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  1. Would like to see the squad rotated .. Amoebi might be finished at the professional level Like to see REB, PL-J, K.MOSES get a run of games... Amer Didic might need to sat down. Has caused points to get away twice recently
  2. seems like a good way to increase the quality of the league. at least see them come in on trial
  3. How did Anthony Badhur finesse his way to FC edmonton?! Just curious
  4. He's better than tomi who's was trained at Newcastle. Just puts himself in the right areas.
  5. Think i read he trialed over-seas in sweden and tore his achilles right before signing. your 100% right.
  6. In midfield, Mortotsi stood out on his first start. Mortotsi created while creating three chances on the day. Bruno Zebie and Ajay Khabra continued to provide an offensive and defensive balance to the midfield. “I think Edem is the best passer of the football in the CPL,” Paulus stated. “This kid sees things, he can make passes across his body, against the direction of play better than anyone I have seen. He was like that with us in the NASL and he showed his abilities again on Saturday. He was in the top XI this week for a reason. He’s not scared to make risks, but he trusts his own ability. He’s just a complete midfielder.” Big Compliments
  7. made the 18 on sunday
  8. Maybe 1,000 people at the game. Zebie bros playing solid. Nice to see the twin towers attack in amoebi and ongaro
  9. It be nice to get have a nice weather game on the attendance and the gameplay
  10. Nice to see Thiago score two goals today! Didn't really rate him with the nasl.. He seems to like canada and stayed here after
  11. Does anyone know how much REB is making?! Seems likes hes been on vacation away from the team for the last three weeks.
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