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  1. A very young team and somewhat needing more experience. I hope coach Priestman got a good view of who has potential and that can be brought up to speed fairly quickly.
  2. Interesting your comment about Labbe. I don't know how she raised to fame but she is one player I always found unsuitable for National Team level. Sophie Schmidt is another one.
  3. Interesting discussion about the midfield. A great coach Bitchi Borghi always says that games are won or lost in the midfield.
  4. The way Priestman has our team playing is far better and impressive than what the Preacher used to have. I think Schmidt should be dropped from the roster. Watch out though with Argentina, since they established their professional league they are playing far better than before. They got rid of some dead wood as well.
  5. Will the games be available on television? networks?
  6. Priestman roster for She Believes Cup: Goalkeepers: Rylee Foster (Liverpool FC), Stephanie Labbé (RosengÄrd), Kailen Sheridan (Sky Blue FC). Defenders: Lindsay Agnew (North Carolina Courage), Allysha Chapman (Houston Dash), Gabrielle Carle (Florida State University), Vanessa Gilles (FC Girondins de Bordeaux), Quinn (OL Reign FC), Jayde Riviere (University of Michigan), Jade Rose (Super REX Ontario), Shelina Zadorsky (Tottenham Hotspur) Midfielders: Samantha Chang (University of South Carolina), Jessie Fleming (Chelsea FC), Julia Grosso (University of Texas at Austin), Jordyn Lis
  7. According The Guardian 142 coaches applied for the job that finally went to Sarina Wiegman. That is a lot of applications. Wonder how many Canada got!!!
  8. Working with one of the best. Wish you unparallel success Rhian.
  9. The CSA as usual shooting their own foot. They lost a great person and women soccer will miss her as I do.
  10. Cristiane Endler posted another clean sheet for the PSG. Endler keeps raking up awards and nominations.
  11. I enjoyed listening to Chenard, she mentioned many things that are key for good refereeing.
  12. So are there any news as to what Priestman is doing, games, new players, dismissals, assistants, etc.
  13. Good bye Tony, it was a pleasure knowing you and sharing precious moments.
  14. Another bad choice by the CSA appointing Bev Priestman as the head coach. And for that it took them all this time? don't you just love these jokers!
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