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  1. I was told they would have 6 sections at 250 each.
  2. He could get a yellow vs USA and miss the QF... or a yellow in the QF and miss the semis.... not going to sit him in both games. Better to get the sussy against USA and have a clean slate for the QF game.
  3. Wright looks like a beast, Ferrari has quick feet, I really hope they ride it out with these guys and they continue to develop. It's pretty rare that we have prospects in these positions actually given game time.
  4. York have some really interesting players this season, the Abzi to Wright goal got me excited as a national team fan. Perfect cross, and Wright is a physical speciman at 17, looks like a monster next to Petrasso.
  5. Frustrating to watch so far. IMO this team is set up way to defensively. Sinclair doesn't have the legs to pull goals out of thin air every match and it seems like we are still relying on that.
  6. I think Jr. is really really dangerous as a 10. We don't really have one either if we are going to play David up top.
  7. Maybe a mere child in years, but my first cycle ended in San Pedro Sula... Young and naive, the trauma was inflicted ealry. I have the PTSD of someone who has been around since '86.
  8. For all the hate OneSoccer gets, I absolutely love that they bring in guys like Humey, Edgar, etc. Honestly with Forrest, KJ, Sharmen, Dunfield, Humey, Edgar, hell even Wheeler and Larson, it's like a weird Canada soccer fever dream subscription service I would never have thought would happen. As a 26 year old, it is like every tv personality from my whole life of watching Canadian soccer is employed there, sans Dobson and De Vos.
  9. I'm really hoping he comes in and stakes a claim on this spot. It could help solve a major problem for us. I feel like a lot of us have been hoping Scott could come in and do that for a couple years now... He's got his club situation sorted now, time to fit in right beside a healthy Doneil Henry and bring us to the show in 2022.
  10. Herdman has played Adekugbe in this role on the left as well. I think that's exactly what we are going to see.
  11. I agree, I just thought it was funny. I think he's in there for tactical reasons this game, pace over Vitoria most likely? Becker's speed is an absolute weapon down the right.... I think this is our most athletic back line possible.
  12. I feel like that might be a bit harsh... More like, Johnston, a consistently good MLS starting right back... and Kennedy, a player who just finished his first good year in the 2. Bundesliga after years in lower division Austria... I don't think it's that bad of a situation, lets get this done.
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