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  1. But people telling you they don't like what you're saying *are* the consequences.
  2. Dunno if this can be called official, but in Victoria they'll play the games at the Yates Street Taphouse, 759 Yates St.
  3. Ha, yep, I already got raked over the coals for that one. That error has been fixed.
  4. Hearing words I wrote be read aloud on Belize TV remains one of the highlights of my career/life. EDIT: Also, the fact that "silly nonsense I made up" somehow became "a poll conducted by the Canada Soccer magazine" delights me to this day.
  5. A reminder that unless Leutwiler has a parent or grandparent born in Canada, he isn't eligible to play for us. Having citizenship does not automatically make one eligible, under FIFA's rules. Of course, one would presume that having a Canadian-born parent is how a guy born and raised in Switzerland got a Canadian passport in the first place. But I haven't seen this explicitly confirmed anywhere. Forgive me if this has been confirmed somewhere and I've just missed it; and if that's the case, could someone share a link?
  6. I'm shocked and disappointed that no one has mentioned Drew Beckie as an option. He's gotta be at least fifth or sixth on the depth chart right now.
  7. "Bhutanese Poochie, it looks like you have something to say! Do you?" "Why yes, I certainly do!...." [Bhutan fined 15,000 Swiss francs for political propaganda by dog]
  8. He goes where he wants He goes where he wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ants Bhutanese poochie He goes where he wants
  9. As I said on Twitter, my guess is that the "insulting" chant in Vancouver against Mexico was "you fat bastard!" The fans did do that same chant against Honduras and no fine for that game, though. So, who knows.
  10. You may wanna consider retiring from Internet commenting after this one.
  11. They would both have to file one-time switches to do so, and I can't possibly envision them, at ages 23/21, permanently giving up on the potential of playing for the senior teams of Portugal/Italy, simply to play in the last round of CONCACAF qualifying.
  12. Since Arfield played for Scotland at the youth level, he would have needed to file "one-time switch" paperwork with FIFA in order to be considered eligible for Canada. The fact that he's on our roster means that paperwork has been approved. And, as the name would suggest, it is a one-time switch. So, even if he never plays a minute for us, he is now cap-tied to Canada.
  13. Sorry to be blunt, but I very much want things to be a success on March 25 and since I'll be unable to influence the course of events in the supporters section itself, I'm venting ahead of time on here.
  14. The majority (I dare say vast majority) of people who've bought tickets in our section have not read, and never will read, this thread. I love the idea of complex chants and songs as much as anyone, but the reality is that to have any meaningful impact on match day, whatever's being sung or chanted in the section has to be simple and readily recognizable to as many people as possible. When there's 30 of us on a road trip to whatever, esoteric stuff works great and creates wonderful memories for those involved. I know, I've been there. But if we're going to make the most out of selling thousands of tickets and creating an environment, then it's not about going super-nerdy for the sake of it. It's about doing things that will attract those thousands of people, not alienate them--and create a wall of sound that can hopefully assist the Canadian team (which is kinda the whole point, right?) Because if the people in the supporters section (the majority who aren't reading this thread) feel included and have a great time, they might visit the forum and be part of future threads of this sort. But if they feel like it's "just something those people in the first few rows are doing", they won't.
  15. I was on the call, one of only three people asking questions. I'll have something up soon.
  16. Thanks for reading the interview and the kind words, folks. I would have loved to go into more detail with him about the potential league, but I was trying to hit a number of different topics in a limited amount of time. Everyone's going to construe his comments in their own way, but I think we can all agree that the current path (wherever that path may lead) is better than them rushing into something that proves itself to be unsustainable.
  17. Since he played for Scotland's U-21 team in official matches, he would need to file his one-time switch to play for us. In other words, if he's coming, then he's all-in. He'll be cap-tied to us before he even pulls on a jersey.
  18. For what it's worth, Lucas brought up the Uruguayan interview before I even had a chance to ask about it. He seemed both aware of the controversy (i.e. griping on this board) about it, and eager to clear the air.
  19. If a hypothetical player held citizenship in Country A, and had a grandparent born in Country A, played a friendly for Country B but then successfully filed his one-time switch with FIFA, he could play for Country A but never again for Country B.
  20. Hmmmm..... I was told that this theoretical play-off wouldn't entail taking a spot away from any team that is already qualified or attempting to qualify. But even if Panama was booted from its play-off game due to its behaviour, El Salvador would be in line to take its spot, rather than us.
  21. That's a good question. Like I said, everything appears to be pretty up-in-the-air... all I know for sure is that the CSA, at this point, believes there's a possibility that CONCACAF may tell them that we have a play-off game in October.
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