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    Just a guy from the prairies who loves to watch soccer (I also play it poorly, vainly trying to regain absent former glory and also as an excuse to go out with the guys after the match).

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  1. I’m certain The Lobby in Regina will have the game on, but most of us have commitments that night so we are not organizing anything.
  2. I wouldn’t be holding my breath on Ottawa if I were you.
  3. The issue with the approach taken by the Rush is that pumping the music every 25 seconds and having that kind of constant party atmosphere doesn’t really work in a soccer context. At the SK Selects game, the DJ decided to play some music occasionally over the loudspeakers and most people just got annoyed. And Joe is very concerned with good atmosphere, but he wants good soccer atmosphere and that is not really compatible with what the Rush are doing.
  4. For the oldsters in here, Chromecast is a pretty good solution for the technically challenged. Very simple setup process and then you’d use your laptop or phone to ‘cast’ to your TV. Literally, there will be a button on the app. Press it and your TV now plays what the app is playing.
  5. That’s great. I got a run down from several of the RRR folks and they were very happy with everything but their tifo which didn’t quite work out. But they sounded and looked great on the broadcast and several times got more than just their section going. From very humble beginnings, they have done really well.
  6. Joe was hoping to have announced them last night but the details are not quite sorted. In about 6 weeks or so it sounds like.
  7. No I’m afraid not. I was hoping to arrange to get there in May sometime but the big gap in the schedule for the last two weeks of May might not allow it. Doh! Are you in with RRR?
  8. Joe never shifted his focus exactly. He was always investigating both cities, but was leaning toward Saskatoon right from the beginning. There were some opportunities that might have tipped the balance in Regina’s favour, but there are significant advantages that Saskatoon has over Regina that make it make more sense.
  9. The finalists have been decided and voting is open: https://www.northernstartingeleven.com/scarf-cup-final/
  10. I did cringe a little bit when Joe said that. ??
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