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  1. FC Edmonton ticket deposit FAQ page mentions a total of 14games for inaugural season and 2friendly games. Meaning a 8team league for launch. - Edmonton - Calgary - Winnipeg - York - Halifax These are all confirmed.....then say Victoria, Hamilton according to Wiki and that leaves us with 1 more.... I'm banking on Ottawa although a Quebec team would be nice to avoid a geopolitical "void" on the map.
  2. First I saw commercial I thought wow MLS paid for some of it or what? But in fact if you watch the commercial again the "New Coach" was MLS First Female Coach and Something something else....in the TV series I mean.
  3. Something more light hearted. A CBC TV Drama 8part mini series about Montreal Thunder FC. Debuts 31st July. Ok I admit the title is a bit misleading in the subject line. But this would be an interesting idea for CanPL if Montreal Thunder FC played in a "Canadian League" on a CBC Drama. cheers everyone
  4. Going to be a f. long week at work until game day. Good luck trying to focus, I will be checking every news and rumor until then.
  5. Roster Changes Larin is IN Edwards OUT Other Quarter Final pairs Wednesday 19th: USA vs El Salvador Panama vs Costa Rica Thursday 20th July: Mexico vs Honduras Canada vs Jamaica That's the Quarter Final Setup
  6. CANADA vs Jamaica 20th July QUARTER-FINALS Alea jacta est
  7. The key will be not only what the Actual salary Cap will be but also the "floor", and more importantly I really hope each clubs spends same amount of money per year on their Academies as on their Roster. Salary windows should be around 1.2-1.5millions & SAME for Academies Academies same, give it until year 3-5 and you will see the academy products coming out.
  8. Well the Gold Cup is definitely giving him more exposure and adding....some pedigree.
  9. Holly crap someone was quick to Update the Wiki page.... Anyone aware that there is NO ExtraTime until the actual final? 90min and then straight PKs....unless its a Wiki blunder. In the quarter-finals and semi-finals, if the scores remain level after 90 minutes the match will go directly to a penalty shoot-out, without any extra time being played. For the final, extra time and a penalty shoot-out will be used to determine the winners if necessary. A fourth substitution is allowed during extra time in the final. Unlike the 2015 edition, there will be no third-plac
  10. www.cricfree.sx on TSN2 For those with ANDROID devices install app MOBDRO and under Sports sections select TSN2.
  11. It will be a Pro Canadian crowd. The question will be whenever we will be Loud enough to quiet the Mexican Minority? I have numerous Latino friends that are purchasing tickets for the game but are in No Way Shape or Form supporting Mexico. They simply want to see some Intl Footy. And I believe there will be easily 5k fans that simply don't care who wins. Those are The Ones We Need to Get On Our Side.....somehow.
  12. For those that had the chance to see both USL Pro and L1O/PSLQ....Which offers higher quality of play? I'm assuming USL Pro....
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