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    *** Important. Due to the wide range of times these games are shown at and unfortunate collisions with local professional teams you MUST check to ensure the bar is open and the game is on. 

    Victoria - Yates Taphouse
    Vancouver - Library Square 
    Calgary - Home & Away
    Edmonton - Urban Tavern
    Saskatoon - Finn's Pub
    Regina - The Lobby
    Winnipeg - Nicolina's 
    Toronto - Duke of Gloucester. 
    Ottawa - Senate Tavern on Bank
    Hamilton - End Zone Pub
    Montreal - Frappe
    Halifax - Niche Lounge
    Waterloo - RIM Park
    Kitchener - Budd Park

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    • I agree with almost all of this except for the assumption that Mexico took their foot off the gas. For me, they were pressing just as hard but Arfield was able to soak up the pressure and connect a pass. It broke their lines. 
    • Calm down. No matter who we called up, who started, how we lined up.. It was always going to be a great challenge to beat Mexico. They're a top 15-20 footballing nation in the world.  Given the circumstances of it not being a critical match to win, on a short turn around I see no problem with the tactics of bunkering for 60 minutes to keep it close then rolling the dice over the last 30. I think Herdman learned a lot about the team tonight that we simply wouldn't have known. I expect Millar to get the start over Davies next game, excited to see what the youngster can do. He's got great genes (how's that for pandering to spitfire)
    • It was an admirable performance and we showed a lot of heart and fight . True Mexican fans aren't  dummies. 1) they scored a goal w us at 10 men 2) they scored an own goal 3) they are confused why Cav didn't go down like he got hit by a sniper with a clear path on goal  on that play. Could have very well been a Mexican red card and/or PK for us...props to Cav playing through, shame on that ref. One step at a time, but let's roll Cuba and get ready for a HUGE GAME in the QF.
    • Haïti and Costa Rica will burn themselves to avoid Mexico in the next round while we play our best team for practice against a depleted Cuba.. Looks perfect for us.
    • - I would call this a mediocre performance by Canada. Yes, they had a decent spell in the 2nd half, but that was when Mexico was already 2-nil up. I'm not sure it would have been the same had the score been tied, or Mexico down. - I am not really a fan of Herdman trying to put a square peg in a round hole. We need a proper back 4, but with the roster he called that is not really an option. Hence all the experimentation. Questionable. - I thought Kaye was fantastic in the middle of the park. Better than Piette in my opinion, and I like Piette. - I don't think Canada went "toe-to-toe" with Mexico as some have said. They were in control almost all game, and never looked like losing or even drawing. What was the possession in the 1st half again? That being said, I do think Canada could give Mexico a better test. It's just such a shame we don't have the likes of James, Cordova, Adekube available to add some stability and familiarity to the backline.  
    • And what I learned from this thread is the Corazon is the new tg11  
    • I was watching the Fox stream and they were surprised at Canada's performance. They didn't see it coming.
    • https://www.tsn.ca/video/canada-goes-toe-to-toe-with-giants-of-concacaf~1711162
    • I'm just going to say...a lot of you are embarrassing yourselves with your histrionics today. Some people need to go and soak their heads.
    • I really don't have a good feel for what will happen tomorrow. I'm going to say 1-1 and we will see some squad rotation on both teams because this match really doesn't matter much. And this is why: Probable path to final: 1st: Japan / (China/Italy) / Germany. 2nd: Sweden / Germany / (Netherlands/Japan). Although I agree with you that Japan are likely to be a bit tougher than Sweden, I think I prefer the 1st place path because I think Sweden will be slightly tougher than (China/Italy). And Germany in the semis rather than quarters is better. But overall, not a huge difference.
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