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  1. Heard a strong whisper. There's going to be a bubble format for the first half. Won't say where.
  2. Time to go trial in Europe.
  3. You would think Fced would re-sign Prince Amanda (only 19/20) and hope to be able sign Gloire Amanda next year..offering the brothers a chance to play together like the Zebie. Bruno Zebie is a free agent too.
  4. How many roster spots do they have remaining
  5. Amoebi could go to Calgary. They need a striker.
  6. why not sign the top youth players from concafe countries like T&T .. stephen hart has resources, honduras, el sal, jamaica and some of the minnow islands vs 7 tier england lol
  7. The cpl should sell an nft to remember this day/game
  8. It be fun if they played on the same team. Prob at the exact same stage of their careers. If I were both of them. Try to play for African nationataties. Get a run of games and confidence. Canadian national team with the current depth is out of the picture.
  9. https://northerntribune.ca/fc-edmonton-2021-preseason/ Where are the trialists and academy players
  10. Make more sense Edmonton. Play with his brother / live with parents / former FCed academy
  11. Hoping Ajay Khabra recruits one of his old out of contract buddies - Bruno Zebie or ajeej sarkaria or even Hanson bowtie
  12. It looks like David doe is changing positions. Listed as defender with usl bend. Fced academy player Abe dukely also signed. Another bonus point for the academy is Prince Amanda brother Gloire might get drafted in the next MLS draft.
  13. https://northerntribune.ca/fc-edmonton-south-bend-lions-usl/
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