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    Alphonso Davies: Hoser

    Duane Rollins

    Full press release of Alphonso Davies citizenship announcement below:


    Canada Soccer welcomed Alphonso Davies as a new Canadian after the young footballer took his Oath of Citizenship at his Canadian Citizenship Ceremony.

    “I am overwhelmed and I am glad I can make my parents proud by becoming a Canadian citizen,” said Alphonso Davies. “It has been a long journey becoming a Canadian citizen.”

    The 16-year old midfielder, who has been part of Canada Soccer’s Men’s EXCEL Program since 2014, can now officially accept his first call up to the National Team Program ahead of a Men’s International Friendly match in Montréal.

    “We are very proud to welcome Alphonso Davies into our Men’s National Team Program as a full Canadian citizen,” said Steve Reed, President of Canada Soccer. “Coming up through Canada Soccer’s youth system, he has worked hard to achieve his success and he will be a big part of our future.”

    Davies departs for Montréal where he will join an extended Men’s National Team roster training in Laval ahead of the 13 June 2017 Men’s International Friendly. He will look to impress the coaching staff with hopes of making the final squad for the match at Stade Saputo: from the full group of 28 players, Head Coach Octavio Zambrano will reduce the number of players on Friday 9 June after a Thursday intra-squad match.

    “I am really excited to be called into Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team,” Davies said. “Canada Soccer worked extremely hard to get me where I am right now and I am very grateful. I am really glad they took their time and put the effort in me in helping me get my citizenship.”

    The international match is part of a three-match Summer of Soccer Series in Canada which includes a pair of Women's International Matches in Winnipeg and Toronto. The Women's National Team has matches against Costa Rica on 8 and 11 June ahead of the Men's National Team's return to Montréal on 13 June. All three matches will be broadcast live on TSN.

    Davies has been a part of Canada Soccer’s Men’s EXCEL Program since 2014 when he was just 13 years old. He is currently a professional player with Vancouver Whitecaps FC. After making his pro debut at age 15, he became the youngest goal scorer in the history of the Canadian Championship at age 16 on 23 May 2017.

    Before moving to Vancouver in 2015, Davies grew up in Edmonton, Alberta where he played for Edmonton Inter, Edmonton Strikers, FC Edmonton Academy, and St. Nicholas Soccer Academy. He was just five years old when he arrived in Canada, living briefly in Windsor, Ontario before moving out west to Edmonton. 

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    • Its the afternoon weekday games that are stupid. Sorry but the logic is wack.
    • They can this Saturday if the games are on CBC as planned. There won't be MLS, CFL, Raptors or Canadian NHL teams playing during that time.  Not that I think they will convert that many but they might get some to buy into Onesoccer knowing that they can access the games whenever without having to choose between Champions League, Raptors or NHL playoffs  I'm annoyed too, just saying that I understand the logic behind it
    • They won't be gaining casual fans in the afternoon. Maybe if they were on a traditional network. But they aren't. Never **** with your hard-core fans
    • If Laryea keeps getting minutes at LB for TFC he could be the back up if necessary. Cornelius is another option at LB and of course Davies. The ability to play in more than 1 position is going to be key in selections for some.  That back up spot can be taken by a forward.
    • I like it but it's going to be a challenge ..we have been inactive for so long and Herdman will want to get his regular squad together to gel even vs minnows before the next round,  which may mean just 1 or 2 new players per window.
    • There's an update about Onesoccer    The results below shows why the league took the decision they took. They probably knew that fans wouldn't like it but they'd still watch.   The goal of any business is growth and going against NHL & NBA playoffs is a sure way to fail attracting more casuals or any media attention.   I'm in the "frustrated" category but I understand the "why" and I'll still be watching.    
    • Why do they even need lights to play afternoon games
    • A good read. Too bad he spelled Valour wrong. The logo was right under the header, which made it more obvious lol The times are all over the place. It's going to be a chore figuring out when I'll be free to watch. 
    • Nice additions by valour today. tbh had concerns that Soto wasn’t going to be great anyways 
    • @Ansem I think it would be smarter for them to avoid working hours than to avoid NHL/NBA. I would miss any NHL game for a York 9 game, and most NBA games (unimportant York 9 game vs elimination game or finals game for Raptors would be a tough decision, probably resulting in dual screens. But a weekday game at 1 or 2 o’clock and I am at the mercy of my coworkers/meeting schedule. And I am a guy with flexibility in my work schedule and working from home. If it is tough for me to see almost half of my teams games, who exactly are they going to get to watch these games? And I would have loved to watch as many non-York 9 games as possible. It looks like 3 such games are potentially possible, maybe a couple more on weekend afternoons, depending on my family.
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