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  1. thought alex bunbury was a soccer agent too. often showed player to colin miller.
  2. Nathan Ingam always steady! Marcos Velado-Tsegaye is a player. If he develops this year. Can see him playing at a higher league
  3. RMBR a canadian national team game back in 2013 where ricketts and REB on the wings caused havoc with their pace
  4. REB looks lost as an centre-forward leading line. Got to move him to the wing. Would like to see more passes connected. Would like to see Matt Lam in the number 10 role next season. Midfield seems to be missing some passing and creativity.
  5. Does anyone know the #'s behind Shammit Shome sale to MLS. Fced had one transfer in 5 years. Hanson Boakai was close a few times. Could never seal the deal when he trialed abroad. Are loans lined up for pacific ? or amateur contracts ...
  6. https://khimjik.wordpress.com/2019/05/10/fc-edmontons-home-opener-marks-the-beginning-of-a-new-era/ Hopefully the mids can string some passes together 😐
  7. Another Start. Kinda of Invisible to me.
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