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  1. Details on Montreal's bid for some games. Says they will use the Olympic Stadium with grass and an open roof. It also states that they will choose 3 Canadian cities and Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton have already expressed their interest too.
  2. 7:30 am start here in Shanghai. Perfect! Watch the game then get to work only 30mins late and blame it on the traffic.
  3. True forgot to put that scenario. A win on penalties would put us at 410.
  4. Below is how are ranking points should look after the Jamaica game: Loss: 352 Loss in penalty's: 381 Win: 438 (this gets averaged down with the next game)
  5. Ezequiel Cerutti played this year as a RW. He would be more in competition with Tabla. Might mean they are selling Tabla as soon as this year.
  6. He picked up a slight injury in leg 1 of the CC. He should be back next week.
  7. No numbers that i have seen. But if you look at the below link for the seating chart selection, it doesn't look good. https://billets.impactmontreal.com/en-CA/ticket.aspx?fixture=56301650-3208-e711-80eb-005056be3486
  8. I think Camara counts too as he has permanent residency
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