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  1. I wonder if he's done. I haven't been able to find any news.
  2. Julian Uccello has MS. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-pitching-in-former-soccer-player-raises-money-for-research-into/ Lensky had huge issues with depression. There's a bit more to these stories than "parent boosting".
  3. People should give this a listen starting 23:27. There were dustups in Herdman's first two camps.
  4. You can also notice in the background (there's a better clip elsewhere) of the Panama GK's knocking down what looks like a Canada trainer.
  5. Lol. Didn't I just see a Canadian international who has won the Canadian youth player of the year in the past who is from Brampton score a towering header yesterday?
  6. And thank god that we won because that at least overshadowed the clusterfuck that was getting into the stadium. My friends showed up at 7:00 and didn't get in until 40 minutes in. That's embarrassing and likely to turn people off going.
  7. Yeah we won but there was at least 2 if not 3 penalties that should have been called. I expect at least one non-call a game but like how do you justify it?
  8. Yeah didn't make sense. That said, they did win the league last year and picked up Luis Romo who's quite the player even though he didn't stand out in his substitute appearance last night.
  9. He's making almost $900k a year with Toronto so I can't see him moving.
  10. Don't know about the pitch but Azteca has terrible drainage. It starts raining and some concourses turn into waterfalls. Remember Mexico City gets more rain than London.
  11. Also kinda looked like a scissor tackle by Musah on Lowe.
  12. Out of a population of what? I literally said that I think Junior has made a risk miscalculation but one that unlikely to be costly to him. If he's unlucky its his career that's going to suffer. So he doesn't get a vaccine? Let's abuse him till he changes his mind? Let's threaten to rip away his livelihood? Let's hurt him worse than COVID is likely to do? Like fuck... you can be correct or making better decisions than others but if your reaction is to demean and hurt (not necessarily you but others in the thread) than you should probably step back and say I think Junior's making a bad decision and make peace that you shouldn't and can't control other people. If you care deeply about people getting vaccinated (which is reasonable) because its a net benefit to said people than you should be damn careful about hurting people as a byproduct of trying to help. Junior made his decision, it sucks as a CANMNT fan, and he misses out on game that's important to him. After a bit of frustration early in his career man has brought this forum so much joy. He deserves a base level of respect even if you don't agree with him.
  13. One of the things I'm really liking about his play is that he uses his athleticism to beat defenders and then he picks up his head and makes a decision. He's making a lot of good decisions.
  14. They don't receive criticism, they receive abuse. That's my fucking problem here and I get pretty pissy when I see people getting dehumanized. Not everyone has the same level of vitriol but it's always nice to think if one group of people didn't exist everything would be fine. It's often effective politics and will remain so until the end of time. Junior is 31 years old and fitter than 99.999% of the human population. If the man ends up in the ICU its going be because of a car crash and not COVID. In his case, getting a vaccine is trading a small amount of risk for a small but slightly larger risk. Even though he's making a technical miscalculation with such smaller numbers it really doesn't matter in his case. I have no insight into what is or isn't going through Junior's head but I'm not going stand by and let people abuse him.
  15. This is abusive language. I don't want to see this directed to our players or others on the forum. If you're vaxxed fine. If you're not then you take on a risk for yourself. The consequences of that risk is hugely dependent on your age and health. If your first action is to go after a minority group with little political representation and no media support who are doing something that does not affect you then you should maybe give pause as to "how did we get here" rather than amplifying abuse.
  16. We're the deepest we've ever been and are calling up CPL guys? I love that the league exists but it's not comparable to MLS, Europe, etc.
  17. He won't. This thread will never die!
  18. Tajon truck-sticked that midfielder.
  19. Well everyone I brought to Honduras/El Salvador wants to come again plus bring new people even to the point we have a couple new V's members.
  20. Same, makes me wonder if we can get some capo action for 116, 117 for the 111-114 refugees.
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