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    Just a guy from the prairies who loves to watch soccer (I also play it poorly, vainly trying to regain absent former glory and also as an excuse to go out with the guys after the match).

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  1. Well I’m curious as to what leads you to believe that the Vs only want to get into bed with the CSA and get their money then. And considering that Jamie is leading this parade I’m unsure how this is not both false and a personal attack. Perhaps I should DM you though. However I’m fighting with a toilet and a light fixture right now. Good times. Edit: Just saw your post, Dwayne after I posted. To be continued elsewhere.
  2. Perhaps I misconstrued, but you seemed more than a little upset by what you’ve found out. And it seemed to me at least that this led to you overreacting, including saying some things that were pretty accusing. Am I off base with that interpretation? I certainly wasn’t intending on being insulting. So apologies if that’s how it came across.
  3. Hmm. Let me think on that. It wasn’t my intention to make an ad hominem statement and the purpose of the smiley face would be the same as if I was sitting down with you and Dwayne right now ... that sometimes when you think someone is in the wrong, it still makes sense to tell them gently. I certainly don’t disagree that the Vs could use some improvements. And honestly, I’ve been advocating for those for quite some time, just not on this forum.
  4. Well I find this quote from you offensive. The only objective now, is to get into bed with the CSA and get their money. The V forum (and any semblance of what the Voyageurs were) was sacrificed to make things more appealing to the CSA. Don't kid yourself, they call the shots now. Dwayne, let me be the second friend of yours to let you know that you’re very off-base with much of what you’ve said. The forum has not been representative of nor particularly useful to the Vs for quite a long time. Most of the Vs I know (and that includes very many people who are very active in the Vs ... selling tickets, promoting games with their friends, organizing tifos/events/watch parties) either never use the forum or rarely use it. In many cases they got sick of the garbage on here and found better outlets for their time, effort, and passion ... I’d count myself in that number ... I’m no less interested in Canadian soccer now, but I’m not sure I’ve made three posts on the forum in a year. Additionally, the way you’re attacking Jamie is lowering my opinion of you. I doubt you understand because you don’t know the details, but he has suffered several setbacks over the last several years and this has affected what he’s been able to accomplish (I’m not going to get into the details as I’m not sure he’d appreciate it). But I can tell without hyperbole that no one has put as much sweat, blood, tears, effort, and (way too much of his own) money into the Vs. I would agree that communication, organization, and transparency are issues with the Vs that need to be dealt with (and along with that greater involvement and much clearer structure). I’m not sure how that’s to come about, but I’m willing to help out. But using this forum as the point of organizing all that is simply not going to work. And raging about things on this forum is not going to accomplish much either, except maybe getting told by your friends that you should reconsider your approach lest you be accused of losing the plot. 😁
  5. I’m certain The Lobby in Regina will have the game on, but most of us have commitments that night so we are not organizing anything.
  6. I wouldn’t be holding my breath on Ottawa if I were you.
  7. The issue with the approach taken by the Rush is that pumping the music every 25 seconds and having that kind of constant party atmosphere doesn’t really work in a soccer context. At the SK Selects game, the DJ decided to play some music occasionally over the loudspeakers and most people just got annoyed. And Joe is very concerned with good atmosphere, but he wants good soccer atmosphere and that is not really compatible with what the Rush are doing.
  8. For the oldsters in here, Chromecast is a pretty good solution for the technically challenged. Very simple setup process and then you’d use your laptop or phone to ‘cast’ to your TV. Literally, there will be a button on the app. Press it and your TV now plays what the app is playing.
  9. That’s great. I got a run down from several of the RRR folks and they were very happy with everything but their tifo which didn’t quite work out. But they sounded and looked great on the broadcast and several times got more than just their section going. From very humble beginnings, they have done really well.
  10. Joe was hoping to have announced them last night but the details are not quite sorted. In about 6 weeks or so it sounds like.
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