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  1. This could be a very good signing for Forge, who knows though, I haven't seen him play in a few years, unlike Vanney, I thought he was quite good at TFC, he showed some flair but one misplaced backheel signaled the end so Vanney could replace him with one of his pet projects!
  2. Can I break into the Atlantic Bubble, as you know I have family in The Valley?
  3. You don't get why there are border restrictions, have you read the news from the US lately or do you not believe it or do you think it would be a good idea to let an infected country travel to Canada where we have done quite well comparitively in controlling the virus?
  4. What a difference a year makes, last summer we were congregating at THF watching some entertaining football in the new league, now that would be illegal, we don't know when the next match will be played, I'm guilty of not keeping up on Forge news as I have in the past!
  5. What a great goal, thanks for sharing!
  6. QPR could put a real wrench into WBA's plans on Wednesday after having sent The Wall back across! the bridge and out of play off contention with a loss in W12 yesterday!
  7. I obviously want Akinola to play for us but have we really got more than a small sample size of what he can do? He has scored goals, mostly put on a platter by a world class player in essentially an exhibition tournament, are you saying any of those players @BrennanFan mentions aren't capable of that?
  8. My choice was easy in 86, hopefully Canada is able to qualify for more World Cups in the future, I think we will be surprised at how many people with ties to other countries get on board!
  9. During my coaching days I really tried to have a plan drilled into the team before the match kicked off, any adjustments that needed to be made would be communicated through the Captain and during half time, even High School and U18 level players I believe get immune to the constantly barking coach! Imagine players like Poz and Piatti having played in top leagues being yelled at to do basic footballing things! This isn't unique to Vanney and as I mentioned it is probably exaggerated by the lack of fans in the stadium!
  10. I have always been impressed with his play in the limited opportunity he gets, he sure can make a pass, reads the game well and his positional play seems good to me despite Vanny continousily barking at him like a youth team coach, hopefully he gets some more minutes and can develop his game more!
  11. Vanney sounds like a house league coach at times with his commands, you hear so much more with no fans and added mics!
  12. If he was committed to Canada this performance would have been exciting for me, instead it's just another Canadian who plays for another country having a good match, no excitement there!
  13. No Canadians starting then a positive test postpones the match, not sure I would have watched this anyway, this tournament was a bad idea IMHO, now its turning into a colossal failure!
  14. I remember that, it was one of the small islands and we were just happy to get a broadcast...............meowwwwwwww!
  15. I think what Klopp says to the media and what he actually does could be completely different, he is not going to say "we've won the title now we will put weakened sides out", let's see what actually happens here!
  16. @Bison44 Posted a much more detailed version of my response to Rudi!😀
  17. I think it was because many of us saw from the get go this guy wasn't very good, a tall striker who was weak in the air and IIRC he basically replaced Mo Babouli and although there weren't many minutes for him he was preferred by Vanney over Hamilton at times, that's my perception anyway!
  18. It's interesting when I read speculation on our best 11, of course it is just opinion but many times JH is left out, watching a goal like this against a high level of competition reminds me how good he can be!
  19. You must remember him playing briefly for Ross County Al? Their chairman is causing some issues with the Scottish football reconstruction plans, I'm not sure if he was there when Andre was on the team in 2013!
  20. Dario has left Partick Thistle: Partick Thistle can confirm that Dario Zanatta has chosen to invoke the relegation release clause in his contract and will leave the Club with immediate effect.All at the Club would like to thank Dario for his service to Partick Thistle
  21. TBH that's the 1st I have watched of this other than a couple Euro ties where it was mandated and York 9 (sorry @zeelaw) I couldn't help myself, I got used to it quickly and will adapt! Time for the CPL to work something out!
  22. This match wasn't a great example perhaps because of Bayern's dominance but he was way up the field for long periods of time, his recovery speed is obviously amazing allowing him to do so, I would say in this set up it is the perfect position for him, now Canada may be another matter!
  23. I watched a good part of the match, it's great to see some live football again albeit in a strange atmosphere with no fans, Davies looked quite good, he's always in space, his passing has improved, the move to Bayern is really a dream with him get top class coaching and playing with great players!
  24. I'm sure you can find something about Bradley's recovery from surgery or Delgado's new contract though!
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