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  1. Anyone have any idea when general tickets for the Panama match at BMO will be released? Bringing the family, so we're going to sit as close to front row dead center of the East stand as we can.
  2. I'd be pretty hesitant to do the away trips to either Honduras or El Salvador at this point as they're both under WHO level 3 warnings now I believe. I was planning on doing SPS and San Salvador away in Jan but not under pandemic conditions.
  3. Is there official confirmation that the Panama game is at BMO yet?
  4. I'd find it hard to believe he isn't signed in the next two weeks.
  5. Oh man, just had a look at flights to Toronto from Saskatoon. It's either pay through the nose to fly in Thursday morning and out Friday morning/afternoon, or go cheap w Flair but have to spend 5 nights at Freddy's. Not sure I can justify either at this point 😭
  6. For the upcoming WCQs, do you guys think we'll see Jr. starting any of the three games? He's been pretty fantastic for us recently, notably in the Gold Cup.
  7. Is there any word yet on if fans are allowed at the games? I'm planning on bringing the whole family for the Honduras game but am reluctant to book the flights out of Saskatoon yet until I see some type of gov't confirmation fans will be allowed at the game.
  8. From what I understand this will NOT be connected to Canada Soccer Business in any way.
  9. Saskatoon: Gibson's Fish and Chips on Louise and 8th
  10. Might be needing a place to crash the nights of the 26th and 27th unless the gf comes with and we go with an AirBnB. If the former, anyone have a spare bed?
  11. 1. Borjan 2. Cavallini 3. Osorio Honourable mention to Scotty Arfield for being such a critical piece of Rangers’ season so far. Had Milan not had such an excellent 2018 I’d have gone Lucas first. Cavallini’s been stellar in LigaMX. I’m so excited for CanMNT’s 2019 outlook. We have an exciting Nations League match to start followed by tons of potential for the Gold Cup followed by the first matches in Nations League A.
  12. He’s been drafted by York9 and it is being suggested he’ll be looked at as a player in their 18 right from the outset. What’s the skinny on this guy? Potential to be looked at by CanMNT?
  13. I'm looking forward to next summer's Gold Cup specifically because I want to see how our new high-powered attack fares against challenging opponents. Also, I want to see who Herdman selects as our primary back line for these games. We might get a preview in the upcoming match vs. St. Kitts as I doubt we'll run out a 2-defender formation this time.
  14. I wrote this for NSXI. Thoughts? http://www.northernstartingeleven.com/sitting-pretty-canada-at-the-halfway-point-of-nations-league-qualifying/
  15. Highlight of David's goal from Europa 2nd leg vs Jagiellonia:
  16. On the other hand we do get to see what mistakes the other clubs make this first year and, hopefully, are able to hit the ground running in season 2 or 3. Joe will be a great owner for the club - I know he will not spare the expense to put together a strong, competitive squad. Plus once things launch, if it does indeed start at the Exhibition grand stand temporary ground, that grand stand is a beauty and will serve as a fantastic first home for the club!
  17. Don't live there but for my two cents, I love the idea of purple as a main colour for the club. Those of us in BCF are continuously hinting at a purple-gold-white colour scheme for the eventual Saskatoon club. So if Pacific FC, as it is strongly hinted as being name, does go purple as a main colour, well I'd be jealous right out of the gate.
  18. Whether it ends up being the three of us, thirty of us, or three hundred of us, it'll be a blast!
  19. Consider the only presentation that has been made publicly has been for Saskatoon. Also, Mosaic Stadium’s turf has the pointy ball lines sewn in, which won’t fly with CanPL head office. I’d speculate that closer to WC2026, when Mosaic’s turf needs to be replaced, we could see movement in Regina. CanPL will be a more mature League by then and there’ll probably be less investor fear (hopefully if all goes well for the initial five seasons).
  20. Will try to aggregate as much info RE: Saskatoon club in CanPL as I can here. Most recent article (I believe): https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/recreation-pitches-city-1.4296670 Focuses more on stadium presentation than anything else but that pres. was done by Joe Belan, who is the primary in the SK ownership group. Please link any new info you find on SK/Saskatoon.
  21. If the CanPL group and the Highlanders are not workng together then itd be swell if the existing Canadian PDL clubs were given entry into the Voyageurs Cup for 2019 so we could see a Victoria/Vancouver Island derby.
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