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  1. This Chelsea team is becoming a real juggernaut. Jessie will need to fight for minutes but she's going to improve so much training and playing with this squad. Massive jump from college.
  2. Shes at literally the best team in the world... if you want her to stand out you're asking her to be a top 5 player in the world.
  3. Dude, I meant the tweet from Covey was a political statement... wasn't commenting on the politicians platform. This is what I'm saying... The tweet by Covey being posted here is the issue we have...It has nothing to do with Alphonso's career... I get that you're really woke and super into sharing your views and arguing right now, and everyone goes through that stage, but we're saying we don't want fights about anything other then wether or not phonzy is a left back or a winger on this forum... You're last 3 posts in this thread are "facts offend you?" .... "So they do offend you then?" ... and then the one I'm replying to, which again, has nothing to do with alphonso, or soccer at all actually... This is the exact thing we are trying to avoid. We have had our problems with the V's forum becoming toxic and pushing fans away in the past and there have been big changes and expectations about the way we act. People who have been supporting for a long time will remember the old CPL thread having to be locked and closed because of the bickering and childish arguements pushing down traffic and turning off fans... maybe some of us don't remember how dark the mood around the MNT was a few years back and how every fan counted, we're not far removed from that. Stop trying to cause fights. No one cares.
  4. I think a lot of the guys will end up coming from CPL...So this tourney holds a lot of importance and maybe camp can be held in PEI as well.
  5. man, I was changing the subject.... It's an actual player making the comments here so its a bit of a situation but I think its pretty clear im changing the subject back to soccer here... do you have something personal against me because I said we shouldn't argue about immigration law in the alphonso thread? Come on.
  6. I think KAA Gent have some cash laying around. Seem to like Canada as well.
  7. MAK is very clear he doesn't like America... Hopefully he can pass in that transfer request and move to Europe. Any speculation on him with actual teams connected?
  8. The post he was replying to had nothing to do with soccer, it was "Interesting reply to another politician" , and the reply was not written by a national team player, or by anyone connected to our national team, it was purely a political statement. And it has derailed the thread. 99% of us on the forum are sick of these arguements, as can be seen by the postive reactions to our posts asking if we can keep irrelevant politics off of the forum about soccer.
  9. With the recent moves of our WNT players to the WSL like Flemming and Zadorsky, I took an interest in looking deeper into the womens club game. I admit I know next to nothing, but have been doing research. It seems like the WSL is on its way to becoming the top league in the world. We've seen the improvement of Janine Beckie since joining Man City, and hopefully Zadorsky and Flemming improve as well. But this raised an interesting point for me... Should the next WNT coach push players to join the WSL as more teams invest more in the womens game? I think our best players need to be playing in club environments that will push them. While right now the NWSL may be the deepest competition week in week out, the best clubs are still in Europe. The landscape seems to be changing fast in England as more teams are pushing more money to contend in the WSL, and that should mean more jobs for players, and importantly more pressure. NWSL has a similar problem to MLS as they don't have relegation. NWSL also doesn't have the Champions League. It's going to be great to watch Flemming and Beckie battle for the champions league, and for a spot in the next edition of it week in week out, while others fight against relegation. The second benefit would be opening up CSA allocated spots in NWSL for players on the cusp of the National Team. This would greatly help our depth as it would more than likely improve the club situations of our young developing players. What do you guys think?
  10. Was a good game. I've never watched womens club ball before but this was a really good showing. As a Lyon fan...quite a nice surprise that we are the best. As for our players, Buchanan should've scored but had her shirt pulled back while running in for a clear shot on goal from a free kick. Clear penalty, wasn't given. Lawrence was pretty decent down the right. No Huityma but the PSG striker scored 30 in 29 this year so tough ask for a kid to break in.
  11. It's a charged world. We watch this game to get away, we are here to support the game in this country. There are a lot of Conservatives and Liberals on here and all of them have right and wrong ideas. There's another forum out there to argue about those things. Or if you really must, the off-topic section.
  12. if you wanna PM me I can help you out Sorry for going off topic guys 😅
  13. Gotta track down a bell sales guy to give ya a deal! (I was a bell guy once)
  14. Thats SD btw, going to want to go 905 i believe for hd.
  15. I think according to those rules posted, it could either have been judged that the player made himself unnaturally bigger, or that his arm was above his shoulders (which I would say it is slightly)... Its still very harsh but I think technically a hand ball. In real time I did think it was a handball. Its super harsh though.
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