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  1. Theo played for Hamilton Sparta 2002s in his youth days coached by David Prosia. His parents still live on the mountain near border with Ancaster.
  2. I agree with this solution 100%. 1. 2021 V Cup will go ahead this summer. Winner qualifies for Concacaf. 2. 2022 V Cup will go ahead next summer. Winner qualifies for Concacaf. 3. 2020 V Cup match is played at Tim Hortons Field as late as possible (up until July 2022) to ensure maximum fans in the stands. Brilliant strategy under difficult circumstances.
  3. What are the chances that Bayern changes their mind and doesn't let Phonzie come to Florida?
  4. Kaye has to get his fitness up again. Start of season will be critical for him.
  5. 17 goals and 4 assists in all competitions is a massive turnaround for Larin.
  6. Ridiculous that the test we all use to validate a condition isn't even entirely accurate.
  7. Hopefully just a false positive, hearing there's lots of those with professional athletes.
  8. I've seen video on him and have spoken to scouts who track him. They all agree, simply, he's not good enough for Canada right now. Radnički Niš can keep him for awhile. If he improves, maybe. But I just don't see it. Assess him yourself. There are way too many players ahead of him at his age who are eligible for Canada right now. He was never among the top players in Ontario for his age group while he was here let alone in Canada. He wouldn't make the top provisional roster for U20s in Canada let alone U23s, and you can forget about the MNT regardless of what his dad thinks, that's jus
  9. Ultimately this was the smartest decision regardless of what club you support. Congrats to the leadership of Canada Soccer, Forge FC and Toronto FC for working together to make it happen which surely wasn't easy to do. The good news is that we can look forward to watching a great match when the weather is nicer and there are fans in the Tim Horton's stands!
  10. Forge could have started modified training on February 16. According to the City of Hamilton website: https://www.hamilton.ca/government-information/news-centre/news-releases/city-hamilton-returns-red-control-category-in The provincial government announced that Hamilton will return to the Red – Control category under the Province’s COVID-19 Response Framework. This change will come into effect on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 12 am. Sports and recreational fitness facilities may reopen, with capacity limits of 10 people in indoor areas with weights and exercise machines, 10
  11. First of all, the CSA doesn't lobby European associations. It is the league commissioner's responsibility with the current CPL club owners to convince foreign clubs to invest in the CPL. The CSA facilitates that process when a European club (like Atletico Madrid) shows interest. Then the CSA sanctions and approves that request. Don't forget, the CSA and CPL are financial partners as the former has invested in the latter. The same is not true for TFC as it is owned by MLSE. Second, lobbying the provincial government for COVID approvals should have started on November 25 with March 30
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