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  1. Betty's is right beside the CPL office so I'm guessing that's the head office party.
  2. I don't expect much general knowledge from the average American soccer fan is it relates to our NT (because let's be honest, the average Canadian soccer fan doesn't know much about them either), but its pretty funny to see how little the supposed experts know.
  3. Am I missing it or can you not watch a replay of the full match on OneSoccer?
  4. My three thoughts: 1) I was very much on the 'same old' train when David missed that chance in the 15th minute, but they didn't let it get to their heads and they kept the foot down for the vast majority of the 90 minutes. That is easily the most comprehensive performance we've had against one of the big CONCACAF teams. 2) People at work are bringing the NT up unprompted which never happens and can only be good for some more coverage going forward. 3) The OneSoccer production, especially on the goals, is absolutely fantastic.
  5. I find it tough to believe that American fans anywhere would travel midweek for a match that's a glorified friendly to them.
  6. I honestly don't think its that complicated. - Everyone knows it the international break (mainly due to no PL), but there's zero correlation with the average fan between that and a Canada match going on - For the last six matches TFC has played, two have been on a streaming service nobody has heard of, one was a 10:30 match out west and three were directly up against NFL. - No one is identifying with the Canadian TFC players on this roster (and considering the US has played one match in Canada since 1997 I doubt anyone is wondering where Altidore/Bradley are playing on international break).
  7. As usual everyone who I'm going with had no idea this game existed before i asked them, even though they all follow PL/MLS/etc. I do think the lack of TSN advertising has an impact.
  8. Acknowledging that there is no way in hell they're going to a format that doesn't have two Mexico/US games, and that they only have 12 match days to fit the entirety of qualifying in if they start in September 2020...I don't hate the idea. If they just switched from using the June 2020 FIFA rankings to instead giving the four League A winners byes to the hex and then had the four second place teams involved in random draw home/home playoffs in March 2020 for the two final spots, it would be a lot better. At least that acts as a semi-qualification process.
  9. What a trash rig. Garbage travel for the knockout round as well (Houston/Glendale instead of Philly/Nashville if we were in the bottom half).
  10. The Gold Cup does it so that the only way US/Mexico can meet is in the finals. A+B are on one side and C+D are on the other side.
  11. The match in Cuba was a struggle. They put us under a ton of pressure in the last 20 mins after Lars got sent off.
  12. The bad Honduras match was in Montreal - they couldn't even fill out the old north end at BMO back in 2012.
  13. Canada/Jamaica in '08 was definitely a sellout. Canada/Panama in '12 might have been, if not it was close.
  14. I don't think this has been an issue for at least 10 years. Although there hasn't been a useful match in Toronto since the Gold Cup in '15.
  15. BC Place if its a weekend, BMO if its a weeknight Although I'm not sure what the point of the ol' National Soccer Stadium is if it doesn't host this type of match.
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