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  1. Kaye and Eustaquio must continue to gel together.
  2. I agree with the fact that this list will continue to evolve between September 2021 and March 2022.
  3. Alistair's rise has been phenomenal. Kudos to him. Real talent always rises to the top.
  4. No guarantee that Ayo gets in the 23 but that would be a massive coup for the CSA.
  5. What an ass! Sour grapes, entitlement, lack of professionalism, and an aggressive father who publicly "calls out the CSA" for not picking his son (who is no where near at the level necessary) is a perfect scenario for never getting a call up in the future. Let's be clear, the only two people responsible for selecting players to the Canadian national team are Herdman (MNT) and Biello (Olympic) and both coaches will only keep their jobs if they select the best players possible to compete and win. I expect Herdman and Biello don't appreciate derogatory commentary from a father no less. No CPL team picked his son (even for their training squad) I suspect for the same reasons. The kid would be wise to tell his father to "shut up" because he won't end up playing much longer in Serbia either which would be sad.
  6. Kudos, a thoughtful interview from a professional player. Thank you Osorio for your insightful comments on what it means to fight for this great country of ours in which many of us, our parents and grandparents, now call home. Good luck to Canada's team tonight.
  7. Three female Independent Directors, Brittany Timko Baxter, Charisse Bacchus, and Stephanie Geosits were ratified by the Membership to bring the total to five sitting female Directors. https://canadasoccer.com/news/canada-soccer-holds-virtual-2021-annual-meeting-of-the-members/ A former Women’s National Team standout and member of the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame, Brittany Timko Baxter was a member of the Bronze medal-winning 2012 Olympic squad and amassed 132 career appearance for Canada appearing in three FIFA Women’s World Cups and two Olympic Games. She is the first former Women’s National Team to be appointed to the Canada Soccer Board. Charisse Bacchus is a former standout track & field athlete at the University of Kanas who served as a member of Trinidad & Tobago’s track team in international competition. She is a MSc. Law graduate of the CIES/FIFA International Centre for Sport Studies in the Management of Humanities of Sport. Stephanie Geosits is an experienced sports executive that has worked in a variety of Canadian soccer roles including most-recently as Executive Director of Burlington Youth Soccer. She is a former Director, Marketing & Communications at Ontario Soccer. Geosits graduated from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with a Masters in Public Policy in 1998.
  8. Canada Soccer 2020 Annual Report was released this week. The Annual Meeting of the Members is on May 1, 2021. Website: https://www.canadasoccer.com/fr/about-landing-page/annual-report/ Annual Report: https://canadasoccer.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/2020-CanadaSoccer-AnnualReport-EN-Digital-1.pdf
  9. Theo played for Hamilton Sparta 2002s in his youth days coached by David Prosia. His parents still live on the mountain near border with Ancaster.
  10. I agree with this solution 100%. 1. 2021 V Cup will go ahead this summer. Winner qualifies for Concacaf. 2. 2022 V Cup will go ahead next summer. Winner qualifies for Concacaf. 3. 2020 V Cup match is played at Tim Hortons Field as late as possible (up until July 2022) to ensure maximum fans in the stands. Brilliant strategy under difficult circumstances.
  11. What are the chances that Bayern changes their mind and doesn't let Phonzie come to Florida?
  12. Kaye has to get his fitness up again. Start of season will be critical for him.
  13. 17 goals and 4 assists in all competitions is a massive turnaround for Larin.
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