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  1. I was told they would have 6 sections at 250 each.
  2. He could get a yellow vs USA and miss the QF... or a yellow in the QF and miss the semis.... not going to sit him in both games. Better to get the sussy against USA and have a clean slate for the QF game.
  3. Wright looks like a beast, Ferrari has quick feet, I really hope they ride it out with these guys and they continue to develop. It's pretty rare that we have prospects in these positions actually given game time.
  4. York have some really interesting players this season, the Abzi to Wright goal got me excited as a national team fan. Perfect cross, and Wright is a physical speciman at 17, looks like a monster next to Petrasso.
  5. Frustrating to watch so far. IMO this team is set up way to defensively. Sinclair doesn't have the legs to pull goals out of thin air every match and it seems like we are still relying on that.
  6. I think Jr. is really really dangerous as a 10. We don't really have one either if we are going to play David up top.
  7. Maybe a mere child in years, but my first cycle ended in San Pedro Sula... Young and naive, the trauma was inflicted ealry. I have the PTSD of someone who has been around since '86.
  8. For all the hate OneSoccer gets, I absolutely love that they bring in guys like Humey, Edgar, etc. Honestly with Forrest, KJ, Sharmen, Dunfield, Humey, Edgar, hell even Wheeler and Larson, it's like a weird Canada soccer fever dream subscription service I would never have thought would happen. As a 26 year old, it is like every tv personality from my whole life of watching Canadian soccer is employed there, sans Dobson and De Vos.
  9. I'm really hoping he comes in and stakes a claim on this spot. It could help solve a major problem for us. I feel like a lot of us have been hoping Scott could come in and do that for a couple years now... He's got his club situation sorted now, time to fit in right beside a healthy Doneil Henry and bring us to the show in 2022.
  10. Herdman has played Adekugbe in this role on the left as well. I think that's exactly what we are going to see.
  11. I agree, I just thought it was funny. I think he's in there for tactical reasons this game, pace over Vitoria most likely? Becker's speed is an absolute weapon down the right.... I think this is our most athletic back line possible.
  12. I feel like that might be a bit harsh... More like, Johnston, a consistently good MLS starting right back... and Kennedy, a player who just finished his first good year in the 2. Bundesliga after years in lower division Austria... I don't think it's that bad of a situation, lets get this done.
  13. How about this... We've been looking for Scott to get called up for years to check him out....Right into the starting lineup in our most important game in years... No pressure. 😁 I guess the look must've been warrented and Herdman clearly rates him. Starting over Vitoria in a must win.
  14. Feeling a lot better after seeing this lineup vs ours.. I think Piette marks Chery and we overrun their midfield with just better ballers in Oso and Eusta. Good luck defending Richie and Alphonso without Becker and Bisewar having to hold back most of the game. I think they might have to risk it and just have Becker play high as a speed threat and leave us to overload with Larin, Davies and Oso on that side of the pitch. A lot of guys in this Suriname team are going to need to step it up a lot of levels to compete with us here. Lets get it.
