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  1. Ideal really. (Yes that’s sarcasm as that doesn’t help anyone).
  2. I was there with my dad, and my 5 year old son. Three generations enjoyed this great day together. I can see my son in this picture but I appear to be covered by a scarf (and I think my dad is probably down by the beer stalls in the End zone 😄). Good times!
  3. I’ve read Nice are offering to double his salary, so that certainly doesn’t hurt either.
  4. Haha me too. Just clicked a few things, and hoped for the best.
  5. I personally don’t think it takes anything away from the goal. Who cares if it wasn’t as pretty as it could have been? I doubt there is a single Lille fan who celebrated the goal any less. Did anyone celebrate Davies’ goal vs the US any less because it didn’t look pretty? No chance. Edit: this isn’t directed specifically to you, Obinna. I realize you weren’t implying it did take away from the goal. I just happened to quote you to make the point.
  6. I wonder if Dias being at the U23s has anything to do with Tajon being linked with Spirting? Either by his recommendation or by someone from Sporting keeping an eye out for Dias and happening to come across Tajon?
  7. I have just watched it again and now finally see what you were referring to. I still disagree, but at least I understand your point of view. Having seen it on my phone last night after a few jars, I genuinely thought the behind the left leg move in the image below was what you were referring to:
  8. Am I missing something? What touch was meant to be rubbing it in Bermudan faces? IMHO the take down from the cross was a lovely, soft, controlled touch. Or was it the behind the leg cutback? Because I see that as functional too, as it creates space while keeping his body between the defending player and the ball so if the defender dove in, he would be fouled. what have I missed?
  9. Because this Mexican under 24 team would probably beat Ireland’s current squad too.
  10. This was what I was thinking too, though that may be more hopeful than expectant.
  11. To stop, did they not have to start passing to him in the first place?
  12. That situation makes complete sense, just IMO, it probably isn’t going to happen. I am very possibly wrong, as I often am regardless of topic, but I feel he will likely be protected from too-much too-soon, so won’t be rushed to first team game time with wolves.
  13. I actually think a loan to a League One side is the far more likely next step than first team action.
  14. Literally the name that popped in my head when reading that.
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