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  1. I've watched some of the Copa America men's games which is taking place right now. These games have everything under the sun and not once has the VAR intervened. Makes me think the VAR men refs for the WWC feel they need to "correct" the lady refs on the field. Wrong!
  2. We lack some speedy forwards for breakaways. The only stuff we can do is fart around with ball. Sinclair has long run out of gas. Maybe it is time to bring back the Preacher if that was possible. Never liked the guy but he got results. Heiner-Moller was always a poor choice for coach.
  3. Spain did not allow a single run of play goal to the U.S. The U.S. needed 2 penalty kicks to win the game, one of them courtesy of the VAR and the referee. Spain was the better team in the field.
  4. Marta always struggled for more government and sponsor support for the women soccer in Brazil to little avail. Perhaps all the great Marta, Cristiane and Formiga will now hang their boots. I hope they still have some left in them.
  5. Some offsides are clear and hard to dispute. But there a various situations that call for interpretation which may differ from person to person and are not a question of fact. For instance: when does a gesture deceives or distracts and what gesture; when is a position deemed to be interfering; the opinion of the referee (not a question of fact) judges which player has opportunity or not; obstructing the GK line of vision is a tricky one as it depends who is looking where, height of players, movement, arms, etc.; gaining an advantage is another tricky one to judge. There may be others that escape me as it is a while I referee myself and assessed other referees and ARs. I feel blessed that the VAR didn't exist in my days, what a conundrum.
  6. Do not feel offended, but you are soooo wrong.
  7. I predict that the screw ups of the VAR are just starting. I will get worse during the rest of the games resulting in serious incidents.
  8. I wonder if the idiots in the VAR booth are being assessed?
  9. The VAR and the army of referees once again causing controversy and delays. England Cameroon.
  10. These long processes of VARing everything will create havoc on TV stations' schedules. They might as well flip a coin to determine the winner of the game.
  11. The IFAB backtracks their stupid ruling of yellow card. However that will not reduce all the VAR checking and double checking and whatnot on definitions by PKs. We've gone from ridiculous to asinine.
  12. The VAR must go. Referees are now slacking off since they can fall back on TV screens. Cameras are not operated by referees, the VAR refs interpret images and are prone to errors like anyone else.
  13. I think we reached our Peter Principle. Next probably will be Sweden and that will be another very tough game.
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