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  1. There is a tendency to become a better and effective player when under the direction of a qualified and good coach.
  2. Those of you who watched the game. What happened to go from a 6-0 win to barely win 1-0? Was it Herdman's fault again?
  3. Blame the referee assessors and national federations that promote referees haphazardly.
  4. After all the scandal for sexual abuse, Lenarduzzi moved to a secondary role. Jeff Mallett didn't have the balls to fire him outright. In my view both Duzzi and Mallett should be fired. Things never change!!!
  5. The CSA has converted Herdman as their poster boy, same with Sinclair. I guess they have invested so much money in slides and printouts that they can't let him go without looking like fools. The guys at the CSA are not thinking with their head.
  6. Rhian Wilkinson appointed to coach the u20 and u17 teams. I thought she was already doing this. But congratulations to her.
  7. Wonder if U.S. Soccer Federation will offer the job to Herdman now with Ellis gone!
  8. All that underhanded manipulation would have been unnecessary had we kept Zambrano.
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