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  1. My first impression was that it was deflected, so perhaps he didn’t want to celebrate a fortuitous goal?
  2. Another entertaining game, and I am pleased with a win for Forge in the race for CONCACAF Champions League. Novak appears to be a solid option up top. I can see him scoring a good few goals this year. Borges with a quality finish to punish Valour after a turnover. Exciting play from a number of the Canadian boys while the imports are quietly upping their game with solid play on both sides of the ball. This is going to be a fun summer.
  3. Do you know anything about his coaching/playing background?
  4. I wasn’t able to watch all of the match, but I was quite impressed by the play of Vaughn, and really enjoyed what I did see. It was a great introduction to this newly extended format of Vs cup.
  5. I’ve got 2 MNT matches: -Costa Rica @ BMO in 2007 -Panama @ BMO in 2012 WCQ I’ve also got 2 U20 matches at the milk cup in Northern Ireland (in 2012?): vs Mexico in Ballymoney and vs China in Derry
  6. I’m probably in the minority, but being the first CPL entrant into CONCACAF league qualifiers means more to me than winning the league this year. Therefore IMO a win here vs Valour is more important than any of the previous matches. As a result, Im hoping Ferguson starts for valour. He’s scored something like 2 in 25 games, and he scored last match, so surely he can’t score against us to get two in two games!
  7. I agree the red did a pretty good job overall. Any complaints I would have aside from the pull back were minor really. I also agree you do see referees avoiding a sending off when one is warranted, but that doesn’t mean it is the correct call. I’m not going to get carried away with this particular mistake, but it still was a blatant error IMO.
  8. Are you sure you aren’t accidentally mixing up why some situations couldn’t be a red card for denying a clear goal scoring opportunity because there were players back to cover? It was a two armed pull back on a player who was breaking into space to create an attack. It should be a yellow card every time.
  9. I was just surprised it wasn’t talked about more as it isn’t too difficult to imagine if Cavalry had lost the big man and were down to 10 men, they would have been less likely to push as many players forward for the free kick. A shame really, because it was so clearly a booking, and as Gator has said, for the first 70 minutes or so the ref crew did a decent job.
  10. I haven’t noticed anyone else mention it, so I now feel like I’ve mis-seen the play, but how was it possible that the CB for Cavalry avoided a booking for that pull back a couple of minutes before the end of the match? Was that not Wheeldon who was already on a booking, so should have seen a red?
  11. Good goal for Forge to make it 1-1. Forge always look like they can score again, but they always look like they will concede again too.
  12. If pacific had a better final ball that evening, it would have been a far more nervous end to the game for us in the stands.
  13. For sure, no one expects perfect. I think most are reasonable about growing pains. I’m just gutted about not having a jersey. I probably would have got a size up if someone had told me they weren’t getting anymore, but I kept getting told they were coming in, and then they weren’t. Then they took my name to contact me, but no email/phone call/carrier pigeon. Hopefully all of these hiccups are sorted and everyone can move forward positively.
  14. Not good enough, Gator. Are there any seats left in the section? There were still a handful last week.
  15. I arrived on the first day they were handing the Jerseys out for Season seat holders. They had run out of size L. We were told the new shipment would likely come in the following day, but definitely before the first game. That week came and passed with no new shipment, and we were told sorry, but the new shipment would be in the next week. Last week I called and was told they are not getting any more shipments of Jerseys and someone would contact me within 24 hours to discuss this with me. That was one week ago.
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