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  1. Agree. I don't remember a save Steffen made that a keeper of Guzan quality wouldn't make.
  2. I could see him becoming an assistant to Stephen Hart in Halifax....
  3. JH and the players can talk about culture and identity all they want but some of us, fans, want to see it on the field. So far, we only had one true test and we failed badly against Haiti. I'm not saying JH isn't operating changes that will help in the future but that so far it's just talk and that I'm still skeptical since I haven't seen anything that leads me to believe it's working.
  4. I think you can add quite a few players to that 2008 team. JDG, Friend and DeRo also criticized Dale Mitchell before a crucial WCQ in San Pedro Sula.
  5. The post you quoted was written a few hours after we won against Mexico....
  6. Not sure why, but 3 Europeans teams are part of the tournament. It looks like this was done to have a more balance competition and TBH I don't care too much since it's U15 and it's not a qualifying tournament for a youth WC. But the prospect of seeing a headline like this "Slovenia, 2019 Concacaf U15 champions" is a little bit weird...
  7. Slovenia and Portugal are part of the D1 tournament. Israel are part of the D2 tournament. https://www.concacaf.com/en/under-15s-men/article/groups-and-schedule-confirmed-for-the-2019-concacaf-boys-under-15-championship
  8. We tied Austria and Iran in 2013 (last time we qualified). In 2011, we tied England and Rwanda (a win against Rwanda would've seen us through to the 1/16 round).
  9. It's always difficult to judge the quality of U17 teams but if this was the real WC, I would be pretty happy with this group. I would expect us to be able to be competitive with Angola and New Zealand.
  10. Yes we have some attacking power like we ve never had before but we are still Canada and need to play our best player in a must win game. What if their keeper pulls a "Jonny Placide" on us and we can't score while we conceed a weak goal? Let's also remember that our defense looked shacky against Martinique and we needed Borjan to pull some excellent saves. I can see Cuba getting some quality chances today too. I say, let's play our best 11 because we could regret it.
  11. This "we must rest Borjan" is a curious trend....
  12. Corona has never played a WC game so Mexico never did this in a WC. Can you find a tournament where they did this? Maybe they can afflrd this in the GC....
  13. But we are speaking about goalkeeping here. Borjan isn't running 10 miles per game, so not sure why he would need a rest. I would argue that in most tournaments I've followed over the years (WC, Euro or GC), I don't remember seeing a back up keeper playing in a game where his team needed a result unless the starting keeper was injured or suspended. Rotating field players is one thing, rotating your keepers in such tournaments is unseen or very rare in soccer. I would also add that the difference between Milan and Max is an important one in term of quality/experience.
  14. If we need a result against Cuba, there's no way we should be playing our back up goalie. We needed Borjan to be in top form against Martinique to avoid a tricky second half (which would've been if Martinique had tied the game in late first half). Unless we are already through, the Cuba game isn't the one to be kind and nice to your back up keeper even if he's in good form at the club level.
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