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  1. Voyageurs members … Please login to the website and have a read of the WCQ Tickets info. https://www.thevoyageurs.org/wcq-voyageurs-tickets/
  2. I did a quick count. It’s around 4000 tickets. There may have been rows that totally sold out that I didn’t count, but there won’t be many. (4000 that have been newly released I mean. I counted full rows in sections where new tickets had been released)
  3. That’s certainly a higher percentage of those sold (around 4% by the looks of it). Happy to see there’s only been a total of 7 listed in the south end (in two separate listings one of which is gone). That’s encouraging.
  4. I suspect they held the tops of those sections back for groups. But I don’t know for sure.
  5. Just a point of order … we can’t change the ticket purchase limit. Once it’s set for the venue we have to live with it (and we don’t get to set it unfortunately).
  6. We are waiting patiently for info but have plans in the works. Stay tuned, but be patient with us please.
  7. There are 125 tickets total on StubHub right now. Is that huge quantities? I think as many as 10,000 might’ve gone during the presale.
  8. Just checking in quickly: 1) Really glad to see many in here got tickets. It was worrisome how quickly they went even though we suspected demand would be high. 2) We are trying our best to connect people with spares with people who need tickets. Check the members ticket exchange on thevoyageurs.org. 3) We feel there weren’t many issues with scalpers. There were literally hundreds of members logged into the website at 10am ready to buy tickets. And with the huge number of people who have shared that they got tickets, it looks very much like demand was simply much higher than supply. 4) Stay tuned. You never know if more tickets might become available. 5) Thanks for the many kind words. This is a labour of love but can also be quite stressful at times (especially when the bloody ticket codes don’t work).
  9. If you have the CanadaRED code you should be able to buy in the main stands. Edit PM Rob for help
  10. There was no code email. The code and link were in the WCQ Tickets section of the website.
  11. Nobody panic. Hold tight. Link and code aren’t working for anyone. We have questions in and they’re fixing.
  12. They definitely do not want to have to refund people. But it appears everyone is waiting to get the go ahead for full capacity and it just hasn’t come yet.
  13. I haven’t received a CanadaRED presale code if that’s what you mean. Likely goes out right before.
  14. Ticket page is up for anyone wanting to login and prepare. 36 minutes until tickets are live and available.
  15. They will be starting at 50% capacity for Canada vs Panama I believe. If they are allowed to open up to full capacity I think they will but that will make this the weirdest ticket sale in CanMNT history.
  16. Well maybe don’t start with Bethune when you visit. 🤣 It’s a nice little town and all. But not much to see or do for travellers.
  17. I hope they will accept my Sask vaccine record. That’s all I have and I don’t think anything more will be available by then.
  18. That’s not our jurisdiction. That’s Canada Soccer’s fan mailing list.
  19. You need to be a CanadaRED member. https://canadasoccer.com/canada-red-registration/
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