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  1. Isn't he still young enough to play in the cpl .. 5 years out and almost 30 is too late
  2. Surprised Omar diouck or Randy Edwin bousu haven't signed anywhere yet
  3. Jeff Paulus doesn't looks so MAD after all. The roster has alot more balance with the Aleman signing. Doesn't look so shabby! Amoebi can bag some goals then fced has a shot of being competitive. Used all the international spots while to have a local presence on the roster.
  4. So Matt lam isn't playing at the same level as in Singapore
  5. Khabra is probably better than most of the young guys. Maybe he ll land with Ottawa ?!
  6. Make sense to sign Thiago de Freitas .. He lives in Ottawa and has paperwork in order
  7. Is issey fisk haber coming back ?! Be stiff competition in practice with the three of dem
  8. He's too good for cpl I think
  9. Squad is soo young. Plus two draft picks.
  10. Though REB wasn't bad near the end of the season. Couldn't really find his groove. He's hardly in Canada ... On an world tour according to his IG Speak of depressing . Dever Orgilll trialed for FC Edmonton in 2013 .. all these years fced couldn't score any goals and Colin Miller passed on him smh https://the11.ca/ex-whitecap-orgill-is-the-first-confirmation-for-fc-edmonton-combine-2/ https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2013/03/26/whitecaps-fc-reserves-defeat-fc-edmonton-4-2
  11. Think MDS wants him earn the spot / transfer
  12. Does anyone which academy kids are on the verge of the first team?? Abe dukely ?? Not many roster spots left
  13. The exchange rate prob gives the usl an bigger advantage over cpl
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