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    • 90' minutes in a 0-2 win. Good opening to the season.
    • Could point out the obvious on York 9 and FCE in 2019 but really the whole MLS vs CanPL thing leaves me cold for the most part. I would have greatly preferred to see them working together and pushing in the same direction for the greater good of Canadian soccer so that all the best young Canadian prospects would be in the CSA sanctioned structure. The problem is that people who clamber to the top of the greasy pole in corporate terms tend to always want everything their own way and are usually out to bludgeon the other party into submission. That means CanPL has to be marketed as a D1 and nobody's development league even though everybody knows the real pecking order. That's also why recognizing the players' union is proving to be a major stumbling block because concessions to uppity employees who expect to be treated as if they are actually playing in Canada's D1 rather than an obscure bush league would be viewed as a sign of weakness in corporate circles and you can't afford to appear weak because other people will try to take advantage after any hint of that.  
    • That's Eric Tenllado our U15 coach.  He has coached in Spain, solid CV and has done a good job with our U15s
    • Certainly you have a higher chance of catching it but that is likely down to the openness, whereas we’ve had lockdowns. I just don’t agree with the original poster who said it’s a mess in the states. Vaccinations are readily available and the mortality rate is extremely low. In the context of safety I don’t think you’re any more at risk - hence my negligible point. The numbers, risk wise, don’t support the notion that the states are a “mess”. 
    • Which probably means that JH is going to stay with a 3-5-2 or at least 3 at the back
    • Just so we’re clear, I do not agree with you that the difference is negligible. Illinois has almost 7 times the number of daily new cases as Ontario, despite having a smaller population. Florida has 62 times the number of daily new cases as Ontario, though they have about 1.5x the population. So let’s say 40 times the likelihood of getting Covid. These are not negligible differences in any way. If your argument is the likelihood of players getting sick is low no matter what the stats say, it seems odd to bring them up in the first place.    *I picked Illinois and Florida because it was brought up that our players were walking around Chicago, and because we often play in Florida. I think Texas (where we are now) falls somewhere between Illinois and Florida in terms of daily new cases, but closer to Illinois’.
    • Yeah, my bad.  I chose 10x because it makes the math easy.  If you go with the actual difference it makes things look worse in the US.
    • The issue though is that you can't say it is negligible when you are comparing Canada to the USA, which is what started this.  Your numbers indicate that the incidence is two to three times higher in the USA than in Canada, adjusted for population.  Two to three times higher is significant. Now, if you were comparing to the rest of the world, I could see how the numbers could be considered negligible.  But that's not what was being discussed. ***The opinion expressed here is that of a "propagandized individual" and therefore does not reflect the general views of the board in any way, shape, or form.***
    • There's a certain type of person that I just don't like. I see no reason why I should hide my contempt for those who will wilfully put others at risk by sharing their idiotic world view in public forums. In other aspects of my life, I use discretion and diplomacy when communicating with others, even when I disagree with them. However, not everyone is worthy of that treatment.
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