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  1. This truly is the game to show the maturity of this squad/program in moving forward. We’re actually still a very young squad when I think about it, as some of the core have been around for 3-5 years while being 25 and under, but it’s time. I think we’ve been back on the right track these last 3 games under Marsch. More cohesion, organization and pace that is more reminiscent of how we played during qualifying for Qatar. I just want to see this squad seize the moment at hand. Qualifying for the World Cup was a different type of success tactically played out over 8 months. To have this opportunity and advance out of a group stage in a major tournament would be a moment for the players and fans of this team to look back on with gratification that we have never had
  2. This is a great point. He does so much off of the ball for the team, but he needs and the team needs to see a big goal or 2 from him this tournament to advance. He’s got a lot of big game experience so hopefully that translates starting next week. It’s time
  3. I’d be surprised if Tani was let go. I’d like to think they want to cap him and negate any possibility of him joining Nigeria. If we’re done heading into the Chile game for example, you wanna see him hit the field or maybe sooner depending on the form of others. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but let’s say he explodes as a player. Why risk it? That’s how I see it anyway
  4. In terms of maybe being left off of the squad? Pretty confident that will not be the case. I don’t think they way other guys have been playing will supplant Larin’s role too much at this time
  5. Not today troll. Come back tomorrow on Monday because everyone hates Monday
  6. Certainly our best performance since the Belgium game. The needless giveaways were cut down on dramatically compared to the Dutch game. We did a great job digging out of holes at times and our central midfield looked a lot more solidified tonight. Sometimes it’s just match ups and maybe our crew felt better against the French style than the Netherlands but there were times where we really took it to them. I wish we had one more game between now and Argentina against like a Honduras or something to get one more run with the squad to really round out our game under Marsch
  7. Tremendous half. Very impressive. Crepeau big early. We had 54% possession
  8. I feel like we’re gonna get smoked. Like 6-0. I felt we could hang around with the Dutch and give them a game but ultimately lose. This I feel like we’ll be down 2-3 goals after 20 minutes
  9. Stop falling for this guys’ shit. Obviously a troll account. It’s funny how his grammar comes and goes
  10. I thought David was really solid too. Slowed the ball up when needed and made good passes to open the play up. His touch let him down a few times for sure like everyone else. It was a good lesson today. New coach and system. Hopefully by the Argentina game, it’s coming along better so no matter what happens in that game, we’ve adjusted a lot for Peru
  11. I think this applies for a lot of the players. With the number of games guys played in 2021 through 2023 nations league, they’ve had a lot of less travel back and forth over the last year. Off field distractions hopefully put aside for now, new management group and new coach, some veterans pushed out, really allowing for a fresh reset here.
  12. When does the camp start this week? Do we know where it is?
  13. I really hope we can schedule a game around the 14th or something against someone at BMO or Saputo for once. It’s great to get these opponents but it’s also a double edged sword. If we get smoked in both friendlies and then sit on that for 10 days leading up to Argentina, feels a bit counter productive to some degree. Maybe a match against a Paraguay or even Costa Rica (or someone not in the Copa too), a match where we obviously have a chance to win and get a lot of touches is needed.
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