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  1. Instead of standing there facing the ball, the player at the end of the wall moved and made himself smaller by turning sideways. If he doesn't move, the ball goes straight at him.
  2. To be fair, I think the format wasn't helping us at all. That 2008 group (Mexico, Honduras, Canada and Jamaica) was brutal. We didn't have room for mistake. It was almost over as soon as we draw with Jamaica in the first game. Even today, it would be difficult to finish top 2 in such a group. The other 2 groups in that stage were a joke (USA, TT, Guatemala and Cuba/ CR, El Salvador, Haiti and Suriname).
  3. Wasn't there a FK that was going to the top corner that Crepeau did well to tip over the goal?
  4. I haven't seen another angle but the play you are talking about in the Van-MTL game doesn't look like a gaffe from Crepeau. St-Clair was clearly at fault.
  5. There's no one near him, why did he punched that? Easy ball to catch IMHO. Nice finish by David.
  6. I initially liked RS post about Larin acceleration but I then took it off after reading UT. RS, I'll like your post only if you edit it to add some sort of mention about the weak opposition. Also comparing the defending with the Uruguayan league defending would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. RIP Tony. Thanks for everything you've done for soccer in this country.
  8. Unless Jadon's mother is Canadian, I don't see the connection with Canada since his father is dutch.
  9. Can we play the Faroe Islands twice in a neutral site in Europe in March (with a Euro base squad) while playing Antigua and Barbuda twice in Canada (with a NA base squad) at the same time?
  10. Excuse my ignorance, as I haven't been here that much lately, but who that would be?
  11. Speaking of disappearance, I noticed that jpg75 hasn't posted here in while.
  12. So the US want to lose that game because they want ES in the Hex but ES want to lose as well because they know they don't stand a chance in the Hex. When we have a scenario like that, we need to remember that "only in CONCACAF" 1994 Barbados-Grenada game: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbados_4–2_Grenada_(1994_Caribbean_Cup_qualification)
  13. He is close to the ball when the ball is crossed. It's a matter of a fraction of a second. I think his body shape could've been better and he could've made himself bigger whne he came out (that's where I agree with Conway). I agree that he is a bit erratic at times but from what I've seen from Crépeau so far, I think Borjan is still a good step ahead. Of course, like I said, a solid club season for Crépeau could change the whole goalkeeping picture.
  14. That wasn't a horrific goal and I think people here are very tough on Milan for that goal. I don't think the decision to come out is a bad one since the US player would've been all alone with all the time to move toward the goal with no pressure and time to make a pass in front of the goal. He also almost blocked the the cross, so to blame him for that goal is IMHO a bit harsh. He had to react in a second to a defensive mistake and it almost worked, so not sure he deserves much of the blame here. Regarding Max, yes friendlies are nice but a solid club situation is better to assess a keeper IMO. If Vancouver are challenging for a playoff spot and Max is still the starter and doing well, he might be able to make a case for a starting spot with Canada but for that you'll need to see a drop in Borjan's form. BTW, not sure why we are talking about succession when our starting keeper is 32 years old which is still young for a keeper. So, unless we have a better option (someone performing better at a similar level), which I don't think we have at the moment, I think we'll continue to see Borjan as our starter.
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