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    • Idontgetit. Clubs should transfer players that have outgrown cpl, not just started in it. What's the advantage of playing in Chilean second over CPL? 
    • Attendance records for CMNT international matches at stadiums across Canada, since 1957: * I'm not 100% sure if the June 13, 1992 match was played in Saint John, New Brunswick, was played at Canada Games Stadium. Any Bluenosers out there who could confirm or correct this?   DATE VENUE CITY OPPONENT ATTENDANCE 2016-03-25 BC PLACE VANCOUVER MEXICO 54,798      1994-06-05 COMMONWEALTH STADIUM EDMONTON BRAZIL 51,936      1976-07-19 OLYMPIC STADIUM MONTREAL USSR 34,320      2008-09-20 BMO FIELD TORONTO JAMAICA 21,978      1994-06-08 VARSITY STADIUM TORONTO GERMANY 20,124      1976-10-10 EMPIRE STADIUM VANCOUVER MEXICO 17,939      1995-01-27 SKYDOME TORONTO PORTUGAL 13,658      2008-09-06 STADE SAPUTO MONTREAL HONDURAS 12,338      2000-06-11 WINNIPEG SOCCER COMPLEX WINNIPEG CUBA 9,000      1997-11-09 SWANGARD STADIUM BURNABY USA 8,420      1972-08-20 KING GEORGE V PARK ST. JOHN'S USA 7,600      2006-09-04 COMPLEXE SPORTIF CLAUDE-ROBILLARD MONTREAL JAMAICA 6,526      1980-10-18 EXHIBITION STADIUM TORONTO MEXICO 6,371      1984-07-25 CLARKE STADIUM EDMONTON CHILE 6,137      1985-04-20 ROYAL ATHLETIC PARK VICTORIA GUATEMALA 5,202      1992-09-03 CANADA GAMES STADIUM SAINT JOHN USA 3,500      1989-06-08 TERRY FOX SPORTS COMPLEX OTTAWA BELGIUM 3,000      1993-03-09 TOWN CENTRE STADIUM COQUITLAM KOREA 1,554      2020-03-27 WESTHILLS STADIUM LANGFORD TRINIDAD & TOBAGO                  
    • Nah he is just used to playing in CPL at its worst 😛 Thought he looked great and the standard of the game was much better in the second half and he looked even better. He got his head on almost everything that came into the box and had a couple of great long ball passes from the back.  However, not really any room at the inn for him unfortunately. Whitecaps have 4 CBs then Rose and Facchineri.  Will be a big boost for Edmonton to get him back if he returns.
    • I would love to see this kid light it up, but there is no way we should be banking on it.   Coming from CIAU,.....let's see if he can make the team for starters. Even if CW can make the team, we need 2 additional quality strikers.   This Attardo deal went sideways.  He was supposed to be here this season, now we lose him days before training camp !? Maybe Skublac is getting a call tomorrow morning..........    
    • Wait, isn't this still saying that Didic's level is the CPL at it's worst?
    • Definitely possible though and you've answered your own question!
    • If he can't handle the odd wisecrack on here he'd better never consider managing across the pond! My God, the fans there are absolutely brutal when the manager is screwing up. I still have some hope for Gale. He is a bit like a striker who can dance past 5 defenders and the keeper but then keeps shooting over the open goal. If he ever stops trying to be clever and starts doing the obvious things well, he could yet be good.
    • It's really, really common in minor league baseball in North America. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Split_season#Baseball
    • Couldn't agree more. He was visibly frustrated at times.
    • Two words: CHARLIE WATERS! http://www.gocapersgo.ca/sports/msoc/2017-18/bios/waters_charlie_ig7v 8 goals and 4 assists in 11 matches. Now that is of course well below the CPL level of play but it has been my observation that players who know how to bang 'em in at lower levels are often able to also bang 'em in at much higher levels. One thing I know for sure: the scoring rate NEVER goes UP when you step up a level or two, so if you sign a promising striker who is scoring one goal every 4 matches, that is the BEST you are going to get. Waters has a lot of room to drop off and still be really good. I'm definitely placing a lot of hope in this USports draft pick to fill the goal void.  
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