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  1. 17 and a premier league debut, I'd imagine if they're giving him minutes here he'll have a good shot at minutes in the championship next season.
  2. David is perfectly designed to play as a false 9 because he's shown he can drop in and play as a 10 really well, and one of his biggest strengths is late runs into the box. Davies is a perfect compliment to play with a false 9 because of his ability to run behind so well and attract a ton of attention for a roaming 9 like David to exploit. I think we should be building towards using those two in that role, I think for now the best match would be Hoilett/David/Davies with David pulling CB's out of place and having a couple wide forwards with pace to exploit that space.
  3. Bolivia would be a great team if we could host them in Canada. All of the other teams would not be a good idea imo, even the teams between Bolivia and the best teams are very good and would give us a lot of problems. I'd rather we find a European team, the Conmenbol teams regularly beat up on Mexico and Paraguay, Venezuela and Ecuador would be the worst of the bunch and their ranking is probably weaker then their actual strength because they have to play official games against other Conmebol nations all the time, whereas in Europe its inflated because they get official games against minnows
  4. I've played in games against people who did that and had no idea you couldn't. I've never seen it come up but apparently the ref got it right, I don't think its a big issue, clearly neither Davies or Borjan had any idea and I can't really blame them either, its pretty damn obscure law.
  5. Unfortunately FIFA is a shady and corrupt system, so you almost have to do this to avoid getting gamed by all parties involved. We absolutely should be looking to find a good team that would be willing to play an experimental side.
  6. The group is Naive because we are still fairly young no doubt, but the organization and ability to teach and get methods right is always on the coach. We very well may have failed if we approached the game correctly but its hard to judge when the manager doesn't do the minimum to organize us correctly. The players for sure are not immune to criticism here but the manager took a very talented and extremely young player in Davies and gave him a complex role that doesn't play to his biggest strengths, a smart manager would have realized not to put Davies in that position and given him freedom t
  7. This. Its not even close, the Hex is much easier, the other route is a mindfield with no real room for error and any route that has to go through South America is a death sentence. A home and away against someone like Chile or Peru would have Canada as big, big underdogs. Chile, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay are all most likely favorites against Mexico the best team in the region except maybe Peru who is possibly a slight underdog.
  8. Eh Stalteri is no Davies. Stalteri never had the type of game or ability to beat players like Davies has. I'd actually argue for the best of Davies career that if he's going to be locked into LB at Bayern he should strongly think about leaving. He's got way too bright a future playing as an attacker, sure he could be a very good LB but I think his ceiling is so high that it'd be a waste to not target his career there, the way he takes on players and his ability to finish and create is wasted with defensive responsibilities. Davies is head and shoulders above any attacker we've
  9. There were a few options 1) attack mode 2) park the bus 3) in between where we come out and close down and press pick our spots to press and hunt in packs 2 and 3 have very solid arguments, 1 doesn't, we don't need to win and we are on the road against a team that is fired up and a tie is a huge boost for us and allows us to keep getting points if I'm not mistaken, but on top of that 2 and 3 for me still give us a great chance at getting a win because the USA have showed they try to play out and make a lot of mistakes and struggle to pass out and break down teams. Even if we went
  10. It may have been a relic but he played that style and his successful runs relied on it. I'm not saying he was a dumpster fire by any means or that he could be a good coach, but I don't think he was tested or there was enough evidence to evaluate him on to make the decision to coach the mens team. For the women's game that he competed in you didn't need to be at a high level or tactically have to play the same kind of chess that you may have to play at the senior mens international level. And just to be clear I'm not saying women are inferior tactically or that its poor soccer but that unfor
  11. We needed a point, the onus was on the US to break us down and based on the players we have and the team the USA has and how they played it was actually the best case scenario for us. We have lots of good defensive midfielders and we have Davies and Hoilett who are very good on the counter. The USA has been plagued with mistakes trying to build play and break teams down and that is another check mark for setting up solid with an eye to counter attacking when the chance arrives. This is simple tactics 101 and lots of us see it, yet Herdman complicated things because he's trying to prove he b
  12. This is the worst USA team in some while, they've been really bad for a few years and have regressed under Berhalter and this is arguably one of the best Canadian teams we've had. We shouldn't simply accept losing here, we had a very good blue print from the previous game that worked and we deviated from that with not logical reasons why. Our back 4 controlled the USA fairly well, Davies and David were fantastic giving the USA tons of problems and we deviated from that and then after we went a goal down we panicked and got punished for it. That's all on the coach. Lots of games we'd lose t
  13. Especially when we played a more defensive lineup with Miller playing as a defensive LB that didn't really venture forward a lot last game which worked well. This game was going to be more defensive since they're going to attack a lot more and that's the game to play Davies as a LB?? It's braindead, there's no execusing it from a logic/tactics point of view and Herdman either knew it or is too arrogant to realize his mistake he's made a few times of neutering our best player and actually hurting our fairly week defensive even more playing him in a back 4. We played 4 essentially central midf
  14. I'm sorry but Herdman is untested, unfortunately the Women's game is really neglected for world soccer. His teams played a ton of long ball and the Canadian women phyisically battered teams, but the tactics weren't exactly next level, the Canadian team had more talent then most teams and relied on that and its physicality. The US coach who won two world cups is terrible tactically and setting up her team, but they have so much talent so they can cover it up. Herdman talks a good game and sounds good but how do you see how Davies tore up the USA and in the next game were they are going to at
  15. He's a moron, its not even a difficult calculation to make. Davies is the best LB, RW, LW, RB etc and at LB he barely has a chance to influence the game. At Bayern he's playing LB because they have Gnabry, Coman, Perisic, Mueller ahead of him, Herdman has absolutely no idea what he's doing if he thinks its a no brainer, just absolutely no idea how to utilize his best players. The best LB for Bayern plays CM for Austria because of the gulf in talent from Bayern to Austria and because he influences the game massively, Herdman is just copying people's work because he's not at the level to sort
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