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  1. Beckie on cuarentine for 14 days upon arriving back to the UK.
  2. Desiree Scott pulls out of the NWSL Challenge Cup for personal reasons.
  3. The CSA post ends today. I wish one could know who applied or at least how many did.
  4. I believe Carmelina Moscato was applying for the job.
  5. Is the CSA actively searching for a new coach or are they just sitting waiting for a miracle.
  6. I wonder if Karina LeBlanc would be interested in the job.
  7. Now that HM will be gone at the end of August let us discuss the different prospect to take over the team to continue doing well.
  8. I thought that the CSA would be publishing in their website some news and words of support for Karina. No tact!
  9. As long as Canada keeps playing Labbé in goal she will be gifting goals from her inability to read the game and position herself correctly. Who is to blame is the preacher Herdman who thought she was good.
  10. Nobody seems to be running the site or in charge of it.
  11. The last time Canada beat the U.S. was at the 2001 Algarve Cup. Sinclair scored once, while Charmaine Hooper netted a brace. Karina LeBlanc was in goal and earned the clean sheet. How do I miss you Charmaine!
  12. Who in the hell is OneSoccer? who is behind it and how much money exchanged hands? Who has read the book Red Card. After reading it everything looks suspicious to me.
  13. Saw the whole game through Costa Rican TV. The Ticas gave it all they could, my hat is off to them. Great team and great coaching.
  14. It seems Huitema has improved noticeable playing with PSG and top coaches.
  15. I wonder how much Concacaf sold the TV rights to OneSoccer. Seems reminiscent of the past payout deals.
  16. Oh not again. Each time they redesign it they end up with something almost same as before. No real change.
  17. Herdman got undressed by the U.S. Are we now beginning to see the limitations of Herdman as a coach for our men's team.
  18. Wouldn't they need to prove themselves first at the national U20 level.
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