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  1. Is that break in the pictures on the mug meant to be the hydro pole? That is a great added detail. 😄
  2. I see you are a glass half empty kind of guy. I prefer to think it is one letter from the best name ever. To each their own, I guess. 😄
  3. JOIN US TONIGHT AND RELIVE FORGE FC'S ROAD TO THE FINALS IN 2019 Date: Sunday, March 29 Time: 8 p.m. ET Details: Join us, the CPL and Canadian soccer fans for the premiere of Forever First: Rise To The Finals and relive the battle between Forge FC and Cavalry FC during the 2019 season! Where to watch: youtube.com/c/CPLSoccer
  4. I agree with you here. I played for four years at a university in the NCAA, and I can guarantee you no one got any favours with grades because we played soccer. Football was actually pretty bad for it ( baseball, and basketball I only ever heard about it with one professor) but even then it wasn’t all professors helping them out. There was one particular professor who the football team were kept away from at all costs though because he was deemed to be so difficult. Anyone I knew playing soccer at other schools were never handed out favours with marks either. I would say the mid to top end of graduates are quite comparable to graduates up here. For me, the biggest difference is that the yanks have far more lower end graduating ..... which is that necessarily a bad thing? I can see why some say it could slightly undermine their degree, but I’ve experienced that for most cases, no one really cares what your degree is in or where it’s from, but rather if you have one.
  5. Welcome to the club! We’re all idiots from time to time. 😄 It’s all good.
  6. That is a seriously misleading headline. Looking around the globe for talented young players who they can help move on is smart business. It will benefit the Canadian game, and can be seen by good young players as a viable way to move up the footballing ladder.
  7. I would guess he would prefer to move laterally to another CPL club, but perhaps he will take a step down and go to the USL if he can be guaranteed playing time somewhere.
  8. I don’t think that’s a conspiracy theory. That would be intelligent decision making by the US as, IMO, it improves their chances of getting 6 points from a competitor. I don’t like it but I’d advocate for it if the roles were reversed.
  9. That was my first thought too, as I figured that kind of thing would have been talked about a lot more. Having said that, I have two small children and I work full time, so I really have no idea what anyone talks about in the real world anymore.
  10. I was chatting with someone at the match and they said as if it was common knowledge that Bob Young has been supporting Sigma (I assume financially, maybe some other ti-cat resources too?) for the past few years, and that Bobby S has been building for this season over that period. I didn’t have a chance to dig any deeper at the time, but has anyone else heard this?
  11. The match really did have a bit of everything. My ears are still ringing from the singing. I brought 4 extras to the game and a great time was has by all. I would have taken a 1-0 win before the match, but it really does feel like a lost opportunity with so many big scoring chances not going in. No matter what happens in the second leg, this league has been brilliant. It has been a great year of soccer for Canadians on the field and in the stands.
  12. I’ve been pleased with Larin. He has been a good focal point for the other attackers. He has shown well, and lay it off quickly and effectively for others. *aside from that terrible ball for Millar. Shame as it would have been great for both of those boys for that goal to have happened
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