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  1. Outdoor, they keep some stuff open even if its raining (although in my personal opinion its clearly indoor but meh)
  2. The answer to that is two fold 1) The CSA has historically never had any money to host friendlies, especially marquee ones. 2) Getting a non-CONCACAF/CONMEBOL country to come for a friendly requires that country to have a second friendly set up in the region or they miss out on a game in the window. And for those countries you're also inconveniencing your players, most of who are European based, to have them fly across the Atlantic twice when you have a myriad of similar countries that are a <2 hour flight away.
  3. Shocked that Fire Herdman isn't an option
  4. Then they'll be in conflict with Game 5 of the ALDS for the Jays I just got a similar full capacity e-mail for the Raptors...although TFC is selling tickets through October 3rd with 50% capacity still.
  5. Can't see there being more than 25K for either match but still much prefer it over Vancouver.
  6. The US and Mexico play the six other countries next window. Fifteen USA/Mexico points from the other five matches would be optimal.
  7. Same here. Ended up chatting to a few who flew in from Edmonton who were ready to buy tickets to the November matches if they were on sale already.
  8. Let's be honest here - if he's getting fired in this cycle its because the situation is unrecoverable. This will 100% be his cycle.
  9. In all fairness to the CSA, we were the 'away' section in that match. And this marks the first (and only) time I have ever defended the 2000's CSA.
  10. I think people were just referring to the south end moreso than the stadium. If you bought south end tickets it stated before you bought that they were for Canadian supporters only. It would be no different than wearing Canadian gear in section 203/204 which are the designated El Salvador sections. I agree that the only way to keep visiting fans out of the rest of the stadium is to have more Canadian fans. Unfortunately it is what it is for tonight... I also think the split on Thursday was like 80/20 Canada, just every single Honduran fan was showing in up full gear with flags. I'm sure tonight will look like 50/50 even though it will still be something like 2/3 Canadian fans.
  11. This match and the next window will be on SN1 due to baseball so ratings will be pretty poor. Would expect the remaining matches to be on some of the main SN channels.
  12. In all fairness I don't know if this would exist if it wasn't in Qatar. Here is some further background https://www.qatar2022.qa/en/news/sc-and-qfa-launch-qatar-fan-leader-network
  13. As always this classic holds true
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