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  1. Is that one of the new rules that has just started this season? I’m sure I recall Arfield and Scott Brown contesting one just this past year in an Old Firm derby. To be fair it probably is a good decision, but there was something special about that Arfield/Brown contest. Is it also a new rule that if the ball hits the ref, it is a drop ball? That was a strange one, but perhaps that’s because I’ve missed it in the changes too.
  2. Is it me, or did this ref love a drop ball?! Yet he ruined them by never allowing the best part of one - the two opposition players absolutely smashing each other while the ball is falling to the ground. As for the actual game, I’ll take 3 goals scored and a road win any day, but Forge made life far more difficult than it should have been by not finishing a few of those first half chances. On another day, we’d not only be dropping two points, we could easily have given away all 3.
  3. I feel like it depends on the opponent and player availability. It is a beautiful thing that we should be able to change our midfield shape if we need to based on matchups and/or injuries, and still put out what should be a strong midfield/attack. I feel like it is less about whether Kaye can get the job done, than it is about him feeling restricted and worrying about our fragile backline being exposed if he pushes forward while playing without a more defensive minded player beside him. IMO Piette as the specialist 6 protects our d better and gives more freedom to the rest of the midfield/attack, meaning the rest of Kaye’s strengths are being utilized alongside the stats you are talking about.
  4. Maybe I have missed something because since the CPL has kicked off, I haven’t followed TFC nearly as closely. Looking at the numbers (and a few performances I have actually seen), Hamilton has out-performed the other strikers not named Altidore. No he hasn’t been entirely consistent but that is what you often get from a backup striker who I don’t recall ever having a proper run of games.
  5. Exciting finish to the game. Y9 unlucky not to get the win. I thought DiChiara had the winner. That would have been big for growing the image of the Canadian PL, but a draw is still a very good result.
  6. I got my tickets yesterday too. I’m excited for this match. There is something special about an international club competition.
  7. I agree. I am very happy with my purchase of my seat. The game day experience has been very enjoyable.
  8. To be fair, I thought Roberts would have been one of the stronger acquisitions. I’m hoping he just needs a run of games and will develop into a solid keeper. You don’t have to be a world beater. Just save the ones you are expected to save and I will be happy.
  9. We came expecting to get soaked, so I tried to make it part of the fun to stay out in the downpour. If I wasn’t with my son, I probably would have stood up on the concourse for some of the match too. I wonder if Q will get another shot soon in league play after that second goal. I thought our goalkeeping would have been one our strengths this year, but it has been been a bit shakier than I had expected.
  10. Wasn’t that bad even with the heavy rain at the start of the second half. My five year old son and I happily stayed in our seats for the whole game. The far bigger issues were the manner Forge conceded both goals, and how Forge never really looked like scoring on Edmonton after they went ahead 2-1. FCE look so well organized and they have some big bodies.
  11. I too have said I don’t think Herdman should be fired and I also hope he learns from looking at himself as well as the players’ performances. Scapegoating won’t help, but neither will glossing over the mistakes made. Critical but fair analysis of all players and staff is needed. I disagree that no other coach in the world could have done better, but IMO that doesn’t really matter, as Herdman is who we have.
  12. I can’t tell if your post is denial or deflection? 😉 To be honest, I do think we **** the bed in the second half vs Haiti. Both Herdman and the players did. There is a difference between dwelling on something, and reflecting on what happened. I think it is important to not just move on as you suggest, as we can only get better and learn from matches like the Haiti one if we properly analyze and reflect on both the successes and mistakes from previous matches.
  13. I don’t think JH should be fired, but do you really not see how Herdman dropped the ball by making poor squad selections and then did not/was unable to adjust tactically in game? I feel Herdman imploded as much as the players. He may be able to prepare for the start of a game, but he was unable to change the game positively during the final 45 minutes vs Haiti. That reflects very poorly on his in game managerial skills.
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