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    Just a guy from the prairies who loves to watch soccer (I also play it poorly, vainly trying to regain absent former glory and also as an excuse to go out with the guys after the match).

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  1. Hey all. @Vancouver Fan I emailed you from info@thevoyageurs.com. Hopefully it got through. @dyslexic nam Bizarre you can’t login. I might have to reset your password and DM you the new one. Maybe DM me. @Markoaleks I sent an email to your jugovic… email account. Hopefully it got through. @yomurphy1 Just to confirm, you received the email and replied? Just want to make sure I’m not missing anyone. @toontownman Emailed you as well. Hopefully you received it.
  2. Okay I think I have some answers: @maplebanana there was a glitch with international memberships. Hopefully it’s fixed now and you received the email. @Club Linesman Honestly not sure what happened with yours. You were in the email list and everything looks good with your account. I sent you the email directly. @Ngravs I think you may have also purchased a $25 membership which was accidentally left on the site. If so, it wiped out your $19.86 membership. I’ve fixed that, but we may have to refund you the $25. Let me know. @Markoaleks Not sure what happened with yours but everything seems fine with your account. I sent you the email. I think adding the email - info at thevoyageurs dot com to your contacts solves a lot of these reception issues, so hopefully you get all emails from now on.
  3. No worries. My pleasure (although I’d never turn down a beer). 😁
  4. @maplebanana & @Club Linesman I’ll check your accounts when I get home from groceries and respond. Yes @Free kick the double email was my fault … I started to send one with the wrong parameters and cut it off before too many people got spammed. Thanks for replying.
  5. 🚨 ATTN Voyageurs Members: please check your emails (and spam folders, and other folders) for an important message. 🚨
  6. 🚨 ATTN Voyageurs Members: please check your emails (and spam folders, and other folders) for an important message. 🚨
  7. Les cas de Covid-19 se multiplient au sein de la sélection haïtienne ! Ce matin, c'est autour des milieux Bryan Alcéus et Zachary Hérivaux d'être testés positifs. Le nombre de cas positifs s'élève à 9 joueurs, à moins de 48 heures du match d'Haïti contre le Canada.
  8. Hey @Club Linesman & @sloth8 … Both your memberships went through successfully. 😁👍
  9. Okay. Will add you to my ‘to do’ list.
  10. You bet. I’ll make a note and have a look tonight.
  11. All part of our Vs fundraising campaign … ads for Viagra will be next. Kidding of course. Newsletter incoming.
  12. Everyone up to here should now have gotten a newsletter.
  13. Thanks everyone. Up to this point, I’ve put everyone on an bcc email list and you’ll get the newsletter directly. Then we will continue to try to figure out what’s going on.
  14. Ok thanks. This is all very strange.
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