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  1. I meant bringing them ex-pros into for training for increased competition or replicating pro games. Also a pandemic. Fraser Aird def man of the match.
  2. What's the excuse? Been around 10 years. Have an former academy players in your backyard. Edm Scottish, Btb u19 team, former professionals that live here (amoebi, Sarkaria, Edem, farmer, sadi, Hanson, Amanda bros, chance .. ) easily a full 11. Should be the sharpest team in the league. Try the kids
  3. at this rate not gonna hit the U-21 minimum threshold. Darlington should prob make his debut soon. Give connor a rest
  4. Surprised we haven't seen the twin tower line Ongaro & Thomas W W/ Mele Amer n Soria thats alot of height on set pieces
  5. I m curious why the other Cuba defectors haven't been signed by CPL clubs. Reminds me of when Albert Watson and Daryl Fordyce showed up in edmonton looking for a new life away from Northern IReland
  6. I think this might be the kid from the Fc Edmonton academy that Jeff Paulus wanted to bring to the island games last year. spent the pre-season training with Alan Koch and Fced. Should be in great fitness.
  7. HFX strung so many passes together Didn't see much from shome. Ongaro, Aird, James, Avilva brought it ... Pretty lethargic from the rest of the group esp gee and masvily
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