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List of Canadian soccer podcasts


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Most podcasts listed are available on Apple podcasts and most android podcast apps. 



Added Time: The York United Show


Eoin O'Callaghan brings you behind the scenes of Canadian Premier League side York United FC




AFTN Soccer Show



Away From The Numbers soccer podcast. A regular podcast all about Vancouver Whitecaps, Major League Soccer and the world of football (also CPL)




AfriCaaans F.C. Podcast


What happens when you take a Canadian of Ghanaian decent a Kenyan and a Gambian get together? Well, we have food takes and we discuss all the Football (Soccer) Takes. We cover a wide range of interesting football stories that are happening in the world of football that interest us. As well as what is happening in the Canada Soccer Landscape. Join your hosts, Akwasi, Nelson and Mo as we talk about football and life. From an African and Canadian perspective.




Atléti613 Podcast


Atléti613 Podcast by Atlético Ottawa Xtra, covering the Canadian Premier League's newest club Atlético Ottawa




ATO - After the Whistle


"After the Whistle” is the latest in a long line of fan-forward, innovative and informative Atlético Ottawa content created by the team at Capital City Supporters Group




Balado XI MTL



Balado hebdomadaire couvrant le CF Montréal et la MLS avec Frédéric Lord, Vincent Destouches et le Capi Éternel, Patrice Bernier. Produit par Kevin Laramée




Ballon Rond 


Mathieu Thibault et Antoine Leclerc parlent foot sans prétention. MLS, 5 grands européens, Équipes nationales




BBN Medias Soccer 



Podcast by Jeff Morency Pour ne rien manquer de la couverture de l’Impact de Montréal et de la MLS




Coast to Coast FC


Hello and Welcome to Coast to Coast FC! Your new favorite Canadian soccer podcast that talks about all things Canadian Premier League, Canadian Championship, and more!




Corner Kicks TSN 1200 Ottawa


Graeme Ivory and AJ Jakubec host our weekly look at the world of soccer




Couscous Piri Piri



Sofiane Benzaza et Nilton Jorge mettent de l'épice dans l'analyse du soccer de l'Impact de Montréal / CF Montréal , de la MLS et le reste du monde





CPL Newsroom


Official Canadian Premier league podcast 





Down the pub podcast 



Head Down the Pub with host Anthony Abbott for casual chats with professional footballers so we hear their story their way. Anthony chats to footballers from all leagues including the Canadian Premier League, USL, Premier League and beyond!




FC13 Podcast 


The FC13 Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers all of your Canadian Premiere League and Canadian soccer needs





Footy Prime The Podcast 


Football insights and opinions from people who know, also a lot of other great s***e! Join Danny Dichio, Craig Forrest and James Sharman weekly




Healey & Bailey notebook  


Listen to Healey & Bailey Notebook: A Canadian Soccer Podcast on Spotify. Tune in weekly as journalists Josh Healey and Mitchell Bailey cover the Canadian Men's National Team, Canadian Premier League, and Canadian clubs in Major League Soccer




KAN FC LE PODCAST (KAN Football Club +)



Kan Football Club , la Poutine du soccer!




Loin de s'en foot!


Olivier Brett, Jean Gounelle et Sydney Fowo font le tour de l'actualité de la planète foot






NextPod is a weekly look at North American soccer prospects. Primarily focusing on MLS Next Pro, the Canadian Premier League, USL and NCAA soccer, hosts Duane Rollins and James Grossi are on the hunt for the next stars of MLS and European football. Published each Monday





90 minute life 


Join us every week where like a traditional soccer match, this is a podcast in two halves. Hosted by Paul & Josh, the first half is about soccer and centers on Cavalry FC and the Canadian Premier League. The second half, from music, movies, and even video games, is about everything else





Northern Fútbol Podcas‪t



Co-hosted by Peter Galindo and Thomas Nef, Northern Fútbol covers all things Canadian soccer, from the national teams to Canadians abroad to the domestic game in Canada






OneSoccer OneNation by OneSoccer is a Canadian soccer-specific podcast show by hosts Andi Petrillo and Jordan Wilson, ft. special guests + interviews




Pelota de Maple  (Spanish)


