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Prediction time! CMNT vs. Greece


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I created a thread like this for the Ukraine game so i thought i would continue the tradition :P.

Anyways i was bold in my last prediction and i will be again.

2-1 for Canada

Goals by Rickettes (in his debut) and Hutchinson (if invited :cool:)

So lets hear your predictions!!!!

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It's Canada and Greece. Anything other than 0-0 would surprise me.

Since it's Canada you should expect our opponent to score at least a goal, something that has been done by our last 10 opponents....

As for a prediction, I expect a 1-1 result which would be pretty good. I honestly can't see us getting a win in Greece.

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I say 3-0 Greece due to lack of preparation and fatigue by our players. Lets face it we only have one practice before game time. Hardly enough time to prepare for a quality opponent even if Greece brings their A-B team. BTW does anyone know the squad for Greece that could be a factor in predicting. We stand more of a chance if Greece brings Half A and Half B but I doubt we will come out victorious this time round. I hope im wrong though :S

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Canada bunkers. Greece try to play football - Greek coach furious. Greece get back in their famous Greek bunker. Greece open the scoring from a set piece and poor marking. Canada counter from open play. 1-1 Final.

I like it. Sure, Canada 1 Greece 1

Goal (15') Greece - Samaras (Celtic)

Goal (60') Canada - Will Johnson (RSL)

Yellow - Stalteri, Ledgerwood (Can), Kone (Gre)

Ya never know.

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