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    I'd eight to be the USVI!

    Duane Rollins

    They really should have put one in their own net just for the symbolism of it. I mean, 8-0 is nice – historic, even – but 8-1 would have been a delicious result in the first competitive game of John Herdman’s men’s coaching career.

    If you’re reading this site, I don’t need to explain why.

    Alas, the Red and White played it straight and find themselves solidly in second place of the CONCACAF Nations League qualification after most of match-day one is completed.

    The plus 8 is the vital number here. As I wrote Friday, there are some games where the sports clichés don’t factor. This was one. The US Virgin Islands, as they currently stand, would never beat Canada. Never. It doesn’t matter that the ball is round. It was literally impossible that they could win. The talent gap was that great.

    What they might have done, however, was hold Canada to a relatively small score – say 3-0 or 4-0. That doesn’t sound that bad, but in this format the big teams need to beat the minnows up. Otherwise they could easily find themselves on 10 points and out of group A (since the pot A teams play each other any team with 12 points will be guaranteed a spot in the top group once the full competition starts).

    So, Canada needed to run the score and run the score they did.

    Beating up USVI isn’t to be taken too seriously, but it is refreshing to have seen Canada so quickly get off the mark. That’s not always been this countries strong suit, after all.

    There haven’t been a lot of surprises thus far in the Nations League, but it has proven to be a lot of fun. As previously stated, this is about getting consistent games for countries that have struggled to book friendlies in the past.

    It’s also Gold Cup qualifying and although Canada would have to bomb in unimaginable ways to bring that into play, the expanded format of the 2019 tournament could make for some great drama towards the back end. A country like Saint Lucia, who won 3-0 this week, is suddenly in the mix and we should not dismiss how important it would be for a nation like that to make a Gold Cup.

    All in all it was a good weekend for Canada and CONCACAF.

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    • No, they are playing Trinidad in front of a packed house March 27 to try to get into the hex. 
    • Heres another angle, if the stadium had 20,000+ seats you need more time to sell those seats. By selling the first game only and it selling out at an attendance of 6200+, it is basically free advertising for the second game which they can open to the public immediately. Since it’s a smaller stadium it won’t be hard to sell that many tickets in a couple days. 
    • This is true, he is allowed to keep pressuring up high if he's the only one, and stay up on an attacking play if he's naturally progressed into the final third. Other players simply cover for him, so he does it without fear. On the other hand, his attacking effectivity when doing this is pretty low.
    • They better open up the 2nd game to the public, even if they get 2000 fans out they get some income, Westhills benefits too, the national team has its support. I am a bit shocked they'd do that, I agree it is a bit disgraceful on home soil to play a FIFA sanctioned match behind closed doors.
    • Nope. I watched every Cavs game last season. I shouldn’t say Malonga sucked, but he was very over rated. I personally as well as many Cavs fans am glad to see him go. Far to lazy. 
    • Financially, this might make sense for the league, and fans (at this moment anyways) might not be driven away by the standard of play. But I think it's troubling to basically have a league that's 'pay to play' in the sense that you'd basically need to be supported by your family to have a career in soccer at those wage levels. Conversely, if you have your own family to support, as I assume will be a bigger problem in a couple years as players come of age, you're forced to drop out of the league and find other work. Rhetorically at least, this league was about bringing professional football to the country, and without proper remuneration for players, it's difficult for me to call it that. We can't have players basically subsidizing the league. And I am not one to be naive and argue that the league should be spending at MLS levels, but as unnamedtrialist has said, there may be ways to cut costs elsewhere if only to bring the cap up a couple hundred thousand. For example, I am really up for lowering travel costs by splitting the league up into conferences. Even a $150k increase to the cap would bring average wages up to $40,000, which is much more feasible for players. You provide a marginal increase to the cap, alongside instituting a minimum wage to prevent younger players from subsidizing certain players at the higher end. That way, players at this level can still make a living and if they're good enough they can make the jump to even higher wages w/ MLS. And while wages aren't the only reason, this is why I keep harping on about having a players union, that way they can actually bargain for things that will help the entire profession and improve professionalization of the sport.
    • I think we all need to relax a little.  This is obviously the case.  It sucks for us, but it does make sense for both parties.  - CANMNT isn't exactly rolling in cash.  It saves them a trip and the expense for the away game. - CANMNT gets a home game - T&T gets a game on neutral ground Why would T&T sign up for two away games against the same team if there was no possible benefit for them?  Considering the options, it does make sense and is pretty fair.
    • I think people are underestimating what was the general consensus on Cavalry before the start of last season: that they would come last or close to it. We did not properly appreciate the quality of Foothills as PDL (USL2) winner, nor how the continuity of players and the coach would benefit the team. Nor the quality of Wheeldon himself, who seems to get a very high response from his players in all lines and even raises the level of some people under his control.  I also agree that they are close to where they were last season, they have the best keeper by far, and they have the most balanced system. They simply ran out of gas and failed on the game plan two matches in a row, the finals, they got fairly beaten.  Or put in another way: improvement on other sides will not mitigate what seems to be deficiencies in coaching, which is what we saw with Valour, clearly the worst IMO, and to a lesser extent York9 and HFX. I don't attribute Pacific's problems as much to coaching as to excess youth, probably because they had eaten up the salary cap unnecessarily with De Jong, Haber and others who were either injured a lot or did not pick up the slack. I will predict the same finalists as last year in CPL season two.
    • Someone earlier suggested that this might be a request from T&T in order to not be subject to two home games in a row as a closed door match is more like playing of neutral grounds.  I feel like this might make sense. Other potential reason is they are scared if the open up both games that they will split the crowd therefore they will focus on a sellout for the first game before opening up the second.
    • Tomorrow's CCL game is line on TSN5 at 8pm.
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