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  1. Enjoy rest of your days in Honduras my friend. I was in Honduras (Roatan) last year and going back again later this month. Do some snorkling, eat some fish tacos and of course, beer. Truth to be told, I don't always drink Honduran beer but when I do... I drink Port Royal. Mission ConferederationsCup2017
  2. I feel bad for those who made the trips to Honduras. Took their valuable time and money to make the difficult trip and this is the result. Clean house and bring in new kids for 2013 Gold Cup.
  3. Tell me about it... My meeting ends at 4PM but I have travel almost 1 hour to get home to see this game. Wish I can listen to this on Radio while I'm on transit... ****E!!!
  4. I'm sick of hearing If we, If this happens, If this, If that... **** this
  5. +1 unless you're playing Mexico in Azteca...
  6. Did a quick search on who'll be officiating the match and here he is. Over the last 15 Int'l matches, he's given 6 penalties (4 to home team) and 2 reds (both of them to away team). However he does appear to be prone to giving yellows. Total of 53 (oddly 5 more yellows to home side). Don't know what to make of this but certainly not as experienced in Int'l matches to say, Courtney Campbell who arguably is the most active CONCACAF referee right now. http://worldreferee.com/site/copy.php?linkID=1661&linkType=referee&contextType=stats - Morales http://worldreferee.com/s
  7. Change nothing from formation perspective. Can't start Cavallini at this stage. no way. Just put Hume on top in place of Occean and stick with 4-2-3-1. There is just too much gap between the FWs and can't utilize the fullbacks too much with 4-4-2.
  8. I was hoping the team would stay in Roatan and stay away from crazy mainlanders... cross our fingers none of Panamanian debacle will repeat itself there. Thanks for the great insight jpg!
  9. I think the weather will play a big factor. It's going to be a wet 5C on Friday night plus windchill will make it feel like barely freezing mark. I'm sure Cubans are not conducive to this type of conditions. Going through with a goal difference is definitely plausible.
  10. Thanks... Just got home now but still no ... I'm sure it'll turn up on Tuesday!
  11. Or even crazier, put McKenna on top. I think he's a converted defender from a target man. Put Jakovic with Hainault as the CB pairing.
  12. Same here Jamie. Bought mine back on Sept 12th. There are total of 4 tkts. Let us know pls!
  13. What a brilliant idea. Esther Shiner stadium would've been preferable (since it's 10 min walk from my place) but I'll see if I can make it.
  14. He already said on twitter that he is "Team Canada" recently.
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