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CF Montreal - 2022 Season Thread


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1 hour ago, P-O said:

J'espère que les Ultras fumeront le calumet de la paix et signeront La Paix des Braves

Won’t happen. You can’t claim to be ultras (the mentality, not the group) and accept that name. 

I was part of the kop for 13 years, I discovered PLSQ (CS Saint-Laurent precisely) this season and I truly enjoy it. (plus tickets are free and you can bring your own booze).

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15 hours ago, narduch said:

With NYCFC beating NYRB today, Montreal only need 1 point in the last 3 games to clinch 2nd.

That would mean home playoff games in the 1st 2 rounds of the playoffs.

Still possible to catch Philly.

I don't believe it, but still

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Honestly, for all that people rightly say that some key pieces will be leaving MTL soon that's only one side of the medal: with all the money they might make from transfer and with Wanyama's contract done they'll have at least a descent chunk of spare change to spend, even if they give augmentations to some others whose contract is gonna end soon...

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