Porque el fútbol canadiense se escucha mejor en español llega Pelota de Maple podcast. Tres pecho fríos se juntan para analizar con humor y ponerle dulce al fútbol canadiense. Si eres hincha de la Canadian Premier League y te gustan las burlas, te va a encantar esta desgracia




Proshot Podcast: On the Sidelines w/ Cameron Capobianco


We talked all thing soccer from the international stages to all the leagues around the world on Proshot's new soccer show, On the Sidelines




Red Leaf Card


The Red Leaf Card is a Canadian podcast that talks about soccer in the Canadian Premier League, Major League Soccer, Concacaf, League1 Canada and more




Room 4-4-2


James Sharman, acclaimed soccer broadcaster and pundit, headlines a panel of young and dynamic hosts covering the beautiful game




Soccer Talk with Tyler Green and Simon Fudge Tyler Green


Tyler Green and Simon Fudge host Soccer Talk, with thoughts and opinions on Canadian soccer, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, MLS and the Canadian Premier League



Strikers Corner with Jonathan David and Cyle Larin


Welcome to Strikers Corner! Meet Jonathan David, striker for LOSC Lille from Ligue 1 and Cyle Larin, Striker for RCD Mallorca in LaLiga. This is Strikers Corner. A podcast produced by August Marketing where they talk about football on the pitch, life off the pitch and everything in-between




Terminal City FC Podcast


When a Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur fan come together, you get Terminal City FC. Vancouver's up and coming soccer/football podcast hosted by Joshua Rey and Nathan Durec. Talking Vancouver Whitecaps, Canadian National Teams, Premier League, Champions League and all things footy




That's so MLS



That's So MLS is the Major League Soccer podcast for the long-suffering fan. Hosted by journalist Andrew Bates and defender Nick Thornton, TSMLS looks at club soccer from a Canadian perspective, with coverage of games and news from around North America





The ball is round


The Ball is Round is your weekly all Montreal soccer podcast, in which Eve Powell, Paul Vance, Samuel Savy and Hady Raphaël give their insight on CF Montreal, Canadian and International footy news! #IMFC #CFMTL




The Forge Audio Network  


The Forge Audio Network provides Hamilton Forge FC fans with regular news and information coverage, as well as reoccurring podcast series and feature content segments




The Sick Podcast - CF Montreal 


The sickest CF Montréal podcast! With Tony Marinaro, Jeremy Filosa and Gavino De Falco A Sick Media Production




The Stepover with Josh Lemoine



Join host Josh Lemoine as The Stepover talks all things soccer in Ottawa. Atletico Ottawa, university and college, regional clubs and your kids weekend tourney, it's all on the table. We'll meet rising stars, and anyone working to grow the sport in Canada's capital




The third sub



A podcast covering all things Vancouver Whitecaps, Canadian Soccer and more. Hosted by Samuel Rowan of 86Forever and Alexandre Gangue-Ruzic of btsvancity, they look to take a look at the ins and outs of the beautiful game in Vancouver and the rest of Canada





Top Bin Talks FTF Canada 


Top Bins Talks presented by FTF Canada is a football-focused podcast hosted by Adam Jones and current professional footballer Kwame Awuah. Listen weekly to keep up to date with the latest news regarding Canadian soccer, interviews, and special guests




Toronto Til I Die


Toronto FC Podcast. New Episodes Weekly ft. Michael Singh, Jeffrey P. Nesker, and Mike Newell




Vocal Minority podcast



A thoughtful and humorous look at the play, business and drama that is Toronto FC and sometimes Major League Soccer. (also CPL)




Wanderer Grounds



Coast reporter Martin Bauman is joined by the Coast's city hall reporter Matt Stickland, and the two of them break down the games played by their beloved Wanderers




Whitecaps London Football Club 

(London, Ontario)


Tapping into ALL areas of the club and community. Athletes, Parents and our fantastic Coaches. We also are excited to feature other SOCCER related NEWS and Interviews with many in the Soccer Community




YYC Soccer



YYC Soccer is a podcast that focuses on soccer in Calgary at the amateur, collegiate, and professional levels. We talk about the teams and players from the city's soccer community, from grassroots and amateur leagues to the university and professional level

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On 3/6/2019 at 7:45 PM, mtlsab said:

Culture Soccer, in French:

Your iTunes links don't seem to work on your site. My podcast app (pocketcasts) doesn't seem to pick up the show. Their is another podcast with a similar name on itunes "For the Culture Soccer show" but that is not it. Weird since pocketcasts app picks ups almost every Canadian soccer related podcast.

