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Things I'm doing until tomorrow night


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Blowing sh!t up on Killzone 3

Self medicating with booze (just because its kinda my thing. Great to have a legit excuse though!)

Setting the PVR and checking it sixteen times between tonight and 6:50 AM tomorrow because I'll be watching this one on delay. (Hey, two legit excuses! There's always a silver lining).


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Playing our first indoor game of the season tonight.

Going shopping for a bunch of beer and chips.

Cleaning the house with too much nervous energy.

Having 10 or 12 of my Oskana FC teammates over to watch the game ... time to introduce them to CanSoccer fandom ... at least it gives me something more purposeful to think about to get my mind off the game until it happens.

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Trying to get enough work done or planned, so I can duck out for 2-3 hours tomorrow to watch the game live.

Watching old Cuban games for no real reason.

I've started watching clips of **** blowing up on youtube. Good plan. I like the ending of Zabriskie Point:



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On the bus to Toronto watching the movie "Insomnia".... cause I'm already gonna have an easy enough time sleeping tonight before the game.

Movie was mediocre, and my internet on the megabus isn't fast enough to watch **** blowing up on youtube... I'm at a loss.

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Things I'm doing until tomorrow afternoon.

Sent family away for the week (last Monday)

Poker night tonight

lose all my money tonight

get pissed drinking my quality craft brews tonight (that I brewed myself)

wake up with hangover

hair of the dog

get violently ill and throw up everywhere (this will have nothing to do with beer, and more to do with panic, excitement and the feeling of desperation)

then a bit of afternoon footie (continue being ill until we score the first goal)

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- Sleep soon (maybe, but probably not)

- Work tomorrow (which may just consist of surfing the net, reading every single preview article I can find, with very little work actually accomplished)

- Keeping half an eye on the other WCQ games (particularly Switzerland/Norway)

- Going into complete lockdown mode at 5:30 MDT (no Twitter/Facebook, etc.) because I've gotta watch the game on delay due to work.

- Racing home as soon as I can, grabbing a refreshment, and nervously watching the match, saying every 30 seconds, "man, I wish I could be there"

Provided I'm not doing anything of major importance tomorrow, I will be sporting my Canada kit, constantly answering questions as to what it is and why I'm wearing it.

And, of course, I'll be on edge all day, eyes darting up at the clock every 2 minutes...waiting...

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