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  1. At least the La Presse columnists have made a blitz criticizing the stupid FSQ decision: http://www.lapresse.ca/debats/votre-opinion/201306/04/01-4657755-turban-sikh-et-ballon-rond.php http://www.lapresse.ca/debats/chroniques/yves-boisvert/201306/05/01-4657886-le-turban-de-jackie-robinson.php http://www.lapresse.ca/debats/chroniques/francois-gagnon/201306/05/01-4657959-chassez-donc-les-pissenlits.php One of the thing that I don't understand is that many commentators (often the ones who are in favor of the FSQ decision) are alluding to "immigrants" in this story. Sikhs have
  2. After receiving the hand in the face (easy RC there IMO). Look at 1:36. Not a good angle for us and it happened fast but that was right in front of the ref. There's definite contact with the head and it was initiated by Nik L.
  3. It looked to me that Ledgerwood did charge the CR player with his head and did make contact. It's not easy to see on the replay but it looked like it. So the RC might have been deserved. Not impress with Piette on the PK call as well. Hope he'll learn to control his agressivity. Overall, I thought he had a bad game but he's young, so no problem for me there. REB is an enigmatic player. Clearly a lot of potential but sometimes he should learn when too much dribbling is too much. He could be a real threat in the future if he can sort out his club situation soon.
  4. Well, if we go back to a certain GC 1/2 final in 2007, I think we all would've like to see the ref wait before blowing his whistle and go to his AR after the goal to sort the situation out. Maybe a little discussion between the ref and his AR can help get the right call and is better than calling it right away?
  5. When he runs toward the ball, he is playing it. No? I think the active involvement interpretation I have is from the USSF.
  6. For the offside rule "active involvement" does include attempting to play the ball. DCU offside player attempted to play the ball by running toward it but stopped when the flag went up... Seems to me that the call is correct.
  7. Do we have any video of the incident? as far as I remember it looked like a bogus RC at the time but I've never seen a replay.
  8. Ok, let's try to be reasonable here. First OO clearly has a big ego and quite the attitude and has his faults. But to say that he was lazy and ineffective during WCQ is quite ridiculous. He gased out in Cuba, against St-Kitt's at home and worked really hard to put pressure on the opposing team against Honduras and Panama at home. Yes, he only scored one goal in the last round but apart from the Cuba game at home where he missed at least 2-3 good chances, I don't remember him missing clear chances against Panama and Honduras. But I remember him being open when DeRo was taking those l
  9. Regensburg lost 5-1 and JDG played the whole game. They are 8 pts out of safety and 4 pts out of a playoff game with a B3 team.
  10. Well, I was just expressing the feeling I had after watching him play. When I think I see potential, like when I saw Borjan play for the first time against Greece, I say it and when I see less potential I say it as well. I'm not writing him or his pro career off, I'm just saying I doubt he'll be a starter for the MNT specially with Milan being only 3 years older.
  11. The 4 min of injury time were justified by the high number of second half subs (something like 8-9) made by both teams. And as far as I'm concern the last foul called in the game was the right call. Our defender should've closed down the US player by staying on his feet but he decided to jump with his cleats up, easy call IMO. For the rest of the game I agree with everyone else, poor ref who had a very weak foul recognition most of the time. At time he was using his whistle way too much while at other time he was letting go obvious fouls. I'm not sure why some are so high on DeRo performa
  12. http://www.torontosun.com/2013/01/25/hart-reflects-back-on-world-cup-qualifying
  13. Apparently, Emmanuel Gomez was recommanded to Miller by Joey Torchia, a Canadian scout in Argentina.
  14. That's how I understood it. Maybe he meant something like Bekker lacks athleticism which is, IMO, a legitimate concern for a pro team when assessing a player who's coming from a lower level. Anyways, good to see TFC picking him.
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