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  1. I’ve been pleased with Larin. He has been a good focal point for the other attackers. He has shown well, and lay it off quickly and effectively for others. *aside from that terrible ball for Millar. Shame as it would have been great for both of those boys for that goal to have happened
  2. Here are the highlights from Gent’s Twitter. David appears to be growing into a top player going from strength to strength. Very impressive for such a young man. Here’s hoping he can keep it up for both club and country!
  3. I too have been really impressed by Borges’ whole game. The on-the-ball offensive side has been evident for much of the season, but his work rate off the ball, particularly defensively, has been a pleasant surprise. It was really evident during the home leg vs Antigua, and as you’ve said, continued in the away leg.
  4. Not at all, but the bullet point above it is! There was a game where the two goalkeepers were ejected for violent conduct, and as both teams had used all 3 substitutions, both teams needed an outfield player to finish the game in goal. Now that’s pretty awesome.
  5. What I saw wasn’t pretty, but getting the job done in Central America is satisfying. As fans of Canadian soccer, we don’t get to say that very often.
  6. Keep the updates coming, please! I’m following along by watching a running clock with the occasional substitution shown, but no commentary.
  7. It was a convincing 4-0 victory for Canada against Guadeloupe in Group C, while visiting Slovenia squeaked out a 1-0 win over El Salvador. https://www.concacaf.com/en/under-15s-men/article/mexico-british-virgin-islands-among-big-winners-on-day-4-at-cbu15-championship
  8. Here are the goals https://www.concacaf.com/en/under-15s-men/video/cu15-2019-canada-v-el-salvador
  9. No worries. Maybe our paths will cross in the real world one day.
  10. I disagree as Welshman looked one of the most dangerous attackers for Forge vs Antigua, and since moving to a more outside attacker, has seemed a reap threat to every back line we’ve played against. Antigua’s left back will be happy to hear Welshman is gone. I’m less so as a Forge fan, but I am happy for him and what it could mean for him personally and professionally.
  11. Not me Beachesl, as I’ve never even been to Saskatchewan. I’d be happy to meet up for a drink though if you’re ever at a Forge game, or coming to a Nations League match at BMO!
  12. Müller, who lined up on the Bayern right in the second half at the Allianz Arena, says he would welcome the Canadian's inclusion in the side once more in Dortmund. Alphonso Davies," the Bayern man replied when quizzed on his side's Supercup alternatives on the flanks to Gnabry and Coman. "The way he hit that ball with his right foot wasn't half bad." As well as sweeping in a quite brilliant solo goal with his weaker right foot, Davies also had the most touches of any Bayern player (97), came out on top in 77 per cent of his attempted one-on-ones and hit the mark with almost 80 per cent of his attempted passes in a performance that didn't go unnoticed by Kovac. https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/alphonso-davies-praise-for-bayern-munich-canada-teenager-thomas-muller-kovac-5949
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