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CF Montreal - 2023 Season Thread


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1 hour ago, Stryker911 said:

I thought it was mentioned how important it was for the coach to speak French? Guess not?

The guy worked for years in a French-majority country (Belgium). It isn't explicitly said anywhere but odds are he picked enough of it to function in a professional setting in French.

More broadly I am cautiously optimistic about the hire. As others have said he is a good fit tactically and he seems to be buying into the project. Moreover, he has significant experience coaching at a similar level. The fact that DC United crashed and burned after he left does tend to indicate he was getting a lot from relatively little in terms of talent pools (by MLS standards at least). 

Sure, there were issues in Washington, but he did seem to learn from them as he went, even if the damage had already been done between him and that club. Hopefully, he will be a genuinely better coach going forward due to the overall experience.

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