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  1. Seems to me that our u17 team is the most hyped in recent memory in terms of the talent. Will be interesting to see how it translates and who is the next Tabla or David.
  2. Any team that can put two goals by the USA we should be wary of... we haven’t done that since when? I was discussing with a friend how in 2013 vs Martinique our two best players were Teibert and Johnson and now both are fringe on the MNT despite being at prime ages. Shows how far we’ve come and how crazy it would be to not smack Martinique this time though. We owe them one and they weren’t nearly as good in qualifying as us. This should be similar to our games against FG except hopefully we can keep a clean sheet though.
  3. I have a hard time believing a guy who was an international on the top ranked FIFA team last year is not good enough for MLS. Ciman should be tried at RB, it’s a no brainer.
  4. World Cup second rounds.
  5. I should have explained myself better in the OP but @MrsC did it for me. The problem is tickets in other places .. I have no issues with my Forge tickets but away tickets are already problematic and frustrating having to change accounts. So my point is.. imagine you’re a casual who just wants to go to a few games? Is this going to turn you off? Could definitely be more user friendly and I’m not bad with tech. It’s cool to have all my tickets in my phone but there need to be alternatives. What if your phone dies or is lost on game day? Are you out of luck?
  6. I’d be disappointed if we lost to Costa Rica. Not shocked because they’re a good squad but disappointed because we are right there and can beat them. In terms of young talent we are head and shoulders above Costa Rica and have only added to it since 2017, when we drew them. They have the advantage in experience and some skilled players but they are in decline (not rapidly but still). Even though I would give them credit for all that experience let’s not forget we have one of the most experienced players in concacaf in Atiba.. I don’t know how everyone always forgets that when they talk about “experience”. Atiba is arguably more experienced than any player on Costa Rica save Navas. Since 2017 we have added some pretty impressive pieces and our young players have only gotten better. Does anyone know the last year we played mexico and USA in competitive matches in the same year? This is exciting prep for WCQ.
  7. This centre circle app is a disaster. This set up is literally going to account for thousands upon thousands of people skipping CPL. Horrible move. No casual wants to put in this amount of effort to get a ticket.
  8. It’s not the worst draw. We get to play the best team in concacaf but still have no excuse to not advance. If we can’t get out of the group it’s bye Herdman (not that I’m in the camp that wants that).
  9. Beautiful! Those last numbers should be easy to fill especially as the weather gets nicer.
  10. Good read, he seems gracious and he’s complimentary of the level despite not earning a deal. I hope things work out for him.. but now Iceland div 2? Nice memory about watching the super bowl at ledgerwoods. He seemed impressed and didn’t want to crap on the league. It would be easy to be a snob in his situation and act like it was amateur. He doesn’t seem as high on USL.
  11. A large portion of the blame absolutely falls on the referees who have allowed the game to get to this stage. We should all be able to agree on two points: 1) divers should be punished 2) thugs should be punished End of story. Both are equally annoying but one has been policed much better. There are no more Vinnie Jones playing serious football but there are divers at every turn. I do think the refs have done a disservice to the sport by calling their own bastardized version of the game rather than by the book. For example, if you allow play for an advantage give the player a card after the play stops (if warranted). This is rarely done. Normal fouls in the box are never called either - this encourages diving. If it’s a foul at the centre circle it’s a foul in the box. A player shouldn’t have to go down like they’ve been shot to get a penalty. But this is the world subjective refereeing has created. It’s 2019 it shouldn’t happen .. let’s call the game by the book and have video ready to break it down if needed. No more bullshit. And if a dive isn’t called in the game and the player gets away with it he has cheated the sport and league - throw the book at them. If they dove it should be a minimum 2 game suspension. And who cares if it’s your star player? This shouldn’t be like MLS. All players equal, all calls equal.
  12. This is a pretty big leap. How is punishing diving equated to guys getting the shit kicked out of thenselves for showing skill?
  13. $100k to a club would mean nothing really but if that was split among the players it could make things interesting!
  14. Oh wow.. this is a major fail. How is Brennan okay with this? What a joke and it means nothing to the fans. “Oh wow number 9 is reserved for us instead of a star striker yippee!!”.
  15. Blake Smith - released from FCC on March 7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blake_Smith An FCC fan is the one that posted about it so I’m pretty sure he’s the one and he’s a much better signing than Graham. This guy was a starter on the best USL squad so this is huge in more ways than one. The optics are that an upper tier American in the USL (who had an MLS deal just a month ago) chose CPL. That’s saying a lot.
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