  15. I'm going to take a crack at this... Assuming that managing club situations means very little overlap between WCQ and Gold Cup, it is going to be a mostly B roster. With only guys who aren't playing many club minutes getting in as sort of an audition for clubs and some vet leadership. GK: St. Clair, Pantemis, Carducci DF: ZBG, Cordova, Kennedy, Sturing, Ricardo Ferreira, James, Bassong MF: Osorio, Teibert, Baldisimo, Priso, Mitrovic, Bekker, (1 of Serigio Camargo or Elijah Adekugbe) FW: Buchannan, Akindele, Shaffelburg, Bustos, Kamron Habibullah, Ricketts So the thinking here is that we can't have a squad made up of all kids, and realistically no player is going to play in both squads. For keepers I think the first two pick themselves, and Carducci brought in because I'd rather have Hasal stay at club. Defenders I think ZBG is a lock for starter, Kennedy brought in as a new guy, Sturing and Ferreira only have one cap, James back in and Bassong is on the left. Cordova back in, can play either side. Not a lot of caps here but a lot of pro games. Midfield is pretty vet heavy as I think we need structure here. Oso assuming he's not with the WCQ squad through injury. RT has GC experience and is playing at club. Baldi, Priso, Mitrovic are the young guys here and I think one of them are pencilled in as a starter. Bekker has been elite for two years in CPL, knows a lot of the guys and is a leader and winner now, bring him back in for a tourney one last time. Last midfield spot I would through out as a reward for CPL guys, I think Adekugbe or Camargo depending on if you want an attacker or a deep lying guy here. Forward is pretty young. Buchannan is our main threat here and a locked in starter. Akindele and Shaff have had strong seasons so far and i think they're your other starters. Bustos has been rumoured for this squad for a while and was elite at Island Games as a winger. Habibullah I think has an X factor the squad could use, and could be this years GC breakout star (seems to be a Canadian tradition at this point). Ricketts was last man in here, can play CF if when Akindele needs a rest and he is one of our countrys top scorers, one last ride for Ricketts. Obviously this leaves guys like Fraser, Nelson, Bair, Okello etc off the roster, but I think it is a pretty crucial time at club level for these guys. They have a real opportunity to get starts while others at their positions are off for gold cup duty. The only pick here I'm questioning is the Camargo/Adekugbe pick, and not bringing in a guy like Luke Singh to cinically cap tie him. But I'd like to see what this group could do and think the mix is right.
  16. I mean all power to the guy. Honestly, the league needs its best players to transfer overseas and preform to gain a positive reputation. Nobody expected the $100k fees from MLS and $400k fee from Europe for Borges to happen in year one, and I think it created some unrealistic expectations. I don't think we can say our exports have preformed particularly well so far, so I think free transfers will most likely be the norm to places like D2 Belgium or Scandinavia until our guys show they can be difference makers. He's most likely making less than $40k this year... Let him go get paid in Asia should he qualify and hopefully show really well for both club and country so CPL can look good and justify higher fees.
  17. I literally mean do not give him an official call up. Just pay for his flight and have him in the camp, don't even need to announce he's there, just let us find out watching training videos. Literally give him no chance to cap tie because he's not an official call up. Just let him make his choice, but give him the full idea of what he could be a part of.
  18. I think a Marcelo Flores approach would be best here. Have him with the senior team as an extra, just for training during the next round of WCQ. That way there's no obvious cap tie situation where he could be pressured into coming on as a sub, and he also gets the full view of the national team, Davies, David, Larin, etc. That's the honest approach and I think one that a player with options might respect.
  19. They were promoted last year, they will play in Div.2 this season.
  20. I think this proves my point... She has not "lost her spunk".
  21. He's only anonymous when guys around him aren't interested in combining with him. If you watch this team when Yilmaz and David are up top its a completely different team, and it's actually pretty fun to watch. It is possible that David isn't the true #9 Lille want, as he plays a lot better slightly behind Yilmaz. It is also possible with Ikone, Bamba and Yazici in the team that they aren't meant to play with a true #9 like David is asked to play. Those three play completely on the outside of the box and recycle posession from side to side until one of them decides to try to take on three defenders by themselves in the box. Honestly how many crosses did lille attempt tonight... 3? How many times did someone look off the direct run and instead try to dribble all the way themselves, and then post up and play the ball back and let celtic set up 10 men behind the ball? Its like Ikone and Yazici think just counter attacking regularly is too easy, so they let the defenders get set so they can run at the whole back line. Anyway, the stats are in, with Yilmaz and David up top together Lille are way more dangerous, and win. https://twitter.com/NousSommesLille/status/1335889158963785730?s=20
  22. I rip on him, bamba and yazici a ton, but honestly it reminds me of watching TFc with Giovinco. Gio would just take the ball and put his head down and go, the difference is TFC won games like that because Gio could pretty much run the attack by himself.. Lille wins despite that, usually because they sub a couple of those guys out for players who combine.
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