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  1. I don’t have any details on Colyn at the moment
  2. I can confirm the Whitecaps interest, but it’s very preliminary.
  3. I was told Valerenga rejected offers from Rostov and Ferencvaros last window. One of them might come back with a new bid, but definitely nothing done yet.
  4. Yeah there’s a purchase option
  5. I didn’t get those details
  6. I think this is the most likely outcome
  7. “After the World Cup the club wanted to tie down Facchineri and Pecile who both had EU passports and felt Kam still had time given he’s almost a 2004 born. Of course with covid things slowed down a lot. It’s definitely in the works, lots of interest from CPL and abroad. Just a matter of time” This is a direct quote from someone close to Kam about his situation with the Caps. Haven’t heard anything new since.
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