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  1. I have no idea what's going on here. This is now me.
  2. Mexico announced that they will play Greece (54) and the Czech Republic (45) in the US in March. I think Greece could be an interesting opponent, as long we play them in Vancouver (or just not Toronto).
  3. Yup 15 So if we win out and El Salvador loses we'll be 7 down.
  4. I mean its not like Iceland's roster is full of worldbeaters either... https://www.ksi.is/um-ksi/frettir/frettasafn/frett/2019/12/30/23-leikmenn-til-Bandarikjanna/
  5. I agree that finishing top 3 in the hex was always unrealistic. And we know that the intercontinental is a draw and out of our control. So it comes down which is the easier of - beating two of US/Costa Rica/Honduras/Jamaica in a full group stage, and then beating the playoff winner, or; - beating three teams (let's say Guatemala, Haiti and Panama) in knockouts, then beating the 4th place hex team (likely Costa Rica or Honduras) in a playoff. Frankly, both of those seem very hard, but I still think the one-offs are better for us based on the fact that we would struggle to get any results away from home which hurts us more over a longer group stage.
  6. Eh this one's pretty bad. Even though he's not offside by a lot, at no point in the entire buildup is he ever onside, so this should be an extremely routine call for a linesman who is standing in line with the last defender.
  7. Once you get out of the group its pretty simple to sell. Five two-legged playoffs and you need to win all five.
  8. There was a side angle where he looked 3 feet off but probably need to wait for the highlight package.
  9. El Salvador just got held for 90 minutes at home against a country of <5,000 people, not sure how there's any takeaway from that match that involves them being good. I mean **** even we get results in El Salvador.
  10. These guys have absolutely no legs left yikes.
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