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  1. Ashley Lawrence is an attacking midfielder so why does Priestman put her in defense. Priestman is out to lunch.
  2. At least they scored and not only one but three times. Chile on the other hand looked so amateur that it is hard to comprehend why the British couldn't score more than 2. Their first goal was called back for marginal offside and they also had a penalty saved. Could have been 4 goals.
  3. Besides OneSoccer will there be regular TV Channels transmitting Canada games as well as the other Canada group games and the other groups.
  4. Can someone confirm or deny an Olympic Ruling that one of the goalkeepers in a team must be not older than 18 years of age.
  5. Diana Matheson, such a great persona and player.
  6. The way I understand it is that even now the roster is 22 players, for a game you can only dress 18 out of the 22. Am I correct?
  7. Agree. Huitema spent most time on the bench with PSG.
  8. How good is she really? compared with some of our stars from the past.
  9. I dislike Onesoccer and don't subscribe to it. Fortunately TSN is showing the Copa America.
  10. Surprising low scores. Is it a trend to score just 1 goal and defend the rest of the time compared to winning by scoring lots of goals.
  11. It happens when you take your eyes off the ball and end up kicking air. The keeper will need bodyguards upon returning home.
  12. Herdman has always been nothing more than just a street Preacher for me, hence I call him The Preacher. If he was to take us to Qatar I will convert to his religion.
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