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    Maple Leaf Forever! - Canadian 2019 Women’s World Cup Preview Part 3: Canada

    The 2019 Canadian women’s national team is being called, by serious players who have even watched the games that aren’t on TSN, our best ever. The only serious argument would come from the circa 2003 team, which was mostly too young but featured apex Andrea Neil and was the only major tournament where both 20-year-old Christine Sinclair and 35-year-old Charmaine Hooper were within reasonable range of their primes. That team didn’t beat anybody they weren’t supposed to beat, but they beat everybody they had to and got us our best-ever fourth-place finish at a World Cup. You could argue for our 2016 Olympic team, but since that’s this team with some young players replaced by inferior old ones, it sort of concedes the argument.

    Naturally, the rest of the world has not sat still. As we know this is also the best Dutch team ever, the best Australian, probably the best English, and overall maybe the best American, which is a thought to chill the blood. Even last year, at home, this Canadian team was distinctly outplayed by Germany.

    Yet sit down, plan Canada’s path to victory, and it is the right side of insane. If we win our group, which is difficult but realistic, we get a round-of-16 match against most likely England or Japan. That’s rough for a round-of-16 game, but Canada winning would arguably not even be a surprise. England is good, but maybe a bit overrated; certainly not off Canada’s tier. Japan seems to be on the way down. We’ve also beaten both teams recently after some long cold streaks. The last World Cup aside, and we absolutely could have won that game, Canada’s had England’s number since 2014 or so. Get through that and the probable quarter-final is against Australia, an easier opponent, or a pupu platter of South Korea/Brazil/Norway-type outfits who could upset the Aussies but aren’t really in our weight class. Then you’re in the money, and the rest of the way every team is either good or on a roll, but the most probable semi-final opponent is Germany and even though it didn’t really count we’ve beaten them too…

    Read more at Maple Leaf Forever!

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    In the photo of the team in the article...

    Does the number/logo placement seem subtly inconsistent to you?

    Or are my eyes buggy.  

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    • I've come up with another of my proverbially lucid thoughts, between layers of my Reuben sandwich, in the little bubbles between the cheese and that luncheon meat, on a formerly typically drizzly day in Vancouver. I somehow found time to squeeze this in, miracle of the post-human brain. Must be my 3% Neeanderthal at work.  What was I saying, oh yes: Wolverhampton Wolves. Seriously. Wolves as you know has been hit by financial fair play sanctions, and in that article today it mentioned Lille was threatened as well. I realize everyone knows where I am going with this so I'll just take a pause, a piss, and post anyways. Okay, no piss quite yet, post-human prostrate kicking in. Really it is not at all in Lille's interest to be overpaying for David, or for announcing a high payment for him. That exposes them to more scrutiny, as they are another team spending more than they are really making, even with the provisions for lowered income from Covid. So this means the negotiation position from Gent is really nasty. They ask for more, and want Lille to announce it with cymbals and chimes. They know that Lille would much prefer to declare a lower fee, and that it would benefit Lille immensely to have the fee paid over a few years, in installments, with added bonuses, so it would not bear fully on this fiscal (or is it football season?) year.  If Transfermarkt is saying his worth in fact less than 30 million, then that just raises the question even more: why is Lille overpaying? I don't get it. Take a lower fee, let them pay you the rest in future years, or take a chunk under the table like the fine Flemish gentlement they are, and everyone trés content. Back to the Reuben.
    • Likely only a game or two a week though. Probably makes sense to hold off until we know for sure. 
    • https://smarterscout.com/articles/champions-league-jonathan-david-dele-alli-luis-suarez-alphonso-davies-ligue-1-lille-kaa-gent-canada Another interesting article on his versatility 
    • Would that be in a signing bonus kind of thing (paid by the buyer), on top of the transfer, or do they actually get 10% of the fee from the selling club?
    • I'm starting to think the Henry haters should be forced to watch a highlight video of Mitter.  Just so they can see a real disaster is like.  Not exactly a red card penalty kick fiasco, but a guy who spends more energy yelling and pointing after the goal than he ever did marking before it.  
    • Long story short, because of nuianses with GA draft picks, homegrowns, DP signings etc...lets just say 30% goes to the league, plus or minus a few % points.  Heres a nice little article from a few years back using Atlanta as an example.   https://www.dirtysouthsoccer.com/atlanta-united-fc/2017/10/19/16465762/mls-transfer-rules-regulations-fees-percentages
    • Arfield turns 32 in less than 2 months.  The clock is certainly ticking
    • True, and I'm all for Kaye being a regular sub for Arfield and eventually replacing him - if that happens at some loint this cycle then so be it.  Remember we don't need the best 11 players out there, we just need the best Team. 
    • I think this becomes more debatable as time goes on. Arfield is starting less often with Rangers now. The flip side of being a veteran is that you eventually begin to slow down (unless your name is Atiba, apparently..)
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