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  1. It happens when you take your eyes off the ball and end up kicking air. The keeper will need bodyguards upon returning home.
  2. Herdman has always been nothing more than just a street Preacher for me, hence I call him The Preacher. If he was to take us to Qatar I will convert to his religion.
  3. I question why is Huitema in the roster. She was not good enough for the PSG always on the bench.
  4. At last a free streaming of Canada game. Lots of passing but no ball carriers to score goals.
  5. Soccer is available free if you have a smart Samsung TV
  6. You Aird25 and Narduch have all valid points and I respect that. I go more to the ideology that a country with TV Networks dedicated to sports we have to rely on an Internet website to show our games.
  7. I can watch soccer from pretty well anywhere in the world, except for soccer in my own country. There is no television network coverage, only OneSoccer which is a pay per game or a longer period. What was the point of having 5 TSN channels, Sportsnet, CBC, etc. Now the only thing available is to wait after the games and watch highlights in YouTube.
  8. Updating my post, Chile women will play Slovakia on June 10 prior to the 15 with Germany.
  9. Germany on June 15. I believe Germany is also playing France earlier. There are rumors Chile may play another friendly with Switzerland or Austria.
  10. I too would like to know as I don't have television.
  11. Congratulations to Timko.
  12. A little bit of help here. How many women players can be taken to the Tokyo Olympics and of those how many must be goalkeepers? Thanks.
  13. A preacher selling used cars, priceless!
  14. Anyone knows if there is an IPTV Provider that carries OneSoccer?
  15. Love this. Bicentini probably does the coaching and Herdman does the preaching.
  16. A very young team and somewhat needing more experience. I hope coach Priestman got a good view of who has potential and that can be brought up to speed fairly quickly.
  17. Interesting your comment about Labbe. I don't know how she raised to fame but she is one player I always found unsuitable for National Team level. Sophie Schmidt is another one.
  18. Interesting discussion about the midfield. A great coach Bitchi Borghi always says that games are won or lost in the midfield.
  19. The way Priestman has our team playing is far better and impressive than what the Preacher used to have. I think Schmidt should be dropped from the roster. Watch out though with Argentina, since they established their professional league they are playing far better than before. They got rid of some dead wood as well.
  20. Will the games be available on television? networks?
  21. Priestman roster for She Believes Cup: Goalkeepers: Rylee Foster (Liverpool FC), Stephanie Labbé (RosengÄrd), Kailen Sheridan (Sky Blue FC). Defenders: Lindsay Agnew (North Carolina Courage), Allysha Chapman (Houston Dash), Gabrielle Carle (Florida State University), Vanessa Gilles (FC Girondins de Bordeaux), Quinn (OL Reign FC), Jayde Riviere (University of Michigan), Jade Rose (Super REX Ontario), Shelina Zadorsky (Tottenham Hotspur) Midfielders: Samantha Chang (University of South Carolina), Jessie Fleming (Chelsea FC), Julia Grosso (University of Texas at Austin), Jordyn Lis
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