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  1. Fc Edmonton Academy Coach Cedric Kaze coaching professional club in Tanzania https://kawowo.com/2020/10/15/cedric-kaze-unmasking-the-new-young-africans-head-coach/ Would it make sense to loan Prince Amanda or the other young players ..
  2. Surprised the goalies across the league aren't on loan abroad
  3. is their a sell on option for ongaro ...
  4. Does anyone know if he has a polish passport
  5. Wow let's go. This league is doing something right
  6. He's talentee and def the time to move on
  7. Can Evan bush play for Canada .. lived here since 19
  8. Your right. It's basically the case study if the cpl will work in Fraser Valley.
  9. If there an professional basketball team in Fraser Valley .. why couldn't soccer work
  10. Didn't win very much with FC Montreal in the usl
  11. just waiting for his contract to end at this point.
  12. I ll wait till he impressed before getting excited
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