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  1. Seen games where the result is really determined by the VAR. The ref on the pitch doesn't have to make the tough decisions anymore. Their experience in better themselves will suffer and stay status quo, even deteriorating. Players need to vent at times, but they can't yell at the VAR. It used to be that when the ball went into the net it was goal. Now we have to wait. The VAR is too far removed from the ambiance in the field close to the action, body languages, expressions, sweat, intensity and the rest of the game.
  2. She has totally lost her spunk. No longer a standout.
  3. Clearly to me Lawrence is a far better player than Buchanan. The referee today was disgustingly bad.
  4. So sorry to hear about Sven. I learnt a great deal and key aspect from his goalkeeping clinics.
  5. 142 coaches applied for the England job. Decision forthcoming next week. I wonder how many applied for the Canadian job!
  6. Beckie on cuarentine for 14 days upon arriving back to the UK.
  7. Desiree Scott pulls out of the NWSL Challenge Cup for personal reasons.
  8. The CSA post ends today. I wish one could know who applied or at least how many did.
  9. I believe Carmelina Moscato was applying for the job.
  10. Is the CSA actively searching for a new coach or are they just sitting waiting for a miracle.
  11. I wonder if Karina LeBlanc would be interested in the job.
  12. Now that HM will be gone at the end of August let us discuss the different prospect to take over the team to continue doing well.
  13. I thought that the CSA would be publishing in their website some news and words of support for Karina. No tact!
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