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  1. When he drops a 'O Canada oh baby' line in his next album he's in.
  2. I'm not one for the gatekeeping myself but had a good lol at this tweet
  3. Here are my longer thoughts on this - This is the only window in the entire cycle where a team does not travel. We land in Edmonton and stay there for a week. - On the flipside, our last two windows are the worst travel situations that anyone in the cycle will need to face (Central America -> Canada -> Central America) - Whether its the Jamaica match last week or the past 25 years of qualifying, we've seen how difficult it is to win away (although I definitely think our mentaility is significantly improved) - and that includes teams like Mexico and the US, both of whom had trouble in Panama. I don't think we are doomed etc if we draw/lose to Mexico...if that happens and we miss out by a point or whatever its still pretty clear the Honduras match is the missed opportunity. But the way that everything sets up in this window I don't think there's anything wrong with hoping that we end it in an extremely good position.
  4. I don't see how needing to beat Costa Rica would result in looking past Costa Rica?
  5. Anything less than 6 points is a disappointment to me this window. Win your home matches, book flights to Qatar, fin.
  6. Said it in the other topic, but if we beat Costa Rica there's a decent chance we will be five full points clear of fourth halfway through (with a significant GD advantage as well).
  7. Also someone has to start the window three topic now haha If we do the business against Costa Rica and Honduras beats Panama at home, we would be five points clear of fourth halfway through the octo. 👀
  8. With how bad Honduras have looked playing at home in the third matchday so far I'm starting to convince myself we can win there. e: unfortunately I should probably learn to read a fixture list since we're there on the first match day in the Jan window
  9. At some point last night I stood there thinking that its only been five-ish years since being forced to watch shitty Floroball. The mentality of this team is something else...
  10. If we're getting wild with the striker ideas, play Davies up there again.
  11. Agree with the 22 points theory which is pretty simple to me - win your home matches and get one point away. We're -2 from the home matches but +2 away right now which keeps us on the pace. If we do the business tomorrow (which we should), then even with Panama's impressive away win they're on the exact same away form as us - three points from three away matches - and our three were clearly more difficult. And they dropped points at home to Costa Rica. The four points from the US/Mexico at home is impressive, but we should be targeting the same, if not more. e: also I'm not one on must wins when you're less than 50% into the cycle, but the next two home matches are must wins.
  12. That Antonio article seems heavy on opinion and light on facts. Yes, if Jamaica leave this window with one point he may make the business decision to not come back, but that is very premature. They play Honduras in the last match who have not looked good at all.
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