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GOLD CUP results (R)


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For those needing a recap of the scores:


Group A:</u>

CANADA 1, Jamaica 0

(CAN: Gerba 75')

El Salvador 2, Costa Rica (SLV: Romero 19', 86' CRC: Corea 64')

Jamaica 0, Costa Rica 1 (CRC: Mora 63')

El Salvador 0, CANADA 1

(CAN: GERBA 32')

Costa Rica 2, CANADA 2

(CRC: Herron 23', Centeno 35' CAN: Bernier 25', de Jong 28')

El Salvador 0, Jamaica 1 (JAM: Cummings 70')

Group B:</u>

Honduras 1, Haiti 0 (HON: Costly 76')

United States 4, Grenada 0 (USA: Adu 7',Holden 31',Rogers 60', Davies 68')

Haiti 2, Grenada 0 (HAI: Noel 14', Marcellin 79')

USA 2, Honduras 0 (USA: Quaranta 75', Ching 79')

USA 2, Haiti 2(USA: Arnaud 6',Holden 90' HAI:Raymond 46',Chery 49')

Honduras 4,Grenada 0 (HON: Martinez 2',Espinoza 25', Valladarez 56', Costly 67')

Group C:</u>

Panama 1, Guadeloupe 2(PAN: Barahona 68' GLP:Loval 33',Fleurival 43')

Nicaragua 0, Mexico 2 (MEX: Noriega (PK) 45', Barrera 85')

Guadeloupe 2, Nicaragua 0 (GLP: Auvray 56', Gotin 58')

Mexico 1, Panama 1 (MEX: Sabah 10', PAN: Perez 29')

Panama 4, Nicaragua 0 (PAN: Perez 35', Gomez 56', Tejada 76',88')

Mexico 2, Guadeloupe 0 (MEX: Torrado 42', Sabah 85')


CANADA 0, Honduras 1

(HON: Martinez (PK) 36')

United States 2 , Panama 1

(PAN: Perez 45', USA: Bekerman 49', Cooper(PK) 104')

Guadeloupe 1, Costa Rica 5

(GLP: Alphonse , CRC: Borges, Saborio (2), Herron, Herrera)

Mexico 4, Haiti 0

(MEX:Sabah (2), Santos, Barrera)


Thursday, July 23:

(A) UNITED STATES 2, Honduras 0

(USA: Goodson 45', Cooper 90')

(B) MEXICO 1, Costa Rica 1 (ET) - MEX goes thru on Penalty Kicks

(MEX: Franco 88', CRC: Ledezma 90')


Sunday, July 26:

United States 0, Mexico 5

(MEX: Torrado(PK)'56,Dos Santos '62, Vela '67, Castro '79, Franco '90)

Gold Cup 2009 is over. [xx(]

Most Valuable Player Award: Giovani dos Santos (MEX)

Golden Boot Award: Mighel Sabah (MEX)

Best Goalkeeper Award: Keilor Navas (CRC)

Fair Play Award: United States

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quote:Originally posted by Tuscan

What are the times for the games today? I wouldn't mind catching either games.

The Panama-Guadeloupe match is on right now</u> on GOLTv (5 PM EST)

and the Mexico-Nicaragua match is 2 hours after.

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quote:Originally posted by Blackdude

Mexico 2-0 Nicaragua. Not much from Mexico. Vela got injured in the first 5 minutes. They got a lucky penalty from Paul Ward.

That mexican fell over after he whiffed on a shot and they got a penalty?!? ridiculous

Sucks for Nicaragua as they probably could have pulled off a 0-0 draw if they went into halftime timed.

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Not sure if 2-1 Guadeloupe over Panama should be seen as an upset or not. After watching them play, I can't believe the Panamanians won UNCAF. They were absolutely brutal. Did anyone catch the Honduras - Haiti match?

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quote:Originally posted by Tuscan

Did anyone catch the Honduras - Haiti match?

Yep, it was weird, almost as if no one wants to take the 3 points.

A bit chippy, lots of elbows and fouls. Goal by Costly (didn't someone

on another thread said he wasn't playing?), was well-earned.

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quote:Originally posted by Tuscan

Holy crap what a hit!! Impact, Caps, or TFC should look at signing that guy! That might go down as goal of the tournament!

2-0 Guadeloupe

It was certainly an impressive strike. The problem with signing him or any other player from Guadelupe is that they are mostly playing on decent European teams. If you look at the lineup this was not an upset, they simply have better players than Panama. Most of their starters play in the French, Dutch or Belgian first division and if not they play in the CCC or French 2nd division. Their CB Zubar played last year for Olympique Marseille and has signed for Wolverhampton next year in the EPL. This is not a team of unknown talented guys playing on semi-pro Caribbean teams. David Fleurival who scored the goal has played in the French 2nd division, Portugese 1st division and last year in the Begian 1st division. The other goal scorer Loval played for Utrecht in the Dutch 1st division last year. Guadelupe is a quality team.

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quote:Originally posted by nolando

1-0 Costa Rica up in the second with Jamaica down to 10 men. Beauty cross and one-time finish by CR. Why isn't this game being played in Toronto in front of 20,000 at BMO?

Because the organizers are idiots.

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This group was tailor made to be played in Toronto. With big ES and Jamaican populations every game would be sold out imo. They could have even split with MTL or Ottawa and still played to packed houses which improves the tournament immensely from every aspect.

This really would have been awesome for us increasing the exposure of this tournament and our team, not to mention the other teams in the group as well.

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quote:Originally posted by Cheeta

Just heard on the USA-Honduras broadcast that Freddie Who had signed with D.C.

Huh? Who would have thought he'd be back in MLS.....

Well, he didn't really pan out in Europe. After not tearing up

Benfica and France (can't remember the club), MLS is logical.

He's still pretty young, but has a large ego.

BTW, the USA are taking lots of shots at Honduras with Feilhaber

as the source.

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