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  • Octavio Zambrano to be named men's manager

    Duane Rollins

    Former LA Galaxy and MetroStars manager Octavio Zambrano will be named Canadian men's national team head coach on Friday.

    The news was first reported in the Italian source, GazzoMercato. Anthony Totera reported this morning that the new hire would be Ecuadorian.

    It's thought that Javier Livia will be Zambrano's chief assistant.  

    Zambrano has a .587 career MLS winning percentage as a manager, second to Bruce Arena all-time. He most recently managed El Nacional in Ecuador. 


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    • Well said ! been to both grounds and the “guts “ of the  stadiums are not drastically different  That said - the game experience defined as food and beverage at HFX is/ was light years better than FCED  what also struck me when I went to a game after Canada V CR in Edmonton was the high school “ish” stand that TV did not pick up and the cafeteria calibre food Bev compared to HFX  as well as nothing in CPL can compare to the supporters feel at HFX- Kitchen rules   
    • More details today. Canada will play group games in Houston.     
    • Not related but thinking of Stack that penalty call with Newcastle v PSG today was as soft as the PK v a Jamaica - shite call TBH 
    • In fairness I think this is a common case because we're also in a world now where there's guys in the same age range as someone like Toussaint who are in MLS and that's going to continue being the case.
    • He was invited to his first CF Montreal training camp in February ‘21- it’s actually only been a little over 2 and a half years since he left CS St Laurent. Feels like he’s been around forever now, but there’s more time between now and the next World Cup than there is between when Kone was playing local amateur soccer and now. Insane rise.   When his confidence is up, his swagger is unreal. He has games where he knows he’s the best player on the pitch and plays like it. 
    • sad but important news   Brian Lopez (York 9, 2020 season) has found dead a few months ago https://northerntribune.ca/york-united-brian-lopez-pass-away/
    • Having been to both Clarke Stadium and Wanderers Grounds, they are remarkably similar in nature. But one draws 5000+ every game and one drew nowhere near that.  The atmosphere was lousy not just because of the stadium, but because Edmonton just never really took to professional soccer. I don't think it's as simple as having a deep pocketed owner and a shiny new stadium either. 
    • Finally had a bite and can comment.  Stephen lined up on the left side of their midfield, had a modest game, was not overly in the mix either going forward or backward, an average game. As mentioned, took corners and a few free kicks.  He was a bit anonymous because he was shadowing Pedri when they didn't have the ball, and since the latter is coming off an injury and is not 100%, Staq was largely successful. And if not Pedri, he went to look for Gundogan. Both of these rival mids were better in the 2nd half. So he was partially successful, as the best Barça mid was Frenkie who imo was the best player on the pitch tonight.  As I've argued frequently, you often see him running across the field to fill a gap that I think only he sees. It is like a bit of anxiety, instead of just holding position. He has to fill holes wherever he sees them, it's a bit of horror vacui. Then he often does the classic midfielder move to go to the guy with the ball in possession and offer himself. But this does not always work as he'll draw a rival with him and crowd out the guy with the ball.  IMO he needs to hold, keep the tension. Not lose position. Believe in his task. This may mean less ball, less kms in a game, but more effectivity.  Cool but not cold on Montjuïc tonight, Porto fans were not too lively and the stadium lit up well with the Barça supporter group behind the goal.
    • Snap! that was so well taken !  Wow  Is IK four years removed from playing in PQ version of L1 or whatever ? He has the physical tools and then some.   Despite some Watford louts in a pub being keyboard warriors about him, if he has his focus correctly sky is the limit IMO
    • Nice little comment from I assume a Watford fan
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