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CF Montreal - 2022 Season Thread


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1 hour ago, P-O said:

J'espère que les Ultras fumeront le calumet de la paix et signeront La Paix des Braves

Won’t happen. You can’t claim to be ultras (the mentality, not the group) and accept that name. 

I was part of the kop for 13 years, I discovered PLSQ (CS Saint-Laurent precisely) this season and I truly enjoy it. (plus tickets are free and you can bring your own booze).

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15 hours ago, narduch said:

With NYCFC beating NYRB today, Montreal only need 1 point in the last 3 games to clinch 2nd.

That would mean home playoff games in the 1st 2 rounds of the playoffs.

Still possible to catch Philly.

I don't believe it, but still

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  • 2 weeks later...

Honestly, for all that people rightly say that some key pieces will be leaving MTL soon that's only one side of the medal: with all the money they might make from transfer and with Wanyama's contract done they'll have at least a descent chunk of spare change to spend, even if they give augmentations to some others whose contract is gonna end soon...

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Hey - does anyone have any advice on reaching out to CFM?  I am going to see if I can get a couple of cards signed by played and sending them off (knowing that you may lose them forever) is one strategy.  As a guy who doesn’t get to go to games in Montreal, my options are pretty limited.  If anyone has any contacts or advice, please feel free to PM me.  

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17 hours ago, dyslexic nam said:

Great game all around tonight by the whole team.  And they do it with huge CanCon.  Love it.  

I am obviously biased but I'll go to the bat to argue that Montreal is by far the team who does the most for Canadian soccer right now:

I. Bear most of the weight of ensuring that club soccer is not an exclusively English-speaking affair;

II. Provide a descent fraction of the players of the national team and, unlike TFC, does so with players they actually developed significantly;

III. Prove you can build a team that is a solid contender in a fairly well rated league with a big Canadian contingent as their base;

IV. Are in process of pushing a bunch of Canadian players toward transfer in better leagues and are committed to seek to redo the process with another batch of Canadian players;

V. Are a model of what an healthy relationship between MLS and CPL clubs should be and have vocally defended and spoke positively of the CPL;

VI. Have provided some key loanee to the CPL that have been good for their level of play and have helped the CPL get creds in term of development; and

VII. In Waterman they have bought and continued the development of the player that remain basically the proof of concept of what development of CPL players ought to be (especially considering the current trouble of Ross County).

Can any other team in either claim the same kind of contribution? I'd have liked them to take the Canadian Championship more seriously this year, and to have caught their stride before they were eliminated from the CCL, but apart from that they are a model of what we should want a Canadian club to be IMO.

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On II, you can argue that the 4 TFC provide is the case as well. Osorio and Laryea were definitely developed substantially by TFC and even Kaye and Henry while recent arrivals, both started with TFC youth and were developed there for many years before going pro. Indeed, Henry also had a lot of game time with TFC at the beginning of his career.  
For Montreal, Miller falls into a very similar category as Laryea (both discarded by Orlando); Piette spent more of his youth development abroad then Osorio.  Johnston was developed elsewhere. Waterman in the CPL although Montreal did give him his break a couple of years back. And Kone just signed last year so didn’t even play youth for Montreal and likely will not play more than a year for them professionally (Henry played much more for TFC at the beginning of his career). Crepeau really is similar to Kaye in that he couldn’t cut it professionally with his youth club and had to go elsewhere to make it. Although Crepeau hasn’t come back to his original club like Kaye.

don’t get me wrong, I love what Montreal has done with Canadian talent recently and the fact 6 were starting a playoff match for them yesterday and they had more on the bench and in the pipeline.  TFC is so dependent on high priced foreign talent that it stymies the development of their youth as has been covered elsewhere on this site as being in the GTA, they have substantially more to work with then Montreal (or Vancouver). On that latter point, I really see Vancouver failing on the CanCon in recent years and they should be the ones looking to Montreal as a future blue print for success. 

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