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  1. Not convinced then, carry on hating!
  2. Yes there was more than one poster on here saying Shaffleburg has no end product, seems to have changed this match around and what a cool finish!
  3. Great finish by Shaff, looked like Dwyer got away with a foul!
  4. I know there aren't many Bono defenders on here but that is really poor!
  5. They just said they don't even have a SSS in the works, WTF? They have been playing at this stadium for years, it is a pathetic soccer environment for a club with this kind of backing and a league that wants to be considered major, as @Unnamed Trialistthe camera positioning and production just adds to the poor quality!
  6. Maybe due to this pitch Armos has a better idea how to line this team up, we shall see!
  7. My TFC interest drops with diminishing CanCon, hanging by a thread now!
  8. This thread was dead anyway, I did post on twitter that Bradley was MOTM by a mile, I am sometimes quick to criticize him and justifiably so but credit to him for having a very good match last night, let's see if it continues!
  9. TFC sign Dom Dwyer, there must be big concern at the striker position, he's born in England but capped for the US and married to Sydney Leroux, it will be hard for me to wish him success! 😀 https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2021/05/11/toronto-fc-sign-forward-dom-dwyer
  10. Armas obviously has some work to do to get this team pulling in the right direction, Delgado as an automatic starter and being left in way too long is an issue, his reaction to being mercifully subbed doesn't help matters and it will be interesting to see how Armas deals with this! Bradley just can't be effective for 90 minutes anymore and when he is gassed he is so far out of the play he is a detriment, striker may become a big problem if Jozy continues to be a spectator and Akinola doesn't discover some form soon and when you add in the lack of depth at CB this could be a tall order for the
  11. I can relate, I watched a heavily favoured QPR get humiliated 3-0 by Oxford in the 1986 Milk Cup my first trip to Wembley!
  12. I would like to see that and agree about the Americans ageing, this just is never going to happen unfortunately judging by what I have seen so far! A match like today with Delgado and to a lesser extent DeLeon being liabilities on the pitch and the first move is to take out the youngsters, a petulant Delgado finally got taken off, Bradley seems untouchable from this coach as well!
  13. Yes, we need to see Poz in the lineup and either Altidore getting healthy (doubtful) or Akinola getting match fit!
  14. Here we go again, DeLeon and Delgado have been horrendous but let's take the young Canadians off!
  15. A nice strike but yes Bono is not positioned well, that's a long way to concede a goal from!
  16. I would have liked to see Okello or Priso start for Delgado or DeLeon, I can understand Armas wanting experience in there when the tie is alive albeit barely and if or when this gets out of hand I think we will see both come in!
  17. That was an epic post match event at The EndZone, it was great to chat with you and your group!
  18. Piette not starting, I haven't seen that too often!
  19. I like this move for Fraser, if he is good enough he will play, that's all a player can ask, he wasn't good enough for Vanney and now the midfield is very crowded, I see a good player there and this is his chance to potentially prove it!
  20. I thought about that as well, I don't think he ever fully recovered from his injuries which kept him on the sidelines for so long and although he was very effective for Forge in his 2 seasons this is probably why he retired, if he keeps his fitness level up I suppose it is a possibility but it's hard to stay in game shape just by coaching!
  21. Yes GL, you are correct it was KJ!
  22. I thought Priso was quite good last night again, Terry Dunfield post game harped on about how much he struggled, really, what is he seeing that I'm not? I have seen enough of Delgado and his "good engine" doing a lot of nothing and as @dyslexic nam mentions he kills play after play when he has the ball around the box, it is frustrating to watch because I think the young Canadians will pay dividends if given enough of a chance!
  23. He never touched the ball tonight, not all his fault, clearly not match fit!
  24. My interest in the match plummets when there isn't a Canadian on the pitch!
  25. I think Okello should have played some minutes in this match, he could have come in if they were going to take Osorio out and once again Delgado does not do a lot but he's got a good engine!
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