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  1. He's only anonymous when guys around him aren't interested in combining with him. If you watch this team when Yilmaz and David are up top its a completely different team, and it's actually pretty fun to watch. It is possible that David isn't the true #9 Lille want, as he plays a lot better slightly behind Yilmaz. It is also possible with Ikone, Bamba and Yazici in the team that they aren't meant to play with a true #9 like David is asked to play. Those three play completely on the outside of the box and recycle posession from side to side until one of them decides to try to take on three
  2. I rip on him, bamba and yazici a ton, but honestly it reminds me of watching TFc with Giovinco. Gio would just take the ball and put his head down and go, the difference is TFC won games like that because Gio could pretty much run the attack by himself.. Lille wins despite that, usually because they sub a couple of those guys out for players who combine.
  3. ikone with the yellow and the goal. David being largely ignored because yazici and ikone like to pass the ball back and fourth with exclusively each other.
  4. Sura Yekka. Very interesting move, I hope she waits a year or two before filing any one time switches... a decent year in Germany and a move to a stronger club would have her right back in the national team picture one would think. Chapman might be on her last legs as an elite defender for us on that left side. After Chapman its honestly pretty open.
  5. On a positive note, he is now more likely to get brought up as one of 3 ties in the awards history than as a previous winner. But yeah, a bit ridiculous to give an award for athletic accomplishment to a guy who played 3 times in the year, no matter how selfless. Especially when you're up against a legitimate world superstar who spent the majority of the year absolutely dominating in the most competitive sport in the world. And if you want an inspiring feel good story, that could score some virtue points with readers, Alphonsos coming from a war torn country could handle that side too. Bu
  6. We're all really focused on the big picture, but I feel like we should take a second to say how cool it is David just scored an important goal against a club as big as AS Monaco... We're pretty spoiled with Davies and maybe forgetting that 3/4 years ago this would've been like the biggest news.
  7. I think the environment is probably great for her. Remember Davies didn't get much of a chance at first with Bayern, there is definitely a transition period. Also look at that Chelsea squad. Also, you did get to see Leon go on a great run and cross for a tap in.
  8. When this team lines up with Bamba, Ikone on the wings and Yilmaz and David up top they play like an actual team. Yazici has a couple hat tricks but he just doesn't do much else, I can see why he doesn't play as much in the league even though he has the goals.
  9. Yazici and Araujo off and look at that, Lille looks good combining
  10. Rewatching the highlight pack makes it all the more frustrating. Honestly Bamba has all the talent in the world but makes tons of bad decisions. That first run where david crosses with him and has about a mile of open space but Bamba decides to keep the ball and then eventually play it to yazici whos got 2 defenders on him was mind boggling. If they played simple they would be up like 2 or 3 right now but they work themselves out of every break. This has been happening all season, you can kind of see it in Davids body language, he just kinda knows the pass isnt coming. A few plays he made grea
  11. Luiz Araujo is excruitiating to watch. He is so head down all the time, completly looked david off when he could have had a tap in in favour of a bad angle shot which he almost put out for a throw in. Bamba and Yazici are not far behind in terms of picking the wrong play more often than not, but they are scoring so what can you do.
  12. depends on the Celtic - Milan game today. If Milan dont win today, a draw will see Lille through.
  13. Didn't Vancouver try to trade for him 2 years ago? Could be useful depth for them. Cava, Bair, AJH, Ricketts is a lot of guys who can all bring in slightly different qualities, and when they're hot and used in the right roles they can be effective in MLS.
  14. I wonder if the Rogers center would be more or less viable than flying to BC or Montreal to play in a suitable stadium?
  15. I wouldn't say David isn't contributing to the team, his runs are opening up space for others, he takes the defenders away for the ikone goal. Even if he isn't seeing much of the ball he is still managing to have an impact on a winning team, and I think as long as the winning continues the coach doesn't really have to make any changes to the 11 so he will get more shots.
  16. yeah looks like a front 3 of coman, lewa, mueller, then midfield of martinez, tolisso and kimmich, back line of pavard, sule, hernandez and davies to me.
  17. This Chelsea team is becoming a real juggernaut. Jessie will need to fight for minutes but she's going to improve so much training and playing with this squad. Massive jump from college.
  18. Shes at literally the best team in the world... if you want her to stand out you're asking her to be a top 5 player in the world.
  19. Dude, I meant the tweet from Covey was a political statement... wasn't commenting on the politicians platform. This is what I'm saying... The tweet by Covey being posted here is the issue we have...It has nothing to do with Alphonso's career... I get that you're really woke and super into sharing your views and arguing right now, and everyone goes through that stage, but we're saying we don't want fights about anything other then wether or not phonzy is a left back or a winger on this forum... You're last 3 posts in this thread are "facts offend you?" .... "So they do offend you then?" .
  20. I think a lot of the guys will end up coming from CPL...So this tourney holds a lot of importance and maybe camp can be held in PEI as well.
  21. man, I was changing the subject.... It's an actual player making the comments here so its a bit of a situation but I think its pretty clear im changing the subject back to soccer here... do you have something personal against me because I said we shouldn't argue about immigration law in the alphonso thread? Come on.
  22. I think KAA Gent have some cash laying around. Seem to like Canada as well.
  23. MAK is very clear he doesn't like America... Hopefully he can pass in that transfer request and move to Europe. Any speculation on him with actual teams connected?
  24. The post he was replying to had nothing to do with soccer, it was "Interesting reply to another politician" , and the reply was not written by a national team player, or by anyone connected to our national team, it was purely a political statement. And it has derailed the thread. 99% of us on the forum are sick of these arguements, as can be seen by the postive reactions to our posts asking if we can keep irrelevant politics off of the forum about soccer.
  25. With the recent moves of our WNT players to the WSL like Flemming and Zadorsky, I took an interest in looking deeper into the womens club game. I admit I know next to nothing, but have been doing research. It seems like the WSL is on its way to becoming the top league in the world. We've seen the improvement of Janine Beckie since joining Man City, and hopefully Zadorsky and Flemming improve as well. But this raised an interesting point for me... Should the next WNT coach push players to join the WSL as more teams invest more in the womens game? I think our best players need to be p
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