If you want to sell to a team under investigation you don't force them into financial overexposure. You're going to make extra off their unfair solvency, so damn well tone it down. It shows bad faith--every rival Lille has in the game wants to expose them, you're hack if you think you should. 
    • Kaye is an excellent playmaker and deserves to start. He isn't a sub.
    • First two rounds are one-offs at the higher ranked teams home, followed by two legs for the semis and finals.  CAN2 is lowest in the rankings, so Forge would have to win twice on the road to be able to play a home date in the semis.
    • In theory, that's how it should work but how many times in NT soccer history (in any country) have we seen a coach stick too long with an out-of-form favourite or vet ("form is temporary...class is permanent" trap) or a another guy or two get their noses out of joint because they feel that they should be starting, so suddenly the camp doesn't seem happy/happy anymore if expected results don't happen? This type of man management is supposed to be Herdman's meat and drink and the success of this campaign really will hinge on this.
    • Do you know how hard it was for me not to grab a Reuben for dinner tonight?
    • The great thing about having depth is you can go with the players who are on the best form, or do the best in training, and not lose much because all the players are good!
    • I've come up with another of my proverbially lucid thoughts, between layers of my Reuben sandwich, in the little bubbles between the cheese and that luncheon meat, on a formerly typically drizzly day in Vancouver. I somehow found time to squeeze this in, miracle of the post-human brain. Must be my 3% Neeanderthal at work.  What was I saying, oh yes: Wolverhampton Wolves. Seriously. Wolves as you know has been hit by financial fair play sanctions, and in that article today it mentioned Lille was threatened as well. I realize everyone knows where I am going with this so I'll just take a pause, a piss, and post anyways. Okay, no piss quite yet, post-human prostrate kicking in. Really it is not at all in Lille's interest to be overpaying for David, or for announcing a high payment for him. That exposes them to more scrutiny, as they are another team spending more than they are really making, even with the provisions for lowered income from Covid. So this means the negotiation position from Gent is really nasty. They ask for more, and want Lille to announce it with cymbals and chimes. They know that Lille would much prefer to declare a lower fee, and that it would benefit Lille immensely to have the fee paid over a few years, in installments, with added bonuses, so it would not bear fully on this fiscal (or is it football season?) year.  If Transfermarkt is saying his worth in fact less than 30 million, then that just raises the question even more: why is Lille overpaying? I don't get it. Take a lower fee, let them pay you the rest in future years, or take a chunk under the table like the fine Flemish gentlement they are, and everyone trés content. Back to the Reuben.
    • Likely only a game or two a week though. Probably makes sense to hold off until we know for sure. 
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