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  1. I am glad to see the end of the monopoly had by OneSoccer. Maybe also El Salvador TV can show the game.
  2. The world and TV channels have gone to hell in a handbasket.
  3. She would be following the steps left by Endler.
  4. Love Kara Lang and her thunder foot!
  5. I would have liked to seen Erin McLeod in goal in the win against the U.S. so she could rub the 6 seconds on their faces.
  6. Ok rub it in, I admit I was wrong as well wrong about Stephanie Labbé.
  7. Labbé smiled all the way to gold. Love it!
  8. Hope she gets another one against Sweden.
  9. After the loss to Mexico are we now out of the Gold Cup? When do we play next and for what. Thanks for any info.
  10. Excellent, thanks for the link, super!
  11. Thanks. I am in Canada.
  12. Anybody knows if the women soccer games quarter finals will be available in some YouTube streaming. Including of course Canada Brazil game.
  13. Banda versus Marta is going to be sparks producing clash.
  14. Thanks for the links. Erin McLeod should play instead of Sheridan. Erin is real goalkeeper.
  15. Ashley Lawrence is an attacking midfielder so why does Priestman put her in defense. Priestman is out to lunch.
  16. At least they scored and not only one but three times. Chile on the other hand looked so amateur that it is hard to comprehend why the British couldn't score more than 2. Their first goal was called back for marginal offside and they also had a penalty saved. Could have been 4 goals.
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