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  1. I think we will see the return of Hutch if he signs with a club in Canada. A lot less travel than from Turkey.
  2. What would other Wanderers fans think of going after Bruno Zebie? useful player and we need Canadians to fill out our depth... Reality is that some of the cuts around the league will be fits for other teams. 23 apps and a goal, can play multiple positions... Not really an impact player at Edmonton but a guy that would challenge for a starting position.
  3. Thats really big news. I wonder what this means for a potential Pacific FC academy.
  4. Happy with Ox coming back, although it was a really obvious move. unhappy with Simmons and Iida, can understand Skubie although I liked him and thought he could come in as a sub to kill games off. Super disapointed in Langwa, was one of my favourite players and has a ton of potential.... But if the rumours about his attitude are true than its the right call.
  5. I'd love Halifax to target Macrae, Kacher, Johnson, and possibly Aleman and Riggi. We need a proper 10, left winger and a replacement at keeper for Williams.
  6. So the season is over. It was a great first season in the stands, with some good games to watch at home but ultimately a rough season on the pitch. What are we thinking going into the offseason? Here is my keep/release list Keep Forwards : Akeem Garcia, Tomasz Skublak, Mohamed Kourouma Mid: Elliott Simmons, Kodai Iida, Elton John, Scott Firth, Andre Rampersad Defenders: Zoom Langwa, Chris N'sa, Andre Bona, Chac Hocine, Matthew Arnone Keeper: Christian Oxner Release Forwards: Luis Alberto Perea, Vincent Lamy, Yousef Mid: Juan Diego Gutierrez, Kouame Ouattara Def: Duran Lee, Zach Sukunda, Alez De Carolis Keeper: Jan-Michael Williams. I like a lot of the guys im saying we should release but the reality is that we finished in the basement and we need upgrades. From the forwards I'd keep I'd say only Garcia should be starting. Skublak and Kourouma are great depth options though. Perea just didn't preform. Even when healthy, he only scored 3 goals in 15 apps. Lamy and Yousef did not contribute. Simmons paired with John or Rampersad in the midfield was a good block, but without Simmons we were poor. Im still fine with keeping those three as I think they have more to give if everyone can stay healthy. We do however, need a proper #10. I like Iida better as a winger and could see a front 3 of Iida - New 9 - Garcia with a #10 behind them being very productive as Iida can create on his own and Garcia plays well running into space between defenders. Guti just didn't have the impact we needed him to have and was more of a slow, cut in on his strong foot winger. Obviously keeping Scott Firth for development. Defence was actually not too bad especially finishing off the year and at home.. But we still gave up too many goals considering we couldn't score. I'd love to get Schalle back but to be honest I'm not sure how that works. If we can't get him back we need a new starting CB. We also need new back up full backs because Sukunda and De Carolis were just not good enough. I really like Zoom Langwa and thought he was dominant early in the season. N'sa also had his moments. Bona was probably our best player or at least most consistent player. Hocine needs a healthy year. At keeper, I remember at least two games Williams cost us by giving up absolutely awful goals. deffinitely had more shockers than great saves this year. He might be past his prime. Thankfully Oxner looked good in nets at this level and its nice to have a local kid earn his starting position. Wouldn't mind having Oxner as the starter going into next year and another local as backup, assuming Williams is on a big salary we can use the money elsewhere.
  7. I think Sigma's connections are going to be the big driver here. There is probably not a better club to be at if youre looking to be sold on, Bobby has built connections that go way back with teams in Belgium, Greece, etc... which is also a good level to move on too, not crazy high level but still an obvious jump. Other than Silberbaur selling to his old clubs I don't think any other team has too much of a connection to Europe unless I'm missing something obvious.
  8. After gettting a good look at a lot of the players after two games I'm starting to form some opinions on certain players. Langwa is very good. If he is eligible (when is the age cutoff?) I'd like to see him on the olympic qualifiers team, Along with N'sa. I also really like Iida. Would love to see what this team would look like with Iida, Guti, Perea, and Garcia all starting. That would be a really slick attack. It's tough because to do that you would need to sit one of John or Williams, because of domestic starting quota, and those guys are really important.
  9. Sorry I didn't see this yesterday, but for future trips to games, I'd recommend just parking in metro park, always spots avaliable and right downtown so you can go to the pregame easily.
  10. Crépeau had a fight wit management and that was the only reason he was sent to Ottawa in the first place, he went in there well above USL level and deserving of a sot at a starters role in MLS. Was only in Ottawa as a sort of quick fix to get him out of the locker room without devaluing their asset too much.
  11. Imagine that this is the stuff we're arguing about in here now ?
  12. Really like these signings. Decent Pedigree at #10 with Juan Diego Gutierrez and Luis Alberto Perea scored a lot last year with CD Fas, a good concacaf team.
  13. Herdman teasing a new commit on TSN. No clues other than he's played for a big countries youth teams, I think thats probably Tomori.
  14. Hmmm.. A 38 year old Occean with Andre Hainault at attacking mid...? I like Halifax's chances against that ?
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