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  1. If there was, we found a way not to make it,
  2. I'll add that I now have two singles for this. $15 each
  3. It's falls into a lazy anti american sentiment that is all too acceptable and is one of the worst qualities of us as Candians. I've decided to draw attention to it. If it were any other country people would raise a fuss.
  4. https://youtu.be/5e9nnAKyz3w Richie Richie Laraya Runs down the wing for me Doo doo doodoodoo Doo doo doodoodoo
  5. Hey I just met you, And this is crazy But I'm in love with, alphonso davies And all goals he scores, just amaze me Cause I'm in love with, alphonso davies
  6. Do you still need to dump these? Have a couple takers for a few more.
  7. This is now the second good source on Orlando. Probably a lock.
  8. They take their sweet ass time dont they? Some of us have families we're trying to escape from.
  9. On Canada Day no less. You sound like every parent who's kid wasn't good enough to make a team so you hold a grudge against Canada Soccer. Cite your sources or **** off.
  10. They both messed up. Sorry, you want me to blame Godinho for the lack of friendlies? Like, for not calling himself? I'll blame Godinho for an idiotic tackle and sub par backpass. Put simply Borjan does not have the luxury of playing the ball the way "likes" in every scenario. Especially with new teammates. Poor back pass, but very manageable. Also, please don't quote me when I didn't say what you have in quotes. There is a quote button for this purpose. Thanks
  11. There was a play in the first half where he backed up almost all the way to his goal line in order to take as much time before blasting it to half. No doubt he was thinking the same thing. Utterly inexcusable. He had plenty of time to clear. That move was pure ego.
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