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  1. Pre-game for the New Zealand match will be Shakesbeer 1 Place de Berulle, 38000 Grenoble
  2. So plan is to meet at Fitzpatricks next Monday then? I can post on the facebook page as well
  3. Hey - I've got a ticket for you for Grenoble but unfortunately not Reims.
  4. Note all pregame events will have wine and fancy cheese platters. #CheeseAndWineTwentyOneNine
  5. We've got 9 in both cities and might buy more because they are only 9 euros each. The tickets are in the end sections but you don't actually get seats until later so if we do another 9 there is no certainty they will be together but I think we can request they are. Anyways not all of these tickets have been spoken for yet so just let me know if you are interested
  6. A group of us are buying lots of tickets for the first two Canada games. So if you are interested in sitting with us hold off on buying these yourself and shoot me a message.
  7. There are a group of us interested in buying tickets for Canada's games next summer tomorrow when they go on sale because it sounds like the CSA aren't doing anything. Would anyone else be interested? @admin do you have any extra info?
  8. Wondering if the CSA is going to put aside any tickets for the 2019 WWC for us or if we are on our own for this? Would be good to get a better idea of the situation before the draw.
  9. Sorry - yeah a friend of mine bought tickets not sure where yet though.
  10. Anyone completely amped up after watching Canada win yesterday and want to watch us play another small Caribbean nation in NY and ready to make a group buy?
  11. Anyone grab a video of last nights game?
  12. Yeah would be - just have to figure out numbers I guess.
  13. Ah cool - so it sounds like we are all just on our own for ticket sales here?
  14. Any updates on people interested in New York/ ticket news?
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