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  1. the league should avoid getting the reputation of the cfl low wages. cfl wages have come up alot over the years and they till can't shake it..
  2. The Swedish Zetterberg international played a large part of Fced getting in last place in island games, I felt. Calgary Calvry already said the international rule is impacting Canadians. Don't think Europeans clubs are looking for Europeans that are having success in the cpl for a transfer but are looking for young Canadians like Davies.
  3. Could he play in the Indian Super League ?! It's late in the cpl offseason too get released by Ottawa..why not pursue an education
  4. a larger roster - 25 might be the right #
  5. JP indicated on his podcast the cynical challenge that there's an 16 year #10 in the Fced academy system that's ready for the first team and would have came to PEI if his covid test came on time
  6. What do players in the cebl make ?! I m sure it's the exact same as the cpl Then they get the offseason to land an offer in Europe. This league is a startup. Ask fcedmontin owner how many profitable seasons he has had in the last ten years .. 100% it's 0. MLS took 20 years to get a decent wage level
  7. Matt lam is another .. built a nice soccer career in Hong Kong premier league. Over 100 appearances and played in the Asian champion League. Also has ajax academy and loan spell in Japan on his resume. On the other hand, his brother sam lam played on Edmonton Scottish the last 7 years.
  8. Give the cpl time. It's only the second season of the league. What happens to Thomas nef reporting cpl signings. His styled reminded me of Adrian woj from the NBA. Enjoy his tweets more than rollin
  9. Think Paul Hamilton told me .. Carolina railhawks wages were $15-$20k a season. Barely min wage.
  10. I think for players like carreiro .. best way to earn living while playing Futbol is get one of the international spots of a team in Asia .. Thailand, Cambodia. Like Marcus Haber. Earn $30k - $40k usd and have cheaper living than cad or usl. Can still build a life aka save money but then the other side ?! do you want to so far away from home 🏘️
  11. i can't see him getting more mins than fraser aird, paris gee, chance, mvs, caceras, tomas gardner .. In tough for mins but maybes hes a wonder kid boakai & david doe might still be signed
  12. i suspect Doe or Amanda or both are leaving for more mins. Weird they weren't announced the same time as chance, marcus and anthony. 4 rosters spots left and need another cb, left back, striker and have 6 or so players not decided on.
  13. must be settled in england or why not come back to mls/cpl and prob cpl what a fast fall
  14. can def see him being worth a trial with tfc, montreal, whitecaps
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