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  1. Watching Bayern vs RB right now. Davies is just too quick, whenever he gets in trouble defensively, either his fault or being put there by teamates most of the time, he is just too quick for the attackers and always gets the first touch on the ball and manages to clear it or more often, draw a foul. His feet are just a half second quicker than everyone else on the pitch. Its also amazing how much space he can give attackers, he never needs to get to close and potentially get tied up or caught out, he knows he has the quickness and pace to be able to stay off them a bit.
  2. Currently playing in friendly's with Kaye's club 😅 Seeing the future
  3. From that article... roughly translated "Borges made his debut against Anderlecht for his new employer. The Canadian with Portuguese roots came in well a few times and played cleverly between the lines."
  4. I think we can probably remove Fraser and Borges from our squad lists due to Bradley being injured and Borges moving to Belgium. Hopefully we can get Liam released by Liverpool.
  5. King Power owning them makes it interesting. I suppose thats why the transfer fee is higher than expected. Huge for Forge who will have half next years wages covered by this single transfer, and great for Borges who I suspect is going to come in and be handed minutes, as thats a lot of cash in the second division of belgium for a Bench player.
  6. More than I expected for Borges. I thought leagues would be a bit more weary trusting offensive talent coming out of the league in year one. if its 300-500k, thats like half the wage bill already paid for this year for Forge. Huge.
  7. I know people in Calgary will wish he stayed, but this is huge for the league. Doing well in one year in the CPL got him a $400k contract in another league. Do we think he really improved that much in one season at his age? Probably not. But our league is really visible with onesoccer showing every minutes of every game.... much easier for teams to scout. Internationals agents will now know this is a league that can really get their players name out there and potentially get a big pay raise.
  8. I’d say put in Bair and Borges, we need some creativity, and mostly movement off the ball to break this team down.
  9. Should be 1-1. Didic put it on a plate for Tesho... I know everyone has been talking Didic up and it’s becoming a theme, but that was an amazing ball right on teshos foot, from half, ten yards away from goal, keeper not far from his line, and completely free from defenders, and absolutely dribbled it wide lol
  10. I think this is fair, however it’s definitely easier to look good at Celtic. They dominate almost every game they play so their strikers put up goals for fun... Gent is one of the top teams in Belgium, but the bottom teams are still very competitive and there are probably 4 or 5 “top clubs” in the competition. It’s a better level to take talent from for a club like Lyon, who should be dominating about 50% of their matches in the league, so players will shine, but also are used to playing attractive football in really fast paced even level games, and still keeping the same style when playing superior opponents in the Champions league. Apologies for turning this forum a bit sideways here. I just really hope we get David. Best move for the player and we could very much use him. Especially having him in the front four playing the Fekir role as our 10, Memphis up top, Reine-Adelaide on the right and Aouar on the left, and everyone being able to flow around and switch position to some extent, it’s a really tasty thought.
  11. Meant when Dembele was purchased, so the SPL. I watch the Ligue 1 every week and am under no illusions 😅.... Gent isn’t too far off the pace though, at least for the mid tier teams.
  12. I’m not trying to start a fight about this, but it’s just not true. You actually Don’t need to look back far to discover this. Lyon is a unique club, and that’s why I think the move makes sense. Dembele was brought in around 20mil from Celtic, an easy place for strikers to score goals. He’s scored for Lyon but hasn’t been our best player by any means, I’d say he’s not even really been a great fit... and he looks to be on the move for $40+ a year later... Lyon is at the inbetween level... fans demand winning, or at least attempting to compete with psg and in the champions league, so they have to spend money. But at the same time they need to sell to make money. So they bring in players all the time who are a lot closer to the finished product, and then actually give them the minutes to succeed and make a profit. David is younger, plays in a better league than Dembele did when he signed, and is more of a fit for Lyon than Dembele is. (I’m a Lyon fan, but not a fan of watching Dembele, in case you couldn’t tell.....a far cry from watching Mariano) edit:cleared up the SPL confusion
  13. Selfishly I’d love to see him at OL, our front line has some serious injury problems and it looks like we may be selling Dembele as well... I think David plays much more like an OL player than Dembele anyway, and is clearly comfortable switching in between any of the front 4 positions on the fly. Yes Cherki is coming through now, but the way OL sell players off we don’t know how long he will even be around, and we have a rotating door of forwards anyway. As far as David is concerned, couldn’t think of a better situation. He would play, he would fit in, and if he’s relatively successful he will be sold to a bigger club.
  14. I’m not sure it really matters if the teams are called clubs or franchises... the important thing is how they feel... and to me they feel incredibly different to the corporate feel mls gives out. Having Rob Gale come out in an interview and be so honest about player contracts, and laughing at the idea FC Edmonton signs Bustos.... and then doubling down and essentially calling LBG an average player that they have a few of already.... is so different. That wouldn’t happen in MLS. It feels real. Not to mention both Gale and Bobby have come out and talked about moving players onto better leagues in the past few days instead of playing dumb and acting like they’re on par with Europe. The league is doing a good job of letting the teams sort of do their own thing while keeping the business in order... while I’d definitely like more transparency, right now things are going pretty well.
  15. Pretty big hole upfront without Cav. Looking like Tesho or Ricketts between a couple of rookies is what we will be going with. Really hope Borges can make an impact.
  16. This is awesome! Hopefully a L1O team comes soon that you guys can use as a tool to drum up support, potentially compete in the Vs Cup. That first year Blainville had that stadium rocking in the Vs Cup was awesome, really made me want to see them “promote” to CPL. The pictures of the fire coming from the stadium we awesome!
  17. It’d be awesome if they could get any of the SPL, Ligue 1, Liga Nos, Irish League or a combo of these. Outside of the French league, I doubt they’d cost that much but it would add some content and there are a lot of people in Canada with connections to each of these countries. Maybe not the best to watch, but from a business perspective, the Indian Super league might make a lot of sense.
  18. Have to think Borges is rewarded for cleaning up at the CanPL awards. Didic, Zator and Carducci seem like safe bets as well. I’d like to see Shaffelburg and Terran Campbell called up, I think they can be parts of this team soon, they may be behind the 3 Daves and Larin, but as we are learning now, we can’t depend on them being there every camp, there will be injuries in the future. Shaff, Borges and Campbell have quality and are very athletic, they’d cause teams problems. I’d like to see Abzi included in the team as well, on the other end of the pitch. Other than that, we need to win so let’s call the vets.
  19. This is awesome, first time play FM... this is very deep. well done.
  20. 😂 thought I fixed it before anyone had caught me.
  21. Have to say I've got no problem with guys at this level jumping ship, pretty clear they arent going to be in the CanMNT plans at this point and they get to be a part of the rise of a smaller nation, and rep the CPL in the Gold Cup.
  22. So far our lineup looking like this Bent ------- Garcia ---------- Rampersad ------------- ------ ------ -------- Ruby Oxner
  23. I think we will see the return of Hutch if he signs with a club in Canada. A lot less travel than from Turkey.
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