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  1. It’s the beautiful game! Brilliant and effective move. So refreshing to see this in a CMNT game. Jogo bonito
  2. GAME DAY!!! LFG! Absolutely buzzing for tonight’s double header. Enjoy this evening gents....long over due
  3. An interesting fit for the documentary is Thunder Bag Chill. The team has buckets of history, is well run on and off the field, draws a local crowd, has youth set-up, wins games and championship in a US based league, brings in interesting players from abroad. They must be one of the oldest running Clubs at this level or higher in Canada. I’d love to see the Chill take the next leap in the coming years by commercializing their product better Also very interested in the Yukon project. at any rate, good luck and pls post the documentary!
  4. I disagree....but respectfully If a player trains with a club for 1-2 weeks, and the club is impressed they will make a deal happen then and now. They will not sit on their hands and wait until their competition has evaluated the targeted player and competitive bids start to come in. Generally, this friendly, sharing, environment described above isn’t how the professional game operates.
  5. Agreed, and I have long rates ZBG. Tajon is progressing quickly. Well done kid
  6. Another young Canadian breaking through on an American MLS team. F*ck ya!
  7. MLS is doing we all hoped it eventually would around 10 years ago. The list of Canadians U23 with playing time this year is outstanding. TFC Academy seems to be doing a great job, and kudos to TFC for giving so many young lads an opportunity with the first team. Seeing young Canadian break through American teams is always a joy and i consider icing on the cake
  8. 100% agreed. Hard as nail, takes no shit, beats defenders 1:1, a winner that flat out makes shit happen.
  9. Good for him, great experience. With our youth programs and really all programs going on hiatus for the year I’m fully supportive of this decision. I believe his dad posts on these forums, or is quite active on Twitter promoting his son but also with the Canadian soccer Twitter scene.
  10. Yes! This must have been thought by all of us as we watched the highlights. He’s an absolute lock for the XI, as Davies and David, anytime he’s called up.
  11. Unfortunately that’s what I’m thinking. A club will know if they want a player after two weeks of training. If they do want him, I doubt they let him go on to train with other clubs before offering him a contract. if they did offer a contract, I highly doubt Pepple ask them to hold tight until he is done his tour. hopefully I am wrong and he lands with one of the two clubs.
  12. Interesting, I’m wondering why Sheffield let him walk without getting a deal done though...”Feedback from Sheffield was good” sounds a bit soft
  13. Not concerned at all. Scotty wants to play in the WC. 2022 is in play
  14. Generally, what were the hurdles that killed a loan deal? sorry to hear this but also much to be positive about on Liam’s current situation and opportunities at hand
  15. Agreed, this competition means everything to us (supporters ) and the players. It’s our only real shot at a trophy and we nearly always have a shot at making a meaningful run in the tournament. I love it WCQ is always the highest priority. outside of 2021, WCQ never takes away from the GC
  16. Lock it up, gents! (In reference to the thread)
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