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  1. We got tickets at BMO for each home game. We were in the most expensive section close to midfield, $75 but with surcharges came to over $90. To me the price was irrelevant and frankly, the Panama game felt like I paid $90 for a game that had the value of $500 seats based on the result. I got 6 tickets for both games via the 2 game pack, section R, 20 rows up. Great seats. Everything came to $460 or something. It breaks down to $32.25 a ticket. That’s f’d. I can’t wait.
  2. I went to the World Cup in Brazil in ‘14. We went to a city in the Northeast called Recife for each game. It was 5 games. 4 first round games and then one in the round of 16. Maybe it was spread out more? We were there almost 2 weeks. Different set up for ‘26 obviously
  3. Yeah it’s crazy how much has sold relative to the games in Toronto. Different vibe, different circumstances after the Panama game. I wish I could go to both but I’ve got pick my battles with work the next 12 months if the best possibility happens and I need to take 2-3 weeks off next November..
  4. I took a close look at the tickets bought. We bought (or I bought) 6 in the multi ticket package, section R, row 20. There’s 4 guys going to both games, me and another guy going to just Costa Rica and another couple taking the extra pair for the Mexico game. I just noticed that you use the same ticket/barcode for both games. I wasn’t issued different tickets for both. Assuming that is correct, I guess I’ll have to use the ticket for the first game, then transfer it over to that couple. Interesting it was done that way
  5. Yeah looks like only singles left too. I wonder how many were dispensed for the presale. I’m curious as to how many Mexicans will travel to Edmonton for that game. I suspect the Costa Rica game will have very little in away fans like the Panama game. But with Mexico, all bets are off. They travel everywhere.
  6. See, I kinda saw the opposite. He doesn’t have north/south speed like Tajon. He never will obviously. I saw enough in terms of quickness on the ball 1 v 1 where he separates himself with skill and moves. I think when he gets a bit stronger and mature, he’ll have the ability to walk guys with his soccer smarts. Caldwell’s comparison to Fabregas was a great example.
  7. I have a couple friends from Edmonton and they say if you sit too low it’s a mediocre view. It will be interesting to see how many Mexicans show up for their game. They travel like crazy
  8. Yeah Flair has good prices but their options aren’t great in terms of days/times. I got $375 return from Ottawa to Vancouver through Expedia. Never seen it that good and the times work with my schedule.
  9. It better happen there. I bought a flight last week to Vancouver because prices are too good right now
  10. I thought the prices in Toronto were reasonable. Maybe that’s because I was prepared to pay within reason but I’ve seen worse for sure. We all have. I found after the first window, it was good to have it end after a week of stress/excitement watching the games. Calm down. Reset. Then in about 2 weeks feel it start to ramp up again. Rinse and repeat between these windows I’m sure. The gaps between the 3rd and 4th window and 4th to 5th are gonna feel like an eternity.
  11. I’m curious if the ticket prices will go up or how they will figure this out. Bigger venue obviously. They’d be dumb to jack up the prices for this window. I can see them going up in windows 4 and 5, especially if we are getting closer to looking like we could qualify
  12. I don’t know too much about him. Is he tied to Canada or does he have the ability to play for another country?
  13. You’re right. I was looking at flights, direct from Ottawa return. Thursday through the Monday. $385. Never seen it that cheap to Vancouver. Booked it!!
  14. There’s no question Mexico is a bigger draw, I think we can all agree. It’s probably better the Mexico game is on the Tuesday. If it had been the other way around, we’d jam commonwealth Friday and see a mediocre crowd the Tuesday. This does help counter that
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