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  1. Pumped for a little cup run in the first season and to get a go against Montreal.
  2. Gotta hope a visiting Montreal team in a mid-week game in nice summer weather could maybe get over 2k? 3k maybe?
  3. Wife's bday meant I couldn't go - How was the atmosphere in there, and how many people showed up?
  4. Hell ya, mid-week cup tie game? Great stuff.
  5. FWIW, I parked in the TTC Commuter Lot for free and it was way better then the BS $15 stadium parking. Also, shout out to the TTC Officer who let me use the Subway access to cross the street with my 1 year old because of the absolute piss shower outside.
  6. So he'll be jumping around the scoreboard or something?
  7. Thank you. The prospect of paying $15 every time was really pissing me off.
  8. Great post. Remember how the "Membership Numbers" were so low, then exploded days before the tickets came on sale. It seemed so obvious they just tossed in a whole bunch from the youth clubs or business opportunities to illustrate momentum.
  9. I'm curious to see the production values for OneSoccer on this tonight.
  10. We gotta get this thread bumping people.
  11. I'd bet on the more general services like Chromecast, Firestick, Roku or even AppleTV first 😕
  12. What on earth is up with the 20 minute highlight packages and the same replay of a goal 8 different times in slow motion.
  13. That's a throwback, holy ****. Place is as old as Windsor itself.
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