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20 hours ago, fil said:

Your iTunes links don't seem to work on your site. My podcast app (pocketcasts) doesn't seem to pick up the show. Their is another podcast with a similar name on itunes "For the Culture Soccer show" but that is not it. Weird since pocketcasts app picks ups almost every Canadian soccer related podcast.

Thank you for letting me know, I will see with them what is the problem!

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23 minutes ago, Blackdude said:

I'd add IMFC Radio on https://www.patreon.com/IMFCRADIO

Also Coup Franc on https://viaupark.ca/author/vhdsoccer/

To note that Jean Gounelle has replace Patrick Leduc on Loin de s'en foot.


That's funny I just noticed Coup Franc is active again after being dead for years. Dont think IMFC is actually a podcast,  just a radio show, can't find it on itunes.



Coup Franc

Website: https://viaupark.ca/category/podcast/

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/coup-franc/id539018426?mt=2

Description: L'émission qui vous fait vivre l'actualité de l'Impact de Montréal et de la MLS. Une collaboration ImpactSoccer.com, Viau Park, Québec Soccer.

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Centre Circle live is listed and active, it's not available with iTunes currently

Edit: Now available on apple podcasts

For general CPL news, you might like northern 90 podcast.

Also their are a few fellows on YouTube that cover cpl. Check out AFC Curtis and Canpl central, links through www.northernstartingeleven.com

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The Red and Green Show


The Red and Green Show is the unofficial official fan podcast which encompasses all things Cavalry FC. The podcast features guests who are connected with the CPL, upcoming opponents, as well as current Cavalry players.



Cavilla just came out with episode #6 of this podcast this past weekend.

I know there's another Cavalry podcast coming out soon on NSXI, will post the link once they go live.

Also, both YouTube vidcasts AFC Curtis and CanPL Central are now podded. Some catchers are sending the videos, some strip it down to the audio:


AFC Curtis


AFC Curtis is a YouTube channel that focuses on educating the host’s fellow Canadian’s and the world about the new and exciting soccer league, The Canadian Premier League. He has followed the growth and development of the CPL since it’s beginning stages and wanted to create a platform that would help grow the CPL following. Curtis has spent time interviewing and meeting important CPL potential players, coaches, and Canadian soccer legends. He has worked to provide content that explains what the CPL is and who is involved in this Division One league to help educate Canadian soccer fans.


CanPL Central


CanPL Central is a YouTube channel founded in 2018. The channel is providing content on the Canadian Premier League and all things Canada soccer. Uploading a variety of vlogs and a news show about updates, CanPL Central gives viewers a fun and informative soccer experience.

One of the series hosted in the channel is The Offside Trap. This series provides updates, news, discussion, and all things Canadian Premier League and Canada soccer.

Gianni and Pedro, the hosts will give you a unique experience discussing Canadian soccer.

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Hello @fil

We've a couple updates for you.

Bleeding Orange has folded up shop. You can remove them from your list.


New podcasts to add:

Bow River Brigade


A weekly podcast focusing on Calgary Cavalry FC and the Canadian Premier League. Hosted by Doogie, Schäf, and Dylan.

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Can I add my new podcast, Beer and Footy, to the listing please? I started this as an antidote to Covid Crazy and a way to keep the team together, would like to continue it with guests from this community.


I used to be known as Canso on the Voyageurs board. Met some of you long time posters in Seattle for a Gold Cup match against the USA. Attiba scored an own goal and Landon "Yer only good in California" Donovan got Adam Brasz sent off. 

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Finally, got to prove my theory that Footy Chat sounds better with a Scots' Accent and creates instant credibility. 

Ever since the days of Graeme Leggat and Soccer Saturday on TSN if you don't have a brogue no one takes you seriously.
Have a listen, tell me it doesn't seem like someone from Glasgow can talk any kind of rubbish and make it seem interesting.
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