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  1. Simply unacceptable, Floros talked of progress and we've displayed none! He has to answer some critics because his lineups were inexcusable, far too passive I understand we have a lack of depth but Ricketts should never start again, he is like a toddler that constantly loses possession, infuriating to watch!
  2. this chung guy looks promising...pacey, good on the ball and defensively sound
  3. This James guy looks decent has won some tough challenges so far
  4. Fantastic Celebrations as well, mocking the crowd
  5. QPR tweeted Petrasso called up for games against US/Russia and England, so its seems we are playing more than one QPR FC ‏@QPRFC 9h9 hours ago INTERNATIONAL R'S: @petrasso20 selected for @CanadaSoccerEN Under-20 matches against @england, Russia and @ussoccer
  6. I saw a tweet that mentions that Petrasso might be back in Toronto, maybe he is one of the call-ups
  7. Anyone know if the game will be streamed?
  8. Seems like Jon Dollery is being called up. (near the end of this article) http://www.sussexexpress.co.uk/news/videos/audio-garry-wilson-on-lewes-fc-s-season-opening-win-at-hornchurch-1-5398921 Unless there is a U21 camp that has not be announced, it seems he will be part of the team.
  9. #20 looks really good. Would that be Carreiro? Yea i take that back
  10. Lately i have been satisfied with a draw not a win with this team.....sigh
  11. 2 subs!?!?! Miller should resign how in the **** do you explain the sub situtation when you could have capped Aleman. Oh and as somehow who defended Rickettes i can say that i was wrong brings nothing to the game speed is only good if you can make runs, which he obviously cant he posses the soccer IQ of a rock. I want to punch something now
  12. Anybody have a English stream all i manage to find are Spanish ones?
  13. Someone tweeted at Cavallini's brother about Lucas turning down the call, and his brother answer was that his family would not be too happy about him turning down the call.
  14. Whats happening with Caleb Clarke? He used to make the bench now seems to be really down in the depth chart.
  15. no Paco Deckers that's interesting, he was in every other camp i believe
  16. TVASports describes some of the Impact games and one of them is so annoying (the play-by-play guy). Always talking never stops, asks twitter questions and ****, it just drives me crazy.
  17. i found Ben Fisk to be clueless, plays with head down
  18. Denmark can suck a fat one. Their toaster strudels suck ass. +1 for Canada
  19. Terry Dunfield is the Eddy the Eagle of footy, as proven by his pathetic leap when marking the corner which resulted in the danish third.
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