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    Just a guy from the prairies who loves to watch soccer (I also play it poorly, vainly trying to regain absent former glory and also as an excuse to go out with the guys after the match).

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  1. Btw, TM fees for these games will be waaaay lower than in Toronto, so the base price will be much closer to the actual price. Also ticket limit should be 9 again.
  2. I hear you. No worries. If you want to be closer to the action, buy in P or Q. 😁
  3. There may be a limit on ticket purchases per account. Last game it was 9. So you may want to have two or three people prepared to purchase at the same time. Disappointed your not joining us in the Supporters Section. 😔
  4. Stay downtown. Still plenty of availability and I found ‘reasonable’ hotels (mostly the usual chains in the 3-star range) for anywhere between $77-$150. Plenty of pubs etc downtown. You can catch the LRT to the stadium. There’s a good chance 1strnd downtown (pub) will be a meeting spot that will be used.
  5. Thanks for helping out. You and others who were reminding people I’m sure saved 100 flags or more.
  6. I’m almost certain the Vs section will be priced the same or very close to what we paid for Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. We haven’t gotten news on tickets for Edmonton yet, and I don’t think we will for at least a week … maybe more.
  7. Look for the cube van in Lot 2 folks. See you there.
  8. We are planning to be at BMO early (likely by 4 or 4:30) in the south parking lot (Lot 2) giving out Merch packages and selling scarves. But we are also planning to meet the bus and sing the players into the stadium. To join in, people need to be at BMO by 5:30. We realize it’s tough for people to get there early on a weekday. But if you can please do. Who can make it? Please reply below if you can. (email with more info will go out later today)
  9. Thanks. We are keeping a list and contacting CSA/TM. Interestingly, that’s the same group of four seats that was on StubHub right at the start of sales. So it’s already on the list.
  10. Well I’m hoping the Voyageurs demand for tickets isn’t tapped out. If you have friends, acquaintances, family, etc who want in the south end hook them up! Links and codes are both on the front page (for sections 116-118) and in the Voyageurs Ticket section (for sections 112-118). 1000+ tickets is a lot to move in a short period of time. Here’s hoping they sell. 🤞
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