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    Love Footy
    TFC fan since day 1 and follower of national team for as long as i can remember however just found about the voyageurs a couple years ago and I am happy to be a part of this family.
    Big fan of the Italian Game, seen a lot of live games there. I follow the eternally low division Cosenza.

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  1. WE GOT THE WORLD CUPPPPPPPPPPP. Many years of canadian failures at national team level perhaps is worth it. I hope the official notice of Canadian automatic entry is close to follow. Congrats to everyone has had this national program at heart for so many years with few rewards. Lets make this count
  2. Would make sense. York 9 will have a tough time getting season seat holders as they are already all gonna be TFC ticket holders(me included).
  3. I was there. Bought a York 9 sweater. Pretty professional set up! Free beer too
  4. Bunch of us going down today. should be good. try to where black and/or green if you can
  5. Great game for the most part. One of our most competitive games in quite some time. Airfield looked great. Davies is life. Kaye not bad at all. Houkett solid. I'm impressed. Could have won this. This malouda shit is really ticking me off though .
  6. Im sad guys. For the first time in 20 or so years of following our boys I just feel sad. Apathetic almost. That's really all I have to say. I haven't followed the threads since the Mexico games but I hope my enthusiasm will come around next cycle. Take care everyone.
  7. Sound in south end hasn't changed for the better at all with the roof being so high which is unfortunate as that was one of the only things I was personally hoping for in this renovation. Really wanted the noise from southend to improve but looks like that wont happen any time soon. I am of the group that would rather of had no roof, no renos if it meant SSS and no argos or at least only a roof over a single deck east side. Looks and feels weird without the north end.
  8. This is hue! Hopefully some stuff changes now....canadians as domestics in MLS, CONCACAF'D, etc, etc
  9. please let us put the ball into the net that the Hondurans are defending
  10. Shitty situation for everyone but the argos. I always wonder, when the skydome was first built, were CFL/argo fans ripping on how it was a poor venue for football then?It feels like it was only a bad venue for football fans in the past decade or 2 as their numbers started to drop but before that it wasn't an issue when they were more popular in GTA.
  11. Gong show continues in palermo with coaching. Schelotto is back in argentina as he can't legally coach Palermo as he doesnt have his licence apparently. Apparently he has been "coaching" from the sidelines up till now through another staff member and not on the bench. Wonder what that means for Cristante. Youth team coach Giovanni Bosi will be taking over for the short term
  12. I am so happy!! I of course am still confused how Toronto or Vancouver would be able to join if those cities were among the 6-8. The USL teams(MLS affiliate) or a completely new team. Can either city support all three? Either way this news is great and hopefully some loaded bastards are gonna get involved. Just imagine if one of us voyageurs was a billionaire!!! Id take losses for decades if I needed to.
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