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  1. Can't find the scarves and results from the last scarf cup Rob...got a link?
  2. It's cool, I'd wear it. I'd wear anything Cavalry at this point. In terms of the sponsor (which doesn't really matter to your design), we feel like Telus will probably continue from Foothills FC onto the Cavalry kit, if that helps.
  3. I would love to see fellow Calgarians join us in the stands on Saturday...pump these players up for CanPL, make no mistake about it, a lot of the same players will be wearing Cavalry kits next year.
  4. Yeah. Get your asses out there! Don't be a plastic fan! lol
  5. Just so we are hitting people out there...didn't want this buried in another thread just in case peeps were interested. Copy post the link and contact on facebook preferably. https://www.facebook.com/events/1865740130143783/?notif_t=event_calendar_create&notif_id=1527640289396508 Foot Soldiers are having our first Cavalry related meeting to discuss logo, colors and stuff. First of many meetings, but if anyone was on here wondering how to get involved, absolutely anyone can We are meeting Saturday June 9th at 4pm at the Ship and Anchor. There's a Foothills FC Game that a bus can take you to in Okotoks after the game. The events are exclusive of each other, you can go to the game without the meeting, or you can go to the meeting without going to the game, whatever floats your boat! If you are interested feel free to PM me on facebook, and I can show you more details or toss you an invite...
  6. Last number we saw is just under 500 for Cavalry
  7. Yep. Predicted this would happen years ago, can find the threads to prove it. Horrible business decisions every step of the way.
  8. Petition in her favor got over 1000 signatures, but it won't change anything.
  9. Excited to see a Foothills thread as well. Foot Soldiers have been talking and we are ready to go this year, going to be a very exciting year! We will definitely put some stuff about supporters meetings in this thread within the next few weeks as well, would be nice to see some new blood in there!
  10. Sorry that I'm just seeing this now, sir. Elijah Adekugbe had a major season ending injury (blew his ACL I think it was) the day before the PDL season started.
  11. I think I like colors that remind me of lakes more when I think of the Okanagan, that said, all your logos are decent man. And yeah you can definitely find little splinter cells of soccer fans...we all know which bars they frequent...but that definitely doesn't add up to 100,000
  12. oops sorry didn't mean to link the scarf one apparently that was attached
  13. Fair enough, but as a southern albertan I feel I have a pretty good finger on the pulse. Hey, I was looking and I can't seem to find on this long thread your Okanagan/Kelowna/Vernon/Penticton logos/kits if there are any, can you refresh? Also I kept saying I was gonna show my FootSoldiers remake logo but never did...I found an old version but the newest (with the tower properly singular colored all the way down) is on my old comp...I'll have to find it, but just to show...
  14. um....I would disagree with that number, even the 100k is seriously not conservative at all, but I love the enthusiasm.
  15. Being in the prairies, you are seriously overestimating. Not a big footie loving population. Just like other cities, those that do often would rather watch EPL on TV, which to me is a bit sad. But no way in hell Calgary or Edmonton supports 2 CPL teams.
  16. The Foot Soldiers in Calgary all have an interest in seeing how this plays out with Foothills FC, Calgary, and the PDL. We all to a man say we want to support the CPL, but have sort of also fallen in love with our Tommy Wheeldon way of life.
  17. Got three penalties? New idea...quit acting like Gronkowski while in the penalty area
  18. back to the foothills logo...I liked the rounded mountains more...because it's not mountains it's foothills
  19. Was hoping for something driveable. (When you live in Medicine Hat, 14 hours is driveable). Denver was. Nothing is driveable. Out.
  20. Be honest with yourselves, CPL franchises may not start that way, but they'd eventually end up that way.
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