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  1. How about The Hamilton Football Team?
  2. When they built Tim Hortons Field for the Pan Am Games the track events were to be held here in Hamilton, this is one time when our bickering city council inadvertently did something good! They whined and bitched about the added cost of the track so it got moved to York hence a track wasn't built which is fine with me as fans are closer to the pitch than they would have been!
  3. It was a bit of a sloppy match at a very windy THF, it took Forge a while to do anything with all of the possession they had but both goals were very well taken! Bobby used a bunch of subs which is good because the fixture list is unbelievably congested for this team, I am very much looking forward to their match in Costa Rica this week! A side note, there are so many more fans rocking Canada gear at these matches, the secret is out, we even saw a few Voyageurs scarves, I will have to introduce myself because I'm sure they are posters from here!
  4. There are exceptions and one huge one was when the traitor Sydney Leroux scored an injury time goal in a thrashing of our women's team at BMO and taunted the South Stands by pointing to the American badge on her jersey, Forrest famously responded with "YOU CAN HAVE HER", I thought that was great especially since he is usually quite reserved!
  5. What an epic day that was, it was a 12 hour event for me with all the travel and pre and post match revelry, after a good sleep I am feeling very good about how that went! I mentioned to many that was the most important mens match on Canadian soil in 35 years and we came through with flying colours, after conceding early it was easy to say here we go again but this group is different! We didn't just beat an important rival in our group, we thrashed them and that bodes well for the return fixture late on in Panama! That was as loud and intense as I have ever heard BMO, it was amazing how packed it became when the long lineups actually funnelled into the stadium and the fans had a ton of energy, it was an explosion when Davies scored his wonder goal! I must mention after my griping earlier that the pitch looked quite good and full credit to the sensitive grounds crew for all the prep! The 5 points in this window are quite good, we are back in the drivers seat with a couple of huge home matches in Edmonton coming up, I can't wait to see everyone there as the journey continues!
  6. If I'm not mistaken @Pottsy3 is a Forge fan so he has to at least do the double!
  7. Agree that Herdman should say absolutely nothing about hope or intent with these yellows, there is nothing to be gained and who knows how it could be construed?
  8. The Fake Hoops will be less than pleased about that, hopefully for Canada's sake it is only a grade one!
  9. Jamaica had quality up front, being a QPR fan I have seen a bit of Andre Gray and I have to admit I was very concerned when he came on against our obviously tiring team, he is just the kind of player that makes something out of nothing with his speed and skill, of course Roofe is a quality forward too, they have the potential to win some games in this round! Gray however should have been sent off for his elbow, no wonder most of these nations don't want VAR!
  10. I will be there for the Costa Rica and Forge matches, arriving Thursday evening and now departing Sunday!
  11. I don't think there is ever a time to tell a clubs of that status to "shove it", nothing good would come of that moving forward, hopefully Herdman has discussed this and there is a plan in place, I do agree this is a huge match and Davies and David if fit are needed!
  12. He did say that in the post game, in fact both he and KJ I believe said they expected Davies and David to start, they both get paid to be ITK so maybe there is something to it, I personally would be surprised and am still really unsure how effective either would be at trying to break down a stout defence without being on top of their games! I totally agree with your point about Tesho, it is crazy he isn't in this side!
  13. It is of some comfort to me to read about Panama's lack of rotation because our depth is going to be tested, David, Davies, Osorio, Kaye and Johnston all played almost full matches in altitude and then heat on a shit pitch, none of them should probably start regardless of what Herdman wants or how the players say they are feeling! I highly doubt Bayern would endorse Davies starting all 3 matches and the same would go for David at Lille, don't be surprised if both are out, Kaye has not been overly impressive to me and I can see Wotherspoon coming in for him, who knows with Osorio, he was anonymous last night and I'm sure he is wanting to start at BMO but he is probably gassed! Johnston is the one who possibly could play a 3rd match but is that necessary with ZBG in the fold? Buchanan coming back in takes some of the sting away if Davies in fact doesn't start, Stacko comes in for Osorio and as mentioned Wotherspoon and ZBG for Kaye and Johnston respectively, we better hope Junior is fit and ready to play because David will have to be replaced and there aren't many or any viable options!
  14. I actually think it would be good if Jamaica takes some points off the other sides, they have a hell of an uphill battle and I would be surprised if they are challenging for a top 3 but we certainly don't want them being virtually eliminated and tanking for the remainder of their matches except when they visit Canada!
  15. I thought the only return starter from Azteca that played decent was Johnston, the others were gassed and the poor pitch didn't help matters!,
  16. I thought he was very solid until about his last 7 or 8 minutes on the pitch when he looked gassed and started giving the ball away and losing tackles which is not what he did for most of the match despite being on an early yellow card! I don't think he has played a lot of full 90 minute matches with Montreal so fitness was becoming an issue, good on JH to recognize that and sub him out!
  17. I wonder how they are feeling now?😀 That's the thing, many opinions will change from one match to the next based on the emotion from the most recent result!
  18. I'm from Hamilton and think I might be nuts travelling to watch a match there in November, the weather could be nasty!
  19. Crap half but we are level, not one of the starters from Azteca looks good, we could be behind, a huge 45 ahead, I hope we can get out of here with a result!
  20. If I'm honest we have been quite poor and could be losing, we can't string passes together and Piette on a yellow already is not ideal with this ref, and we just survive again!
  21. How could you not like the "shut down like Facebook yesterday" comment?😀
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