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  1. I enjoyed listening to Chenard, she mentioned many things that are key for good refereeing.
  2. So are there any news as to what Priestman is doing, games, new players, dismissals, assistants, etc.
  3. Good bye Tony, it was a pleasure knowing you and sharing precious moments.
  4. Another bad choice by the CSA appointing Bev Priestman as the head coach. And for that it took them all this time? don't you just love these jokers!
  5. Thanks for the link. I listened to Charmaine with pleasure. It is nice there are people who remember and respect her.
  6. The CSA does it again, what a bunch of dodos. They appoint the worst person to head the National team, a losing coach that proved herself the epitome of incompetence.
  7. Do all the carded players continue to be paid.
  8. Isn't Jason De Vos part of the board or am I mistaken.
  9. We already have a Preacher with Herdman.
  10. South America Conmebol qualifications for Qatar start tomorrow October 8th with Uruguay vs Chile, Argentina vs Ecuador and Paraguay vs PerĂº.
  11. Australia doesn't think it's too early to get a new coach. I agree, the longer you have a team the more you can improve it. The CSA still not reading Coaching for Dummies 101.
  12. Seen games where the result is really determined by the VAR. The ref on the pitch doesn't have to make the tough decisions anymore. Their experience in better themselves will suffer and stay status quo, even deteriorating. Players need to vent at times, but they can't yell at the VAR. It used to be that when the ball went into the net it was goal. Now we have to wait. The VAR is too far removed from the ambiance in the field close to the action, body languages, expressions, sweat, intensity and the rest of the game.
  13. She has totally lost her spunk. No longer a standout.
  14. Clearly to me Lawrence is a far better player than Buchanan. The referee today was disgustingly bad.
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