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Milan Borjan

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Disappointing if he ends up in Hungary but it is better than being unemployed. Just did a quick search on the club as well, they look to be on an upward swing. The last 5 seasons they have finished: 3rd, 8th, 3rd, 1st, and most recently 2nd. If he is going to be the number 1 it might be a great situation. it might also be a good opportunity to get into Europa league. 


Edit: Former TFC keeper Milos Kocic is at the club, he made 2 appearances last season, so he is likely the current back up. 2 time capped Slovakian international Lubos Kamenar seems to be the incumbent. He is the same age as Borjan and formerly played for Nantes in France, where he was subsequently loaned out to Celtic and (interestingly)...Sivasspor. That was 2011 so perhaps he and Borjan are familiar with one another? 

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My Spanish is non-existent. Are they linking Borjan to Sevilla? 


Sevilla's 2 top keepers have been injured and he is just mentioned as one of a number of goalkeepers who is out of contract and could be signed outside the transfer window.  There is no indication that he is in contact with the club, it is just a list from the author of the article of possible signings at keeper.

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Better than not playing but wow that is a very low level league, a lot worse than Hungary which we already thought would be a low level for him to play at. Given his previous time in Rad one would have thought he could have at least signed in the Serbian league but maybe he waited too long for something better and ran out of options. 

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Obviously MLS would be a lot better league for him to be playing in but given that he signed with an oligarch club he might be getting paid a lot better there. Also he might be worried about getting tied to a contract that restricts him transferring if he signs in MLS, a lot easier to transfer upwards if he stays in Europe. 

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