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  1. Anyone else gazing into the sky with the hope of seeing a pig with taped on wings flying by? Nothing personal UT, but this quote just had to be revisited. 🤣
  2. While I understand it is possible he goes on loan and doesn’t get much playing time, Wolves could easily insert a minimum amount of minutes or starts clause (with financial penalty if he doesn’t meet the minimum) in the loan deal. That could understandably scare a few teams away, but there are always clubs in need of players for cheap. IMO a league one club is a realistic expectation with those conditions if there is a small or non existent upfront loan fee, especially if some or all of his wages are covered by wolves.
  3. I thought it was pretty clear what you were saying. How funny it was is another discussion altogether…. 😉😄
  4. I think there is something to what you are saying. Whether it is “sexy” or simply “there may be untapped talent”, it doesn’t matter. There is no smoke without fire. Our boys are attracting more interest abroad (from clubs and media) because we are showing there are talented Canadians out there and we deserve the attention.
  5. I have been a season ticket holder of both a Korean team (Incheon United) and an MLS team (Toronto FC). It has been a few years but my take is that it was pretty even overall. As has been stated above, top end is now better in MLS, but the drop off appeared less in k league.
  6. I was concerned after such an early booking, but he was very good (along with the rest of the team as a defensive unit) for the most part. He can appear rash at times but he managed his play on a booking impressively for the remainder of the match.
  7. He plays in Scotland. Those tackles were like what he would experience during warmup rondos with his Rangers teammates. 😁
  8. I’m now questioning whether I should take this statement seriously.
  9. Haha I can’t tell if you realize I was joking or not? I assumed it was obvious but maybe it wasn’t.
  10. He’s a little to impartial for my liking.
  11. I feel like having Hutch in for Piette makes an even better comparison for this formation’s use. Hopefully we get to the ocho and we can see this in action.
  12. Some positives tonight: 1) Our big boys were difference makers. 2) Kennedy and Johnston were pleasant surprises. Very impressive. 3) Everyone appeared to finish the match healthy. Only downfall really was the bookings. Anyone know when bookings are wiped clean?
  13. I didn’t think it looked close aside from having it hit the bar.
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