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CF Montreal - 2023 Season Thread


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They are obviously going to have some growing pains this year with the younger guys needing to season.  Nashville under Smith are a tough nut to crack defensively throughout their whole on-field set up so they have always been willing to let opponents carry the play and control possession while they pounce on counterattacks:  passing the ball around in longer build up sequences means you get good opta stats but they are meaningless if you can't create quality scoring opportunities with that possession.  Then, a couple of ill-advised decisions resulting in a goal against and a miss on a breakaway put a stain on the outing (though the finish on that Washington goal was something special!).

It is going to be a tough gig for Losada replacing Nancy under this ownership, but the sporting director seems to be with it and might find a key piece or two in the summer window to add to the current cast and make them a playoff team again.



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On 3/9/2023 at 10:30 AM, Ansem said:

CF Montreal thinking of leaving Stade Saputo and build somewhere else because they view the status quo as "unviable" and the survival of the club depends on upgrading the venue or building a new one


Pas de stade commun de sitôt
Justin Vezina La Presse March 17 2023


Une position pas optimale pour le CFM

Pour sa part, le CFM évolue au Stade Saputo depuis son ouverture en 2008. Toutefois, malgré le fait que le stade soit propriété du Groupe Saputo, il a été érigé sur un terrain appartenant à la Société de développement et de mise en valeur du Parc olympique, cédé par bail emphytéotique pour une durée de quarante ans.

En théorie, pour les 25 prochaines années à venir, le locataire — dans ce cas-ci, le CFM — se doit de payer les taxes annuelles et autres. Alors toute amélioration au Stade Saputo serait synonyme d’une hausse de taxes.

Au début du mois de mars, le président du CFM, Gabriel Gervais, a dévoilé à BPM Sports, que le club montréalais envisageait, notamment, de construire un nouveau stade. Un mariage entre les Alouettes et le CFM semblait donc probable.

Mardi soir lors du lancement de la saison du CFM, M. Gervais a également dit qu’il allait « écouter toutes les possibilités pour un partenariat de la sorte ». Il a ensuite lui aussi calmé le jeu.

"On remercie M. Péladeau pour ses commentaires et nous allons évaluer la situation quand elle va se présenter. Mais pour l’instant c’est prématuré de parler d’un stade commun entre le CF Montréal et les Alouettes. Nous ne sommes pas rendus là."
Gabriel Gervais, président du CF Montréal

Il n’y a donc rien de concret à l’idée d’un stade commun pour les deux clubs. Mais avec deux parties ouvertes, il est possible qu’elle fasse un bout de chemin.

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Le CF Montréal travaille avec un très petit budget | Joey, pousse, mais pousse égal! — 104.7 Outaouais (fm1047.ca)


Highlights of the piece:

TITLE.:  CF Montreal is working with a small budget

- In 2022,  Management did some miracles with the budget that was imposed by Joey Saputo.  Not only was the club able to sell several players at a good price but it managed to stay competitive on the field.  

- In 2023 the club has to deal with a ton of young and inexperienced players and the coach and veterans are asking for reinforcements.   There are 13 players aged 20 or under on the squad.

- This year CFM will have one the smallest payrolls in MLS (ie.: between 8-10 Mill$).  Its also the club who spends the least in transfer market.  Apart from allocation monies from the league,  the budget is "zero".  

- "Zero" seems to be the same number allocated to Marketing.  There was no promotion done during  off season.  No Caravan,  No TV advertising, no Highway billboards, and no spectacle's or events for pre game in the season openers.  Lastly having a reserve team in MLS Next pro is prohibitive for, again, budget reasons.

- Yet,  the clubs was able to fetch 20 Mill$ in transfers.  season ticket base increased from 5k to 8K during the pandemic.  Expansion fees monies from the league (as well as the new TV deal) are coming in strong.  Plus CFM is still waiting for FIFA's money for its players who played at the WC.

- Renard is realistic and setting the bar low by stating that the club can no longer expect to state that the club is playing for a title given the budget



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