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  1. Pro-Tip @boris4c, wear your scarf in the train station and on the train!
  2. Fantastic, there are other Ottawa V's commuting, so I hope you can find them if you are solo!
  3. I'd hate to see you have to make a decision between WCQ and Jays game....
  4. Gotta be Tajon and David getting us the three points Wednesday. Really interesting to see how Herdman has to manage the squad in a three-game Int'l break these days. Let's bring it on Wednesday...
  5. Yeah, I know its not possible
  6. Spread em around CanPL venues - that'd be sick.
  7. So fun having a game to care about last night. First 20' reminded me of feelings I haven't had in years though haha
  8. Face save was phenomenal
  9. It's possible Zambrano actually believes he got him to commit while Cristante doesn't feel the same way. I also believe Cristante can't give two shits about this tweet.
  10. As imagined, the CSA is being panned by people on Twitter because of Zombrano's comments. Which is so unfair. Octavio is right to be pissed about how he was dismissed and if I remember correctly, he's already tweeted negative things about the CSA. I find it hard to believe he actually got a solid confirmation about Cristante, and I find it especially hard to believe his agent was pushing his client to take up Canada at that age (as if agent's words means anything).
  11. Easy man - ELECTRIC GREEN! Lol. What would you do if it was Forge in the away section?
  12. I know it's up in the air for many reasons but the TFC Away game is keeping me up at night :)
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