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  1. If I were him .. just play for Haiti ..
  2. Thought I read in Steven Sandor article .. he knew this was the best time for him to try to make it Europe coming off a strong season, being in form .. was waiting for an opportunity in Europe to present itself
  3. Bring tos to Edmonton !!!! Its his hometown He's still has the pace ..
  4. https://bearsandpandas.ca/sports/msoc/roster?path=msoc Carlos Patino & Ajeej Sarkaria are in usportS with the uofa Golden Bears with almost every Fced usport draft pick too
  5. U-21 played pretty well ... If Darlington might be the youngest first choice keeper in the cpl next year
  6. https://instagram.com/stories/mabussi_3/2678222746853746149?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=share_sheet He's already on the move back to France
  7. Score a goal a game in cambo plus good life experience and low living cost
  8. Former fc Edmonton, whitecap, BTB academy https://www.whitecapsfc.com/players/muslim-umar/ Is he on the cpl website ? Is it considered an inter-league transfer?
  9. Great game back n forth. Wasn't he responsible for both two goals they gave up .. esp the first one..way out of position. The second looked like they trying to okay the guy offside. Of edm gonna counter attack not sure why Esua or Kyle Porter isn't the 11. Got to think they rotate the squad to get some under 21 mins. Darlington n tboy starts against valour.
  10. Prob would have kept gale until the end of the szn
  11. Swear monsalves barely played when he was signed to a team in nasl, cpl, MLS. Chased the dream for as long as he could.
  12. Anyone else getting an error
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