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  1. Does anyone which academy kids are on the verge of the first team?? Abe dukely ?? Not many roster spots left
  2. The exchange rate prob gives the usl an bigger advantage over cpl
  3. really immature I m sure lots of people on this board have an idea
  4. He ll be getting additional games with the Liberian national team. David doe and Abe Duk are their radar too. From what I have seen online.
  5. is 2018 CPL draft pick noah cunnigham still on the fc edmonton radar?
  6. Zebie was solid. Looks a little bizarre. Must be a story behind it or trying his European passport. Would have liked to see REB back for another year. Just couldn't find his groove. He might do well with another cpl club.
  7. Where is he off too ?! Another cpl club or Usl ??
  8. big season! hopefully moves up an level
  9. If Kareem Moses can get back to the T&T set up. That would be a potential third
  10. Most Disappointed - Michael Cox - Prob came into the CPL with the most professional goals
  11. Surprised he's not in the cpl
  12. Yeah it did .. been a club since 2011 I think
  13. #off-topic Would this be a good idea to grow the CPL brand in the states Purchase the old NASL twitter and re-brand as another CPL highlights or an expansion franchise new account. Would gain access to 48k twitter soccer fans. https://twitter.com/naslofficial?lang=en
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