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  1. By Daniel Fernandes, Special to sportsnet.ca Next, Asmir Begovic special to sportsnet.ca about JDG2 time in England...
  2. The players destroyed a lot here. I've said it back in 2008 when players started talking about Mitchell when were still alive, I've always found this group of players to lack character. What we saw yesterday was directly caused by the players mental weakness. I'm done with this and I really don'tr care anymore. I enjoyed this board a lot but now I'm taking a pause because the players (and coaching staff) destroyed everything yesterday.
  3. I'm pretty sure that some of our players, if it isn't most of them, would be making the same choice OH, JDG2 or Vittoria made if they had the same opportunity. I doubt the fact he played for Portugal would be too much of a big deal in the dressing room. If he's going to play for our MNT, please don't invite him until this round is complete. It's not the time to mess with team chemistry. Then, invite him for a friendly or a camp and if he's really good (starting 11 material) then include him in the squad.
  4. I don't think those were posted in this thread: 1996 Gold Cup Canada 3-1 Honduras (note that Honduras was refused a valid goal at 2-0) Brasil 4-1 Canada (Great to hear Graham Leggat)
  5. If I'm not mistaken JDG2 announced during a soccercentral episode that he was going to bring his talent to The Netherlands.
  6. Just for the record and because some kids could read this and fail a geography class, Suriname isn't an island. It's situated in the north of South America. It seems like Suriname could've had a top CONCACAF team in the 90's with Davids, Seedorf, Winter and Hasselbaink born in Paramaribo.
  7. Wouldn't that be Carmine Isacco? I think he's the head coach at York University.
  8. Leave Mitchell out of this. Last time he called Begovic that was in November 2008 and Asmir was at Yeovil in L1 and under the FIFA rules at that time Asmir was cap-tied to Canada. DM had no reason to play him.
  9. Here's the Rollins article about Begovic: http://www.canadiansoccernews.com/content.php?1466-Ugly-rumour-ugly-world
  10. True. I had forget about this player. With the kind of progress he's made in the RPL he should be called! Not sure he'll solve our problem instantly but I would like to see him included in a future roster.
  11. The problem with JDG decline is that we don't have much better options at the moment to play DM. On any given night I think players like Johnson or Dunfield could be able to do a similar or a better job (Ecuador game might be an example of that) but I doubt one of them will be an improvement on the long run. I've always felt like Jakovic could do a decent job at the position but so far no one has played him there in his pro career so I guess it's out of the question.
  12. I think he's spot on. Julian isn't the player he was in 2007, his defensive side of the game is average at best and offensively he brings very little. Also, his body language tells me that he isn't in to it at 100 %. No one will forget the 2007 JDG but at the moment he sadly looks like a player who's running his last miles. At the MNT level he isn't a sure starter like he was 3 years ago.
  13. If that ref had called the PK Marc Bircham would've never scored that famous goal.
  14. Not sure it's been posted but here's the highlights of 2008 Olympic qualifier against Mexico (1-1):
  15. The second goal was credited to Marco Reda. But yes, nice strikes by Brennan.
  16. I don't agree with the idea that we can do without him but from the little we have right now (SH comments) I'm in the opinion that the burden is on David shoulders right now. If SH has really contacted him and Edgar hasn't called back, I'm not sure we should ask SH to bend on his knee to get him back into the fold. One thing is clear, we need to get more info on that story and it would be nice if one of our blogger would try to get some comments from Edgar (or his Dad) about this.
  17. Thanks, that was the quote I was thinking of. Despite what some have been saying to defend Edgar here, I think that if he's contacted by the MNT coaching staff he has to show some interest in return. Not answering the calls is a lame way to act IMO, at least talk to the coach and tell him why you aren't going to be there. A lot of posters have said he's concentrating on his club career but unless I hear a direct quote from him or SH about this I will treat this as pure speculation.
  18. I think the quote from Hart about Edgar was that he didn't answered the calls when he was ask, so the ball is in his court. I could underatand that if you are a MNT coach and a player seems disinterested by your calls, it's up to him to show the interest because you have shown that you would like to have him with you.
  19. Very nice list. When you consider that Wilson Palacios transfer from Wigan to Totenham was 20 millions Euros and David Suazo transfer was rumoured to be around 15 millions it puts things into perspective regarding the quality of sides like Honduras. It doesn't seems like we have players of that quality within the MNT at the moment (Hoillett probably being the closest to possibly reach that kind of value).
  20. Here's the confirmation by the FC St-Pauli website: http://www.fcstpauli.com/magazin/artikel.php?artikel=5558&type=2&menuid=57&topmenu=112 BTW, it's really touching to see all those Germans clubs website paying tribute to Robert Enke, classy move.
  21. Surprise, surprise...it seems JBB is the 18th player called to replace Lensky: http://www.canadasoccer.com/tourney/FIFA_WC/game_profile.asp?gameId=1787&tab=roster http://www.canadasoccer.com/tourney/FIFA_WC/game_profile.asp?gameId=1782&tab=roster
  22. Where they will meet Canadian Hooligan Sigma who will single handedly beat the crap out of them! Go Sigma!
  23. First, I'm not sure how you can promise Asmir that he will Canada number one for years to come. On what basis are we going to make that claim? Pompey are looking at buying Yohann Pele from the French league and Asmir could find himself back at the number 3 spot and a loan move might be in the work for him. What if Lars is playing in B1 next year while Asmir is playing in League One? You have to tell the players that he is important for us but I'm not sure you should go that far because players talk and know each others and that's not an habit I would like to see our coaches starting. BTW, Bosnia is currently second in their WCQ group and have a very good chance at a playoff spot if they can at least 7 points in their last 4 games. I think they are in a lot better position than Canada to qualify for a WC. The Euro is always possible for Bosnia.
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